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Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines

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1 Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines on Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:29 am

The place was decorated in streamers and balloons and plants. Vines came up the walls producing huge flowers that bloomed up top. Streamers hung from each side of the building. Music played in a fast pace. There in the middle of the dance floor stood a woman with her arms out twirling in a circle. She wore no shoes as she skid across the slick floor. Her long kimono fluttered around her as she twirled. Her jet black hair followed her as she looked like she was having a great time all by herself. Then her hands came right above her as they traveled down each other. Then letting out small fits of laughter as she jumped in the air dancing to the music. There were tables that were decorated in plants as well. Flower petals were scattered on the ground as well. Decorating the floor in a light pink color to a rosy red.

It was a beautiful set up of wondrous flowers. Everything was decorated in top quality. There was food on one end that was made by some of the staff members, ranging from any time of delicacy. Although no one was coming. They were either off on missions or doing something else. Laying on the floor now the girl gave out a small sign. She remembered when one of the vice admirals came to her asking her to throw a party.

"Why throw a party if no one is going to show."

Killua whispered softly to herself as she flipped over on her stomach and blew the rose petals around on the ground. The plants from the walls started to move around as Killua twirled her finger. They were dancing to the music as well. Getting up from the ground, Killua was no dancing with one of the vines making it almost like a person. It twirled Killua around and dipped her. Her lose kimono flew around her.

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2 Re: Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines on Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:56 am

Tomoe had finished up a task and had come to Marineford. She had just finished turning in her report on her mission along with her findings of activity of the pirates that she'd run into. The secretary at the counter wished her well on her future missions. " Aye, Thank you." She said bowing. Tomoe walked over to the mission board. Seemed most of the missions available were out of her rank. Tomoe sighed, she didn't like not having something to do. She was about to turn away when something caught her eye. A relatively colorful flyer. She took a closer look, and on inspection it was a flyer for a party being hosted in the headquarters. She took note of where the poster said the location of the party was.

Tomoe turned down a hallway now starting to pick up traces of music. From here she could just follow the music, which she did. When she found the source of the music she opened a door to see a flower decorated room with nice spread of food. In the center of the room on a petal covered floor a young woman dancing... with a plant. Tomoe stood just inside the door quietly. " Good day." Tomoe greeted the young woman with a bow. "I took note of the flyer and found my way here." she said. Tomoe noticed that the girl wasn't wearing shoes. "Is this a no footwear event?" She asked.

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3 Re: Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines on Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:39 am

There were few thing in life that Samson enjoyed more than a party.  He wasn't about to let the fact that his torso was covered in bandages and a few bones get in the way of a good time.  The doctor had kept him in bed.  This would be his first appearance in public since his wings had been broken and since removed.  It was a possibility that they would have eventually have healed fully but Samson had taken the chance to remove the handle had allowed to the enemy to get the upper hand.  Even more so it was spit on the face to the father who made everyday torture.  Putting the thoughts of his past and pain that he was in aside Sam headed to the hall that the party was suppose to be in.

Samson had been on to Marineford a few times it was a small city that was easy to navigate.  But G-1, the base was not.  Taking up most of the island it was huge.This isn't it is it? Checking his watch he knew he wasn't early but it was to quiet even with music to be considered a real party.  Kick the great doors to hall they swung open revealing a room that looked more like some weathly person's garden more so than any traditional party.  But it was nice all the same. Bounding into the room with his hands raised in the air he stopped and let out announcement No worries everyone I am here now we can really get this thing started! Starting blankly around his eyes drifted to each attendy minus the staff.  Sam's jaw dropped as his suspension were confirmed there was hardly anyone there. Balling himself up he traced a circle in the ground. I missed the party didn't I?

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4 Re: Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines on Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:55 pm


The plant vines resided back into the wall as they twisted into each other. The Killua turned her attention to her guest. "Welcome." The flower metals brushed against the ground as the vines from the plants started to bloom more flowers. The flower petals came off creating more flower flower petals. "I was worried that no one would show. Throwing a party with no guest. I guess I would have to eat all that food by myself. That might not be a bad thing." The blind marine walked over to her two guests. She held herself in a lady like manner. Giving off a Queen feeling about her as she walked over to them. She bounced a little in her step as her kimono sweep the floor.

"Shoes are most certainly aloud. Of course. If you don't want to wear your shoes then of course you don't have too." The long black haired girl walked over to the woman first. She clasped her hands over the woman's face. "Very pretty indeed. How lovely that I get to dance with such a pretty creature." Her long fingers smelt of roses, as they traveled from the woman's forehead, to her eyes, nose, and mouth, lightly going down her neck and towards her shoulder. "You have silky hair."

Turning her attention towards the man, "Your next." Her hands found the man's face as well, "Looks like you need to shave to get the ladies." Her voice was light and happy. Almost like that of honey. It was smooth and silky. She then smoothed her hands over his forehead, then going down to his eyes, then down to nose and to his lips. "mmm.. Maybe about.. 40's." Her eyes reflected the room almost. Like that of glass, in her eyes seemed to be like she was reflecting everything off a person's soul.

Then girl then walked backwards away from them. "Help yourself to some food, and relax. This is a place to have fun and forget about work." She twirled around in a circle bringing up more flower petals around her.

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5 Re: Its a Party! Right? || Open To Marines on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:08 pm

Tomoe continued standing near the doorway. Shortly after she had arrived and asked her question another individual entered the room. Tomoe turned and looked next to her as a noisy orange-ish haired man burst into the room. The young woman in the middle stopped and Tomoe watched the vine she had been dancing with move back to the walls. As the young woman welcomed them some of the plants seemed to bloom. Tomoe smiled as the friendly young woman moved towards them. She then answered that shoes were allowed. " Ah, I was just asking since you weren't wearing any." Tomoe said. Then the young woman began to touch her face. Tomoe took note of the young woman's eyes as she complemented her. " Thank you." Tomoe said as she moved over to the male. Tomoe then removed her shoes and placed them by the door. She then walked over towards the middle of the room " My name is Tomoe." She said once the woman finished with the man. "And you two are are?" She asked them as she started to sway with the music.

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