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Sky Balloon Party

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1 Sky Balloon Party on Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:59 pm

Title: Sky Balloon Party

Type: Task

Rank: Tier 4

Details: Near Logue Town, a strange ship has been seen going towards twin cape. Marines thought it could be a pirate ship, so Hiroko was set to look for the targets, and if they are indeed pirates, to capture or kill them. Kauzu is also in this mission.


Flying pirate ship x3
It's a group of 3 big balloons. They have strong artigery, but are also strong, T4 shipswon’t be easily destroyed, and because of the power of Hiroko’s ship, no ship Will be seen falling.

Balloon Pirates x60
T0, this pirates use balloons in their back to be able to jump big distances with no problem. They usually carry swords or guns.

Jordan R. Balloon
T4, Commander of the first ship. He carries with him a gun able to create balloons. The balloons then travel slowly through the air and explode to cause great damage.

Max R Ballon
T4, Commander of the second ship. He has the Heriumu Heriumu no Mi (Helium Helium fruit) which grants the user the ability to create Helium from hos mouth to be able to float and easily make balloons. He also carries with a pair of swords.

Ronald R Ballon
T5, father of both Max and Jordan. He has the Barūn Barūn no Mi (Balloon Balloon no Mi) which grants the user the ability to be able to inflate himself like a balloon and be maid of the same material than a balloon making it possibble for him to make bigger some parts of his body and float.

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2 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:14 pm


Good Luck

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