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Sky Balloon Party

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1 Sky Balloon Party on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:59 pm

Title: Sky Balloon Party

Type: Task

Rank: Tier 4

Details: Near Logue Town, a strange ship has been seen going towards twin cape. Marines thought it could be a pirate ship, so Hiroko was set to look for the targets, and if they are indeed pirates, to capture or kill them. Kauzu is also in this mission.


Flying pirate ship x3
It's a group of 3 big balloons. They have strong artigery, but are also strong, T4 shipswon’t be easily destroyed, and because of the power of Hiroko’s ship, no ship Will be seen falling.

Balloon Pirates x60
T0, this pirates use balloons in their back to be able to jump big distances with no problem. They usually carry swords or guns.

Jordan R. Balloon
T4, Commander of the first ship. He carries with him a gun able to create balloons. The balloons then travel slowly through the air and explode to cause great damage.

Max R Ballon
T4, Commander of the second ship. He has the Heriumu Heriumu no Mi (Helium Helium fruit) which grants the user the ability to create Helium from hos mouth to be able to float and easily make balloons. He also carries with a pair of swords.

Ronald R Ballon
T5, father of both Max and Jordan. He has the Barūn Barūn no Mi (Balloon Balloon no Mi) which grants the user the ability to be able to inflate himself like a balloon and be maid of the same material than a balloon making it possibble for him to make bigger some parts of his body and float.

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2 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:38 pm

Hiroko took his sword from the side of his desk as he sighted. "So... who is going with me?" Asked Hiroko. "You are taking Kauzu, none more." Said the man in front of his desk. "Okey then, that's enough for me." He got up making his sword as small as a little ant. In a second, it disappeared. "So, I understand this mission has to be done quick since it was just seen moving. Where will I find Kauzu at this hour." He asked already moving towards the exit of the room. "He should be waiting for you in the deck of your ship. The akai tsuki was given to you this afternoon by our superiors." He finished. Hiroko walked outside and moved through the hall and go to the docks. His ship was indeed special, so it didn't land in normal docks, this docks were inside a building. "So, you get to be my baby I guess." He said laughing. He went to get the ropes holding down the ship. He had to be carful about not letting the mgo just like that. "Wasn't Kauzu suppose to get here?" He asked himself as he continued his job.

When he finished the rope thing, he got in the ship. "Guys, open it." He shouted. The sealing of the building opened and the ship started to elevate. "To sad Kauzu didn't make it, but I'm not waiting him." He thought to himself as he turned around and walked towards the wheel.

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3 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:14 pm

Kauzu was preparing everything at his ship, in the sky. The strong marine was happy to fight next to his old friend Hiroko, he was at his desk preparing everything, taking each thing, getting ready to work. He took his lovely sword and placed it in his back, with his wooden chopsticks. He then took a heavy breathing and walked over his flying ship, he walked towards the wooden helm, and after reaching it, he placed both hands on it and started to move his ship. "Lets go..." he thought to his self, he was already late, but he knew that his friend was not leaving with out him.

The big ship moved between the sky, between the clouds until it reached it's target. The boat was above another big ship, it seemed that it was a flying ship as well, Kauzu really didn't know, but he did know something, It was Hiroko's ship.
When he was un top of it, he heard some words, someone's words. "To sad Kauzu didn't make it, but I'm not waiting him".
The man laughed and placed his hand slowly against his boat's floor, he then jumped without his wings, lading hardly in the wooden ground without seeing, he laughed, and talked "That was mean don't you think, I thought you were not leaving with out me" the red haired man took out his sword and pointed Hiroko's neck with it while smiling "I don't need to see, just to hear your voice, Hiroko" the man laughed and then placed the sword in the floor "Are you ready to go, "captain"?"

