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Don't Defy the King [Open]

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1Don't Defy the King [Open] Empty Don't Defy the King [Open] on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:09 pm


They always speak of the ice that envelopes the dead...the bodies I've left of those who defy me. Those who dare attempt to take my dreams away; to take away from my goals. I eliminate them because I have to. Because I have to maintain order. If I let them speak louder and more often, I'd allow my own doom. The whispers stretch across the Grand Line, and I'm here today for yet another bout of silencing. Awakening from his pondering, Adrian came back into focus as sounds started arising. Shouts could be heard everywhere, and a growing voice kept beckoning for Adrian to give his attention. Entering reality from dream, he noticed the Rear Admiral standing near him, Snaz Laka. "Hey. Hey. Heyyyyy. Mr. Ice Miser. Mr. Cold. Let's get on with the execution." Adrian nodded his head, scanning the area and noticing three people strapped to wooden pillars. "DON'T ALLOW THIS VILLAIN TO OPPRESS ANY FURTHER! HE IS THE MAKER OF CHAOS, THE BRINGER OF DEATH! HE IS WHAT CONJURES YOUR NIGHTMARES! DON'T STAND THERE AND HOPE FOR OUR DEATHS! HIS ICE STRETCHES ACROSS THE SEAS AND-" Adrian took Longinus from his belt, growing it into a warhammer and allowing the other end to be a round pommel. "Are you done?" "What?" the bound man was curious about the interruption. "Are. You. Done?" "DONE!? I'M FAR FROM IT! I'M-" "Well it looks as if you are done. Speaking with futility doesn't count as continuing for me."

Adrian rose the warhammer, letting a spike grow from the side that would strike whatever he attacks. "As I would presume you are finished being of some worth, any kind of worth, I am going to let them see what they want; I will allow your blood to be fed to the bulls below." And with that, he slammed the spiked hammer down on the screaming man's head, spreading his blood along the surface which was built like a bridge over a stream. The citizens on the sides cheered as Adrian executed the man, some actually grimacing at the site of brutal execution. A penned up group of carnivorous bulls had hopped up and down, catching blood like they were gasping for air. Adrian walked to the next captive, Snaz Laka smirking as he looked around suspiciously. "Well, hurry along Mr. Ice. We are strapped for time." Adrian looked curiously at his subordinate, wondering what was brewing in the cynical man's mind. "Calm, Laka. I don't take kindly to my subordinate trying to rush me. Speak again and you'll halt in your place like the weakling snake you are." "Fine." Walking past Laka, he looked at Adrian with hate and contempt. "OH GOD! NO, DON'T. JIMMITH WAS ONLY TRYING TO DO WHAT HE FELT WAS RIGHT!" "I don't care. What is right is to NOT DEFY YOUR KIND. WE ALL HAVE A GOD SOMEWHERE AND YOU DECIDED TO DEFY HIM! Do you think God forgives those who influence the Chaos? Do you think he loves them?" "N-No...Where are the other Admirals? Where are the Vices or any of the other Rears?" "Good question. Now BOW YOUR HEAD BEFORE YOUR KING!" Boom. A building nearby exploded furiously as several revolutionaries rode wing suits down and released several pellets that propelled themselves with flame. Adrian peered over and whipped his hand, several shards of ice leaving it and causing the pellets to explode over everyone's head.

It seemed as if this was a planned attack, instigating Adrian to cast a pile of ice and allow a spike to spontaneously grow from it, rising into the head of the captive he just spoke to, forcing them to look unto him upon death. "Die knowing the last thing you view is your king." "Calm down-" "DEAL WITH THE SCUM!" The revolutionaries entered the crowds, smoke covering their entrance as smoke fell upon the ground. Rushing to the last captive, Adrian gripped the captive's head and forced eye contact. "Tell me, DO YOU HAVE WORDS OF FUTILITY LIKE THE OTHERS!? DO YOU WISH TO DEFY YOUR GOD AND YOUR KING LIKE THE OTHERS - OR DO YOU WANT DEATH?" "Death....please...just kill me." Turning the hammer into a hooked blade, Adrian tore open the captive's throat and summoned the trachea into the smoke, which apparently caused a revolutionary to trip into the pit of carnivorous bulls. Transforming Longinus into its normal dual-sided spear form, he slammed it into the wooden deck as he noticed Snaz was nowhere to be seen. "And the sheep decide to make the shepherd their wolf. And in their final days, they cast away order and logic in favor of a quick death. Fools." The citizens ran crazily to escape the smoke, and as it cleared, several disguised revolutionaries held various weapons coated in sea-stone. They apparently surrounded Adrian, and he just smirked as he just stood waiting.


