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Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing]

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1 Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:14 pm

The Iiusia Kingdom, more grand as any old tale or book can describe. With one look at its large buildings, as if crafted to suffice the lives of kings and queens. Even the roads to and from, the docks to the market, were so clean that you could actually find people eating straight off the brick. It's population was filled with humans of different sizes, their main attire were different colored robes, tho their trims were similar to an extent probably separating the richer from the plain rich, while still consumed in an abundance of jewellery on their person. Each bore glasses to protect them from the glare...the glare from the Golden City of Iiusia.

Deep within the city itself laid a large capital, a building filled with the most prestige people of the city. Politicians mostly but also, wanderers of the sea. Without knowledge of the outside world, what do they know of what to keep out of their fair city. Sitting around a rounded table, they discussed their affairs. "There has been some gossip throughout the streets. T-these so called pirates are interfering with our cities population. What's worse, what if they came here. What's to say they don't rip our town apart!" One of the men continued to blabber nonsense. Most of them sat back with their arms crossed. They had the protection of the marines so to them they had nothing to worry. Some on the other hand were a bit to paranoid.

With the sound of footsteps growing closer, a young man, in a priests uniform entered the room. Holding a book in one hand and a large cross like weapon on his back he stared at the man with an expression that seemed to serious to joke around about.

Priest John:

"Ah John! Please talk some sense into these men. We must take precaution!" The man continued. Priest John walked toward the man, John twice the mans size, his muscles bulging outward, placing his hand onto his shoulder. "Settle down. Everything will return to normal when things settle, these things happen." He spoke with a surprisingly soft tone, that even got the man to get a little "undone" and loosened up a bit before returning to his chair. "Chancellor, we do need to discuss the future plans of course." John spoke toward a bold man, the sole one wearing black robes.


"Ah, yes yes. I guess this meeting is finished then."
He spoke with a excited tone as he jumped to his feet. "By the way. When do I get the chance to meet that young women you introduced to me before? She was quite the show women!" He spoke with glee as he chased behind John. "Quite" he replied. They walked through a dark corridor as the rest of the men went their separate ways.

~ Presently on the other site of the city ~

Out on sea near the bank of the cities shore a small fishing with a large crank in the center of the ship, with a rope piercing the sea. The shipmates were quite odd. Their faces all the same in expression, a large smile and their eyes wider then the ocean itself. Their rope yanked against the side of the ship. Even with the same expression, the sense of confusion filled the air when suddenly. The entire ship turned onto it's side. The shipmates rushed toward the rope, pulling on it with all their might, shouting "heave ho!". Their net trap slowly revealed itself through the water, filled with fish but a large head.

They looked at each other with confusion, but of course the loony of the group took action. He charged toward the net jumping onto it with all his might, grabbing a fish by the tail he started to slap the cheeks of the giant head till they were red. He heard a sudden gargle as her lips twitched and without warning the head shot a blast of water out from her mouth pushing the sailor over board. A giant hand climbed from the sea and took hold of the boat, shaking it completely, all the sailors lost their balance. "Quick! Back to the shore!" "BACK TO THE SHORE!" They'd shout in unison as they headed for their stations and traveled back to land. Leaving that one loony behind to swim back.

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2 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:14 am

Tama Z. Tomilin had just entered the most religious kingdom yet. Her silver cross shined on her neck as she entered the city. Of course she only came here to see the church and learn about god from this place. Holding on to her cross she sent out a small prayer hoping to see her brother here. Of course he wasn't her real brother and it would be a miracle if she ever saw him again. the ocean is so vast and large, the world is not tiny but miles and miles long so it would be a little hard to see him. Also another reason why it would be hard to see him is because of their occupations. Tama of course was a revolutionary and he was a pirate. Well last time she read in the paper, he was a pirate. Feeling the happy warm feeling of maybe seeing her brother again left Tama almost skipping down the sand as she kicked it up behind her.