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4 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:40 am

"Oh shit, did I speak out loud again?" He thought to himself, this time being careful about not saying it out loud. "So, I see you maid it..." He said and maid his way to the wheel. "We'll find them in no time." He said as he turned the wheel and headed towards the area he was told to go. "So, you ready for the annihilation?" He said and laughed. "I got an Idea, who ever blows more ships wins, how about that? If you defeat me, I'll owe you a drink." He said and let go off the wheel. "By the way, why did you even call me captain?" He asked and jumped to the eagles nest to look for some pirates. "I mean, we are partners, that doesn't mean I'm your captain." He took the telescope and tried to see anything. He turned his head around and saw nothing, he had to get down quickly though, it wasn't easy to handle a whole ship with nobody helping. He already needed people moving things around in his body, now in his ship? Too much for him. He opened a little door in his foot and letted a tiny man go outside. When he reached about one feet from Hiroko, he grew to a normal size. "Hi cap, what do you need me for today?" Hiroko gave him the telescope and jumped. "You'll need to look for a pirate ship." He said as he fell in front of Kauzu. "Now, where were we?"

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5 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:39 pm

Kauzu was ready to work, after hearing his friend's words the man laughed and gave a step back, two big wings grew behind him, moving a big amount of wind against Hiroko. The red haired man answered "I'm ready, and I like the idea... If I win, I'm getting a drink, and if you win... That is not happening, you get a drink" then gave some steps behind him, following him and walking to the wheel, but when Hiroko stopped, a man went out of him and grew, at the beginning he thought it was weird, but it wasn't his first time seeing that, he remembered what made them similar, they were both devil fruit owners. "Captain... No idea, it was the first word that came to my head" Kauzu after answering.
The red haired man flew, without hearing his friend's words, he flew up, trying to get his ship that was going out without him. When he arrived to it he laughed and took the wheel, he then shouted to his partner "Let's see who is faster?!" the man started to fly with his boat, as fast as he could, without knowing his direction, but waiting for something to tell him if he was moving correctly.

After some minutes, he saw a ship, or at least it looked like one, it had a pirate's flag, so if it wasn't their target, it was still going to be a pirate crew, and he was going to destroy the first ship, and win that drink.

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6 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Sat Jan 24, 2015 2:41 pm

Hiroko's company flew away and shouted at him. "As you wish, I'll defeat you easily." HE said and got to the wheel. He moved at the same direction than his friend and waited for his eagle nest to see something.

After some minutes, the man in the eagle nest shouted something. "Hey Cap, I can see a ship." Hiroko ran outside and looked up high. "The flag... is it a pirate flag?" Hiroko asked. "Yes, It has a skull, and... a pair of balloons?" HE finished kinda confused. "Great, it's them, good work, you can come down." The man jumped, and just when he got close to Hiroko, he became very very small and fell in Hiroko's hand. "Now, lets move." He said as he went to the front part of his ship and looked at the other ship, and after looking a bit better, he saw three ships. He saw them each and noticed there was one about 100 meters from him, it was time to start the fight.

Hiroko jumped from his ship and used his feet to shoot fire and fly like a jet. He quickly got to the ship and saw the big amount of pirates. He then landed on the ship gaining the attention of everyone there. "Hey... Marines here, you guys are under arrest, you can just give up, or die." Hiroko was serious, but just when he told them, they started to laugh. They didn't think he was serious, and by looking at the numbers, they had no reason to fear.

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7 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:27 pm

Kauzu was excited, he found a big ship, it seemed interesting, and it had a pirate's flag, so it was time do arrest some people. The marine moved as fast as he could, but when he got closer, he saw other 2 ships, it seemed to be a big crew, and it was not going to be that easy. The blind man was surprise, he didn't expected to find flying ships, but they did so... He was even more excited.
When both ships were closed, Kauzu shouted "Down anchors!" he then laughed while letting them fall and thought to himself "Whom am I talking to?" the man then jumped from his ship, with two big wings behind him, he flew to one boat, he saw that his partner was already on one, so he decided to stop and talk to him "So, you arrived... Hiroko! Handle those guys! I will try to put down another ship, we will then go for the third!". Some pirates heard Kauzu, laughing, they were like 20 pirates in each ship, so they had one big advantage. When the winged man turned around to the ship, many bullets went against him, hitting him, and making him fall into the ship at a very fast speed, what they didn't know was the he was made of gas. When he was falling, he both eyes covered, but he thought to himself "They are a lot..." he moved one hand to uncover his healthy eye, he then started at Hiroko while falling "Let's share abilities..."