(As a note, he is wearing his God's Aegis and underneath he is wearing his disguise.)

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Location: Grandline - Paradise - Water 7
Time: -----
Mission: Operation - Kingdom Come
Objective(s): Crush the Revolutionary Resistance. Protect the citizens of Water 7 and aid the fellow Marines located here.

Rear Admiral Riggs didn't have the same fame or power as her fellow marines that are higher up in command, Vice Admirals and higher. The Marine Archaeologist has spent the majority of her career in the blues, travelling from sea to sea to assist the Marines in locating and recovering ancient treasures and historical documents. One of her major dreams is to locate the lost information that exist on her home Island of Ohara and to use it to wipe the marines free of corruption and to rid the world of pirates and revolutionaries. Lilynette didn't trust many of the marines and world government in the higher ranks. She had gut feelings that some of them were morally bankrupt and corrupted figures simply using the term Justice in order to fulfill their selfish desires. The thought of this made the Rear Admiral shake her head in shame. For now she isn't strong enough to challenge those who she deems as the main threats to the Marines. For now she will purge the marines from the bottom and work her way to the top.

Snapping out of her mental thoughts, The Rear Admiral returns back to reality as she was greeted by a heavenly aroma, she was eating at a four star restaurant she already ordered her meal, asking the chef to prepare her an entire cooked horse. At first the chef thought the tall female was joking until he look straight into her eyes and saw the seriousness they held. He quickly ran off to cook a horse? He heard the expression that 'I'm so hungry I could eat a horse', but he has never seen anyone actually eat and entire horse or even thought about eating one! At least the woman was spending a good amount of beli so he didn't worry about it too much. Lilynette had a massive appetite, one of the side effects she gained from eating the Kyōryū Kyōryū no Mi Model: T-Rex. An Ancient Zoan class devil fruit that she found during her younger days in the marines. Strangely enough she hardly use the powers of her devil fruit due to the fact that she didn't want to be refer to as a monster by her comrades. She also didn't want to sacred off any potential lovers with her ability to change into giant T-Rex. "Why am I so embarrassed by my abilities?" She quietly ask herself as she was ripping off a chuck of meat from one of the rear legs of her cooked horse. Her meal and eating habits gained the attention of several customers as they just stare in awe and shock at the Rear Admiral. Riggs could hear the whispering among them as they made comments about her. She didn't paid them any mind for now as she was enjoying her meal.

It seem like it would be a peaceful day. Until multiple explosions went off and two revolutionaries came into the restaurant with loaded guns, causing many of the customers to panic as the dove to ground and hid behind tables and chairs. "Long live the revolution! Today you nobles and marines shall die as the ......" Before the fanatic revolutionary could finish his statement. His head burst open like a balloon as his limp body hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. The other revolutionary cover in the blood of her fallen ally had fearful and shock expression as he saw a single female with a flintlock point glaring at him, before she fire off two more shots, hitting the man in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground. He try to reach for his gun until someone step on his palm, he cried out as he stare into the eyes of Rear Admiral Riggs. "You revolutionaries are bold for launching an attack on this scale. Look like I have to work today, how sad. I suggest everyone stays inside and remain hidden. I will deal with the trash littering the Island." Firing off another shot from her flintlock pistol she shot the revolutionary in the head. Dropping the firearm as she exit the shop. Rear Admiral Riggs could see smoke rising from several buildings. She was angry that she couldn't finish her meal, so it looks like she have to eat some rebels to make up for it.

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3Don't Defy the King [Open] Empty Re: Don't Defy the King [Open] on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:35 am

Water 7, the perfect place. A land full of water, the arena where Kujira could do what he wished. The place where his power grew upon anyone. Today was the day when the Ice King would fall as the revolutionaries ruled water 7. Kujira was there with the only purpose to kill or capture Adrian, the Ice King, there was no need to stop the execution, that wasn't his goal. The Rear Admiral, Snaz Laka, was part of this plan, a dirty traitor, even seen like that by Kujira, but he was necessary for this plan, or at least to get the information. Kujira didn't like that kind of people though, it was painful for him to work with such a person, but he was going to take down Adrian no matter what.