The small tiny girl looked at the sky as she smiled softly. Her skirt flew in the wind as her shirt did as well. Her slave tattoo barely showed but was noticeable as the wide blew. She held on to her frog like hat so it wouldn't blow away. The sea blue eyes looked towards the town as she made her way into the streets. The Rev could feel eyes stare at her as she walked around casually as her backpack was strapped to her back. Her staff was sticking out of it as the tip was covered with a cloth bag to hide the blade that is inside. Of course they would be staring at her. Tama had a bandage over her knee from when she fell not too long ago. Actually when she first got on this island, she fell right on knees. A bad thing that Tama always seemed to not like herself was her klutziness. The small girl looked at the citizens, although most dismissed her because of her size and many thought she was harmless. Mostly because of the silver cross that hung on her neck that she so much favored. It was her life, it was her dream, it was her love. Since her brother gave it to her, and the first gift she ever received other than her slave mark.

The small girl walked in the city although of course her klutziness took place as she tripped over her own two feet and fell. The small girl fell on her stomach and made a flopping noise, like someone did a belly flop in the water. Her face was plated on her ground. The small girl got to her hands and knees as she whipped the blood from her now cut lip. Her backpack was besides her as her staff was a little far from her. The cloth bag that was over the sharp end was still end over the sharp end.

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3 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:05 am

Finally out of the grand line. Hiroko got out as quick as possible, calm belt was indeed a scary place, he was never going to forget what he saw in those strange waters, and the people he met, he would someday go to catch them and take what was his. As his ship flew over the sea, he saw Ilusia Kingdom, the place he had been called to. And as one of the blues, it was the perfect place to rest some time before returning to the grand line. The ship was ready to land, above the water in the docks. As the ship descend and landed finally in the calm sea of West Blue, Hiroko took a white cape like his uniform to tap his whole left side of the body. He got down of his ship and walked through the crowd, getting lost on the streets, he needed something to drink. He wasn't there just to drink though, he heard there was something happening in Ilusion kingdom, something to do with the priest, and that's why Hiroko was there, to see if it was true what he heard.

Getting to a bar, he stepped inside and looked around. It was more quiet than he expected, there weren't much people, he didn't like that kind of taverns, it was funner when they made a mess in there. Hiroko went directly to the bartender, took a chair in front of him and sat down. "Sir, could you please give me some... just give me your strongest drink..." He said and laid down on the wooden bar in front of him.

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4 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:18 pm

Off in the distance, it was like a line of geysers spewed out from the sea. From one direction, seemingly headed towards the great island-nation of Ilusia Kingdom, water shot up into the air with a bubbly aftermath. The reason behind this unusual phenomenon? Deep under the sea, all the way to ground level, a lone Yonko was running across the sandy floors. Each step she took, sand shot up from in front of her, essentially making an inverted tunnel over-ground. Without doing this, her devil fruit would have long since then drowned her, as the sea consumed her body and stripped her of all power.

Not long ago she was fighting some random flock of people, and their presence wasn't enough to subdue the Yonko, but just enough to annoy her to the point of fleeing. Unfortunately, the direction she ran towards was of opposite to her 'vessel', and instead, she simply ran into the water, the sand that she touched shooting up to protect her from the liquid doom. Running off without thinking, Nid'alok dashed forward until she reached an island. It was easy to tell whether or not she had reached one, unless the entire island was made of sand.

Meeting solid ground was a blessing to her. Counting each kilometre traveled, the Yonko found the rare feeling of fatigue after dashing across at least a few thousand. In excitement for possible rest, she opened the top of the sand-roof and boosted her feet up by the push from the sand below her. The boost rocketed her up into the sea above her like a bullet. While the still water might've paralysed her and stripped her of power, it would fail to stop her ascent--that, was simply physics. Propelling her up, she soon found herself breathing air once more, flying into the sky, just off the coast of what seemed to be "Ilusia Kingdom".