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8 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:26 pm

Hiroko saw his friend get there. "Good then, you take a ship, I'll take this one." Then he left, Hiroko didn't really put attention to what had happened, to him, but he wasn't there anymore. He then took out his two swords from nowhere surprising everyone in the ship. He could hear some noises of pirates whispering about capturing him, but it was useless, he wouldn't even be touched by people like them. "Lets take him!!!" A pirate finally shouted and jumped. About ten more pirates did the same thing, but even before they could touch Hiroko, he quickly moved his both swords. A wind storm sphere was created blasting away any enemy around Hiroko and destroying the whole ship. Everyone was sent to blast and got lost in the air. He thought it was over, but it wasn't.

Hiroko used his jet feet to impulse himself as the ship fell to the ocean, but even before falling down, it recovered it's balance and was able to return to the air, this time, with no enemies. He got down to the ship and decided to check if there were more, but just after his landing, he heard a voice from behind. "Hey youuuuu!!! What you think you dooooooooing!!!" He said with a strange noise in his voice. "I don't think you one of uuuuuus!!" HE said as he got thinner each time he talked. He then closed his mouth and started to get red from his face as he got fat.

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9 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:48 am

Kauzu laughed while falling, it seemed like those pirates had balloons, but they where to high to fly with one balloon only. When kauzu was about to touch the ground he whispered "Gas field..." he opened his mouth and quickly turned into gas, crashing with the ship and creating a big amount of gas that was covering the entire ship. Some pirates were scared, others thought they killed him, but his leader knew that he was the owner of a devil fruit. When the gas started to surround the place, the ones who were in it didn't know what was happening, but when they started to inhale the gas, it was when the show started. Many pirates fell in pain, holding their throats and stomaches, trying to lose the pain, but it was all useless.
A hard voice was heard from the other side of the ship, someone shouting, louder than the screams of pain of the pirates "Don't breath! Run out from the gas!" that man made Kauzu laugh, laugh a lot. His body started to appear slowly in the middle of the gas, only one part of his body, his legs where not there, but everything else was there.
Kauzu laughed and whispered "It's to late" he moved his arm slowly to the air, letting anyone see it, he then snapped his fingers, and a second after it, the hole place with gas exploded, destroying a big part of the ship, and a big part of the pirates started to fall, even Kauzu, but just because he wanted to play.

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10 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:20 pm

Hiroko wondered what was the strange ability of the enemy. He obviously had a devil fruit, but he had no idea about what did he have. "So, I see you have the power of a devil fruit." HE said and ran towards him. HE took both swords and then attempt to slash him. The man jumped, he got very high, more than a normal human should. He then slightly opened his mouth to move like a jet at high speed, and in a second, he changed direction to attack Hiroko with his new giant body. Hiroko used his sword and placed it in front of him. The big ball crashed against the the sword, and was stabbed, but the sword was powered with sea stone, so in a second, the man was now dead. "This was too easy." Said Hiroko. "I hope you aren't as weak as the others" He said and walked to the side of the ship. He looked at the other ship and then jumped. HE jumped and jumped again until he got to the last ship, the ship without his teammate, but before he did anything, he wanted to wait for Kauzu, if he needed help, he would be there.

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11 Re: Sky Balloon Party on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:21 pm

When the explosion appeared, a big noise of destruction surrendered the place, half of the boat was flying, and the other half was falling already with many people, with Kauzu. The ship was pointing at the water with his front part, completely straight, some pirates where at the top but they were not more than 6. The red haired marine was falling, staring at the ship and the people who were falling with him, but he got bored.
Two big wings appeared behind Kauzu and moved him with a big strength, moving him up, and making him fly. He went at a high speed against the ship, waiting to surprise them, but when he was going to arrive to the ship someone started to fall from it, screaming and falling against Kauzu "What the?!" the blind man evaded the person and kept flying, but then a different person fell against him as well, he then heard someone speaking "I'm getting out of people..." that took his attention, so he flew even faster, flying directly against the ship, he was about to do something fun, or fun for him because it was not going to be fun for anyone standing in that flying piece of wood. Kauzu laughed, moving both wings and cutting the wind with them, excited, with big red eyes waiting to see people fall.

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