In a building near the place Adrian was about to kill the group of criminals, Kujira was waiting for the first step to proceed. "Adrian, I'll sacrifice anything to kill you." He thought to himself. He could see the target from his building, but it wasn't time yet. Kujira had placed lots of explosives all over the plaza, and his missile launcher was ready just behind him. There were 15 bombs around the place, without including the first ones in a near building. Those were only to cause a distraction. Kujira was about to make the signal as he maid one of his soldiers to use a little light to have the revolutionaries in the other building start the attack. The building exploded and the operation began. "This is great, step one has been completed." He said as turned saw the chaos in the place.

"Sir, sorry for my lateness, is the plan going fine?" A voice behind Kujira asked. He turned around to see who was it. It was the rear admiral Snaz Laka. Kujira walked slowly towards him as he left his wooden box behind him. The floor crumbled each time he gave a step. "Laka, what a pleasure to meet you..." He said as he took a grenade from one of his officers. He pulled the safety pin but didn't let it explode. He had  grenade in one hand, and used his other hand to grab the rear admiral from his uniform to lift him about 2 meters from the ground. "You should be ashamed of yourself." He then lowered him down to have one of his officers to put a pair of handcuffs on Laka. "Now... if you say a word, your dead." He said and placed the grenade in Laka's mouth. If he opened it to say a single word, the grenade would fall and explode, it wasn't something he would want.

Kujira looked outside to see how the operation was moving, it was his turn to have things done. He destroyed the wall of the building and jumped towards the crowd. When he landed on the ground, a big crack as created below him. He weighted 12 tones after all, a giant fishman like him was heavy and strong enough for many things. He also carried his hammer, which added about 5 more tones. He was a giant war machine maid to kill. He jumped and ran quickly to reach the other revolutionaries surrounding Adrian. "Hello Admiral Adrian, I can see you just finished you're work today." He said from outside the circle of surrounding soldiers. "I also wan't to say, we already captured your little traitor, Laka. I hope you let us keep him." He walked around always looking at My Lord. "You can decide to come with us and give up now, or we can fight and destroy the whole place. We will anyway defeat you, we are more, we are stronger." He finished as he waited for Adrian's answer.

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In truth, it was complete and utter coincidence that Nida was at Water 7. Despite her wide network of information and the idiosyncratic need to travel, Nida was entirely unaware of the series of executions occurring on the Island in Paradise. But, one does what they must, right? That in mind, even though it was an unforeseen event, it was one worth viewing.

The execution was announced island-wide, and Nid'alok, who had only just docked her vessel, took immediate interest. Normally, an execution would not have grasped her attention, but the mention of the self-proclaimed "Ice King" as she saw it, Adrian Rhyfel, was something to be looked into. As such, Nida leapt from her position and into the centre of the island. The two had met once before--perhaps more, but the memories wouldn't surface. In certain perspectives, it was only a short time ago, and didn't last significantly long; but, what was done in the short time they were acquainted, was.

Every step was a speeding leap forward. The foremost reason for haste was simply to catch sight of the Admiral, but a portion of it was to stay out of the masses' sight. Moving faster than most eyes could process, the aim was to avoid recognition, seeing as how one of the upper most echelons in the Marines was present on the island, and by extension likely an abundance of soldiers. Soon enough, her sprint was taken from the ground to the roofs of the buildings. Water 7 was an island wildly 'infested' with still water, a primary weakness of a Devil Fruit user such as herself. It was better to stay away from the formless mass, in case the uncommon 'slip' of the foot resulted in her drenched and drowning.

An even better reason to move locations? Freedom of 'movement'. As is always when Nid'alok ventured alone, her equipment was constantly on her person, aside from times for rest and restoration of hygiene. As was named by an old friend, the "Rah'heim", was a beauty practically made for traveling along tall terrains with skyscraping protrusions from the ground. With a stamp of her foot to the ground, roof-tiles shifted out of place and slid off the building while Nida elevated at a slow pace, almost as if she was floating upwards.

With what seemed like minutes in the air, the Yonko soon came to a sudden drop, descending in a path that would send her straight into the water. With mere millimetres away from the liquid matter, she was suddenly tugged at. At the peak of her jump, the woman shot the two 'limbs' of the Rah'heim, grappling them onto two crevices from parallel buildings. Just before touching the water Nida launched forward and up, before retracting the limbs back to her. The momentum of her rise kept her midair for quite some time before she repeated the process: firing the limbs at the peak of ascension, and swinging back up.