She couldn't be more glad to breath fresh air once more. Even better was the dry ground she felt upon falling back down. Fortunately, with enough speed her clothes were left dry from her rocketing leap up, thus there was no need to strip to avoid the overall uncomfortable feeling of salt-watered clothes. But, even if she had, the whole 'running' part of this adventure would've consumed her attention, and left no room to pay heed to lack of comfort. Instead, just tiredness.


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5 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:07 am

To Wulfric, there was nothing like a fine peaceful day alone with a cold drink. Enjoying the salty sea air as he inhaled deeply, the ever bearing rays of sunlight on his skin, and the cries of birds mixed with the shouting of men at work at the docks. Wulfric found himself walking the shoreline, taking in the entire scene in front of him. He was at peace in the moment, and everything felt right in the world. Without thinking, Wulfric lifted his Mai tai to his lips and took a long drink. A satisfied sigh escaped his lips as the cool refreshing drink had soothed his parched lips and throat. "Ahhh. That was delicious. Today is going to be a good day."

Wulfric stopped midway of his walk and turned to face the water before him. His left hand had slid into his left pocket, and he leaned back just a bit. It was a sight that would stick out as odd to anyone watching over the scene. He was in a very formal pair of black dress pants, a white button up t-shirt and a black vest. He obviously did not fit in with the people working at the docks. Once again Wulfric lifted his drink to his lips for another swallow of the alcoholic beverage. His eyes cast over to the fishing boats, one in particular that was about to reel in its catch. He watched with intrigue and excitement. His gut instinct telling him they would get an exceptionally large haul today. His attention was focused on this ship as the net came up. He would not be let down.

"Ooooh very nice. Nothing wrong with that haul" Wulfric had thought to himself. The net came up heavy with fish, but with something else as well. It was hard to tell but Wulfric knew something was up nearly immediately due to his experience. His suspicions were proven as one of the men jumped onto the net and started to beat at something within the net. Wulfric out of surprise and amusement raised a brow and chuckled. He watched, interested to see what came of this. He did not have to wait long to find out.

It became apparent the men had caught more than they had bargained for as a large head within the net peered out over them. As the man kept beating the face with the fish, however dumb or brave that might have been, the being inside the net had released a large jet of water that knocked the man over. The men on board scrambled around unsure of what was happening until a giant hand hand come out of the water and began to thrash the boat violently. The men jumped over and swam away shouting.

Wulfric raised a brow even higher and grinned. To Wulfric it was quite entertaining and funny. As he realized the full extent of what was happening he couldn't help but let out a few bits of laughter. He even went so far as to wipe a tear from his eye. He never expected to see something like this ever. It was definitely going to be a good day. Wulfric began to walk towards the docks in the direction the men were swimming, however he would take his ever loving time doing so. One might call him foolish, another might call him curious. But he was going to be there to greet the being that made their presence known so abruptly, and discern whether they were friend or foe.

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6 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:56 am

Travel was good for the young mind; good to get out and see the world. Zell thought that traveling was fantastic just because you could do whatever you wanted with the world. You could go streaking at your local market but you’d have to see those people the next time you walked in. The market in Ilusia however, that was a completely new territory that Zell didn’t visit often. "Hmm.. What is the name of the town again? Ilusion? Lucy? Whatever."

Zell reached the holy kingdom of Ilusia by using boat, prepared from him. He couldn't read minds, so, he didn't know what the other members would do. They didn't join this journey, and left Zell to discover things by himself.

Zell travelled in his usual black cape draped over his shoulders, and a toga wrapped around his torso. The only difference to his typical attire happened to be the black stick on his right hand, he never mentioned where he got it but he loves to pick strange things on the way. It was sunny outside and black clothes weren't the best attire to use, they absorbed hit. At least, that's what Zell learned from his previous relatives. He heard a man whispered with his companion, "It's Zell, right? The one who got 8 million bounty on his head? He caused a lot of troubles in Micqueot" Jeez, that's why Zell dislike gossips, they sometimes exaggerated things, Zell did things that the marines deserved in Micqueot. and he dislike hearing the word "8 million", not a good amount to be proud of.