Nid'alok could easily tell her little 'run' was coming to an end as the number of people crunched together in mass increased and the wide open centre of the island was more visible. At that moment, a building exploded as several 'winged' men and women came soaring down from the same direction. The whole fiasco was surprising at first, quite so, but the whole thing was sort of... cliche. A sudden surge of rebels attack a high-player in the military during a public execution, and immediately utter chaos ensues. It was like Nida had been through this whole thing before... Had she?

For the sake of a better assessment of the situation, Nida launched a single limb to the right, tugging her to the side and away from the centre of the water-way. Releasing before too much momentum was built up, the Yonko lightly swung to the ground. Fortunately, the disarrayed moment  masked her overall presence, though not to those rather skilled in the use of Haki.

After looking up the situation from ground level, it soon came across that her view was widely insufficient. It seemed more up-close, certainly, but her vision seemed shallow. As if the information was 'there', but with all the chaos spreading around, it couldn't be 'read' properly. Frankly, it was annoying. Typically, Nid'alok was a patient woman, but mortal panic was never an act so easily tolerated for, well, most anyone of decent intelligence and foresight.

With a sudden crouch, Nida's knee hovered over the ground as it vibrated rapidly. A rumble resounded, hushed by the terrorism. Gazing upward, the Yonko pushed on the ground and launched herself to the sky, a block of the ground following her foot at intense speed. The block acted as if it were a piston, firing Nid'alok like a projectile up into the sky, a good hundred metres up or so. The new founded height gave the Jabberwocky new perspective, allowing her a bird eye's view to assess everything and anything that was going on.

And there they were, in all their foolish, arrogant "glory". In the centre stood the man she sought, The Ice King. Faced before him was a massive being, fishman as one could easily assume considering his whalish features. In other areas of the island, chaos arised with more revolutionaries coming in from different ways. "Grik ni vet volbur. Ney zamak riig do hinz." Despite spoken aloud, her words reached no ears, and even if they did, only a chosen few could understand her tongue.

Nid'alok felt that she had seen enough. At first, she felt it appropriate to only observe, but--whether it enticed her, or simply annoyed the Yonko enough to draw her intervention--her intentions were now changed. Besides, her flight was not forever. By this time, her body dropped, speeding down from the height she had ascended to for a few mere moments.

With a tap against the air, hardened for a split second, the trajectory of her fall was changed. Nida dived with her head facing the ground, her fall increasing rapidly in speed. Before long, she was only a few metres from the ground, in the centre of the commotion between the Admiral and 'cross-breed'. Her descent was stopped short by a flip, with her left leg tucked in and right leg fully extended. By the time she was upright, the heel of her foot smashed into the ground and ruptured the area of impact. The smash vibrated throughout the ground and a crater began to form within the span of nanoseconds. In the end, her knee bent forward and the created blemish in the earth stopped its expansion. Nid'alok's form was made distorted by the rising dust and sand, which settled only to reveal her standing straight, switching her gaze from side to side--to the Admiral, and to the Cross-breed.

"Adrian, hi naalein benix joor het fen mindoraan dii words; thuz, hi naalein fen fahraal zey. Fos, exactly, lost gonah het? Hin rot urzun dii dren, ful--waan mulvos--tinvaak mindosaal."

Following her actions was a hint to what exactly her future actions might follow. An elongated pole, formed purely of earth, rose by the Jabberwocky's side, its height reaching her own. Her left arm rose to grab it in the middle, and with first touch, two feet from the top and bottom crackled and diminished, only to reveal double-edged blades on either side. Sufficiently stated, it came to be a weapon.

"Grik ni vet volbur. Ney zamak riig do hinz." - Such inefficient disorder. Both mammals reek of ignorance.

"Adrian, hi naalein benix joor het fen mindoraan dii words; thuz, hi naalein fen fahraal zey. Fos, exactly, lost gonah het? Hin rot urzun dii dren, ful--waan mulvos--tinvaak mindosaal." Adrian, you alone amongst these mortals will understand my words; thus, you alone will answer me. What, precisely, has begun here? Your word determines my actions, so--if capable--speak wisely.

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Snaz pretended to be fearful of the Revolutionary Commander, taking the grenade but only mentally laughing as soon as the whale retreated to the battle. Stretching his body, his tight mouth kept the grenade from forcing the hammer to trigger its explosion. While the whale confronted the Admiral, Snaz dashed, forming the lower half of his body into a snake portion as he slithered stealthily. As he neared the whale, Snaz reformed his feet and did a mad dash, jumping a great distance while shattering the ground underneath him, entering a flip and half-way through, spitting the grenade at a great enough speed that it would approach the Whale's head, which would either explode upon him or get him to move. Mid-air, Snaz spun and slid on the execution stand, almost falling off the ledge before a tongue released from his mouth and a crazy stare ensued. "Ssssss....Snaz Laka reporting." Adrian chuckled as he was surrounded by three people he could deem his enemy, but before he decided to answer the whale or punish the snake, he would respond first to the Yonko. "Ful lost tol hin klor dii honiir? " Adrian used an odd tongue, one that he doubted anyone but the two between them would know currently. It was sad to realize that eternity meant more useless knowledge, but the tongue of ancients came in handy at times.

Continuing on, Snaz looked at Adrian in confusion but he continued to speak, "Oo pruzah, kiir komaan they'd ris nau genun ahrk diinek vosodiik diruth. Zu'u simply krii sed joriin, nust komaan wah fid ulaan hiim kotin geyolkah." Cracking his neck, the admiral forced the back blade into just a bladed pommel as his spear transformed into a battle ax. Assuming the whale would either dodge or take the grenade and survive, Adrian extended his hand forward, a spear of ice bursting forward at blindingly fast speeds, but nothing impossible for the likes of the people in the area, just something a civilian couldn't trace. "Kinzuk." the spear extended out to 25 meters, trying to impale the whale who was at a shorter distance due to the width of the "streets", aiming for his chest in order to impale his body. Afterwards, the Admiral broke off from the spear and thrust-kicked it to propel it faster and farther. Looking over to the Yonko, he decided to keep his voice normal. "Well, let's keep the order and play with these loud brats. Shall we? Or are you of your own accord? I feel these old bones are too creaky to take them all." he chuckled, on the inside knowing that few if none at all knew of his body lacking age beyond that of 18. What an elemental catastrophe. A Yonko, an Admiral, and a Commander. The last being the lesser, but I wonder what kind of element this one will be. "Snaz." "Hm? W-what?" "Prove your loyalty, fight this Whale." Snaz was hesitant, but eventually he got to his feet and prepared for battle...a battle Adrian would fix to be his last. "Dear Nida, Prakem bit zok nel, don't nust?" Adrian wasn't a coward, he would just squash the whale like the bug he was.


Ful lost tol hin klor dii honiir - So was that your voice scratching my ears

"Oo pruzah, kiir komaan they'd ris nau genun ahrk diinek vosodiik diruth. Zu'u simply krii sed joriin, nust komaan wah fid ulaan hiim kotin geyolkah. " - "Oh well, the brats decided they'd put on a show and interrupt a criminal execution. I simply killed three people, they decided to send the whole city into fireworks."

Kinzuk - Impale

Prakem bit zok nel, don't nust? - Snakes bite the quickest, don't they? (I KNOW WHAT YOU USE)

Technique Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Diamond Dust: Impale
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Adrian releases a spike of ice that is meant for high-impact piercing. The attack only extends out to 5-meters per tier, but it concentrates its power to compensate.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: -Condensed power
-Optimized for piercing
-May be removed from the hand to create a staff two-tiers lower than Adrian's.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: -Shorter range
-No slashing capabilities with rigid movement

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Location: Grandline - Paradise - Water 7
Time: -----
Mission: Operation - Kingdom Come
Objective(s): Crush the Revolutionary Resistance. Dispatch of the Yonko & Revolutionary Commander. They present the most dangerous threats. Protect the Admiral.

The Rear Admiral belly growl as she was force to end her meal early to deal with this. She really hate having to miss out on her meals. But when duty calls she had no choice, but to answer it. Running her left hand through her long hair, she let out an angry sigh, why did troublemakers always have to get civilians involve in this chaos. "Alright the see if can't get these fire put out." The Rear Admiral mumble quietly to herself as she step onto the streets, she wonder how rebels were able to plant so may bombs around the place without arousing suspicion or drawing attention. Was the alertness of the marines, fading? She hope not. Luckily Rear Admiral Riggs wasn't the only marine around these parts, as she approach a group of marines carrying a water hose, trying to put out the fires that the explosives cause. "Situation Report! Marines."