Zell gave a sigh as he slumped down in a bench. The problem with his little journey is that he was completely unaware of where he had landed. All he wished for was to be somewhere else and the the one-who-approved-wishes was the one who decided his destination. He closed his eyes for a rest, his eyes were too tired to see the messed up world. It was a reminder of how big the world was.

If one thing had remained the same, it was the man’s dislike for loneliness and quietness. Fucking around with people was how he got by typically, how he fulfilled his social quota for the day without truly making any friends or lasting enemies. A flopping sound caught Zell's attention, "What the?"

A girl fell in front of Zell, how careless, right? But, Zell, who is a self-proclaimed gentleman, woudln't leave a young girl on the ground. He leaped from the bench, and approached the young girl. Click, clack, click, clack. A pair of wooden sandals sung as they walked. Zell bent over and picked a staff, he held it tight on his right hand. He squatted down in front of the girl, and smiled, "I think this is yours, right? Next time, be careful, young lady." He placed the staff on her laps and patted her on the head.

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7 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:36 am

Sitting in the chapel of Ilusia Kingdom, Shunji came to the city of gold to track down a certain Holy text called by it's most appropriate titles, the Chronicle Prayers of Zion. The book contained an instructional manual of sorts to higher level prayers in spiritual weaving. In this culture, his techniques however were referred to as miracles and if he'd have any chance on getting his hand on this book, it'd require quite the bit of finesse, he was a full fledged criminal now. Sitting on the benches in front of the altar, Shunji pulled out a cigarette and used his trusty crucifix lighter, in taking his cancerous fumes.

Liten: There's no smoking in here my child. This is a place of worship.

Shunji: Sorry... It's a bad habit of mine Jishishishi... I've been praying to quit them but I guess giving into temptation is something I have to work on.  

Liten: Have we met before, you look so familiar?

Shunji: In a past life maybe, it's my first time in Ilusia. You work at this church though maybe you can help me.... Have you ever heard about The Chronicles of Zion? It's a book-

The look on the man's face was quite eerie and terrified.

Liten: Youngster... If you plan to live long in Ilusia, don't ever let anyone hear you call that books name. The Chronicles of Zion belonged to a blessed clan, who practiced something called Miracle Matter. It's a crime in Ilusia to even read that book... It's currently in the possession of the Chancellor of this cities hands-

Shunji hopped up, outing his cigarette and adjusting his white robe. Flipping the hood over his head, he tapped the man of God on his shoulder and proceeded to exit the building.

Liten: Young man! Heed my warning! Forget about that book! Only those of a specific blood line can use Miracle Matter anyway! If your not apart of the Seven Sacred Families, you won't be able to use their skills anyway. All of your struggles will be in strife.

Shunji: Hey. What's your name?

Liten: Liten. Liten X. Phantom. And yourself!?

Shunji: Shunji Z. Wraith. I have a feeling we'll meet again. Jishishishi

Exiting the chapel, Shunji merged into the crowded downtown bustle and made his way into the market place to gather more information about the Chancellor, more specifically the way how this city operates.

Liten: Z....Wraith... As in, the Shunji Z. Wraith... If that's true... I must inform the great families of his return.


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8 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:04 am

The ever so gleaming city, was filled with delight for this be the day of awakening. A festival held once a year that started not to long ago, a large feast prepared with enough entertainment to engulf the four blues. All of the citizens were dumb with joy, their faces unchanging, with large grins and their eyes wide as can be. When someone caught their eye. A newcomer to be the look of it. A youngin that resembled that of a frog. Her large hat made her different from the crowd seeing as every civilian was wearing robes, it wasn't hard to tell who was and wasn't from Ilusia. She seemed to have fell before herself, dropping to the ground, she was tended to by a young lad of unknown detail.