The oldest of the marines would face her and saluted her, which Lilynette would returned as she watch the marine firefighters. "Rear Admiral Riggs, the situation has went from bad to worse. We go reports from our partners towards the center of the town. It seems like we had to deal with two major threats. A  Revolutionary Commander and a Yonko was spotted confronting our Admiral. Its unknown if they are working together.  The Commander is a fishman of sorts, a whale. One big ass whale. The Yonko is speaking in some strange language that we can't understand. We don't know if we have the man power to deal with both threats."  Lilynette growl as she heard the report. This was going to be a bigger problem than she thought.  Even if an Admiral on the Island this battle could prove to be costly for the marines. "Understood, stay here and keep the civilians safe and put out those fires. I will go support the Admiral. Hopefully this threat will dealt with quickly." The marine saluted her again, before he started to order the other marines around, Lilynette would obverse him for a few more second before turning her back on him and heading towards the gathering of superpower combatants. She might be forced to use the more noticeable abilities of her devil fruit powers.

As Lilynette finally approach the location of the primary targets. She would halt her movement as she was about eight meters away from the three powerhouse (Admiral, Rev Commander and the Yonko). She wasn't sure if they were aware of her presence or not, they all seem to be focus on each other. The Rear Admiral decided she would wait and obverse the scene more before she took action. If the Commander and the Yonko would fight each other, than she would let the battle play out, let them wear each other down before she pick up the scraps. She saw the other Rear Admiral take up a battle stance, it seem like he was going to fight the Whale.  It seem like Admiral and Yonko were talking. Lilynette instantly narrow her eyes at the site. She didn't trust all of the high rank marines. Even if she wasn't taking offensive action, she would still get into battle stance, just in case she became a target, which was bound to happen, right?

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7Don't Defy the King [Open] Empty Re: Don't Defy the King [Open] on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:13 pm

Kujira didn't see it coming, but in a second, Snaz Laka appeared in a hybrid snake form and shot the grenade from his mouth at a speed enough to reach Kujira before exploding. As a simple grenade, Kujira had enough strength to survive the attack and keep his position. The explosion did blind him though, the dust wasn't letting him to see anywhere around for a few seconds, and just when he tried to walk forward to clear things out, a ice sort of spike crashed against his chest, but as fast as he felt it, he stepped back to make the attack a smaller threat. The spike stabbed him in his shoulder, making him fall back, and after giving some steps, he jumped to the water. It was his territory, he was simply invincible in a underwater battle, at least that was how he thought so.

He opened his mouth and started to swallow some water, he needed enough to fight back, and enough to use his technic. He took some water a pair of times and then got outside. He saw the targets this time, and in front of him, the snake looking at him. That was going to be his target, and if he at least did something good in his mission, he would at least kill a high rank marine. "So, I believe you'll be my enemy now?" He asked without really waiting for an answer. His shoulder was bleeding, but it was nothing to kill him or even stop him from fighting. It was indeed a pain, but the snake couldn't be that strong, he only had to defeat it quickly and then attack the Ice King while the yonko attacked him as well.

Kujira walked slowly towards the snake, he had his hammer in one arm, but even with the hammer, it wasn't his actual number one killing method. "Yoroi... Netsu..." He said as he gained some speed towards the snake in front of him. He dropped his hammer and got even more speed. His method to kill devil fruits was indeed strong, his enemy wouldn't really have much to do against his fishman jujutsu. "...Kyū!" He finished and dashed towards the snake with a water sphere in his hand, if he was lucky enough, he would be able to defeat him with a couple of hits.

Attacks used:
Tier 1 Technique Name: Kyū (Sphere)
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close Range (0-5 meters)
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: The user makes a water sphere big enough to cover his hand. He then punches the enemy.

Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Light heavy damage.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Can only attack one.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Yoroi (Armor)
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: It lasts for 4 posts. The user is covered with a small invisible water cover. This makes any blunt attack deal 50% less damage. But the real strength of this is the ability to be able to nullify devil fruits in contact with the user.

Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Gives the user the ability to negate devil fruit abilities when in contact.
-50% less damage against blunt attacks.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Any other type of attack will keep doing the same damage.
-Thunder technics do 50% more damage.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Netsu (Heat)
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Lasts for 4 posts. The user increments the heat of all his attacks to cause 2nd degree burns in anyone touching it.

Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-All attacks deal more damage.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-No defensive or offensive direct uses.

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