"Hey, what a cute couple, are you two here for the awakening festival!?" A young couple came from the large crowds to greet them, with their eyes bulging from their heads and their teeth grinding awaiting an answer. They also had a young girl with them though she was different. She instead of a happy expression, she seemed scared. She tried pulling her arm from her mothers clutches once but it was ineffective as she was too weak.


"Sir, could you please give me some... just give me your strongest drink..." The young lad pestered forward as he laid face down on the bar. A robed man washing some of the glass wear, with a large smile on his face. He moved toward him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Sorry buddy! Their in the back for preparations of the festival!" He said with glee, that large smile and his hand beside him with a thumbs up so hard that it looked like his thumb was about to break. "But for the same price I'll give you two dozen of our not as strong drinks!? Yes yes, no no!?" He suggested.

As he battered a group of civilians finished with their drink decided it was time to head out. Dropping their mugs, they got up one at a time, in sync as if they had practiced in their spare time to do things at the same time. "See ya later boss, we're heading for preparations!" "PREPARATIONS!!" One spoke toward the bar head, while the rest shouted in hurrah for the soon to be festival.

The bar head waved his arm uncontrollably above his head that it seemed pretty awkward and broken. He turned back to the young lad. "Your not from here are you?" His expression changed to that of an aggressive old man. His smile gone and his eyes blinking so much, that it was hard to tell what he was looking at. "Listen, I suggest you get on the next boat out of here, it isn't safe." He suggested in sympathy.


Just off the coast of the astounding kingdom of Ilusia a large caravan followed the road straight into the city. "Ah, home sweet hom!" A sudden crash from above, broke the ground before them, sending dust and stone into the faces of the horses and the head trafficker of the caravan. A young women stood in the center of the crash site, the man sitting in the cart wiped the dust on his face with glee.

"Young miss! A-Are you ok!?" He asked with concern as he and the rest of the men within the caravan rushed to her aid. Some of them brought some bandages on hand. "I hope your heading toward Ilusia, cause that's the place with...the..." He suggested before noticing that there wasn't much of a scratch on her. With his already face with glee on, he jumped in more glee as the rest of the caravan followed in his lead. "Tis a miracle! Quick we must bring you to the festival and praise the gods for such a feat!" The rest of them agreed, pleading her to join them.


The boat finally docked with the other sided roped tightly so that their ship wouldn't keel over while they were trying the unbelievable. As they pulled in their haul of the GREAT BIG HEADED FISH. Their faces with glee, and nothing but, they got a hold of a few other sailors that were on shore to help out with the haul. They grabbed the net as they pulled it inward onto the boat itself. The head started to blink and it's hand begun to move and grip the other half of the ship, lifting itself up. "WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! WE HAVE A MERFOLK! WE'RE RICHER NOW EVERYONE WE ARE RICHER!" One of the sailors shouted and the rest joined in, with their increased their excitement they pulled even harder. The being within the net lifted her leg and brought it onto the ship, slowly bringing themselves aboard.

The men stood there silently, halted in their attempt to bring the net back any further, their smiles still there but their excitement not. "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" They all shouted as they jumped out of the boat, some toward the docks, others out to sea. The lone giant was left there, to catch her breath.


"Oooooh, Lady Vivi. Please step on me more!~" The chancellor pleaded. A young women dressed in black stepped on his bright red face strongly that it looked like it was about to pop within any second. "John, why must we work with this buffoon?" She asked curiously. She was quite worried about her personal safety. "He is old, he needs anyway to please himself. And it also allows us to work in secret, so just throw him a bone once in a while." John explained to her but she just returned with a "you don't have to deal with this!?" expression.

John walked toward a darkened area, his hand reaching out and laid on something spherical. Vivi soon to appear behind him. "Preparations are almost done. Should be ready within thirteen before midnight." She explained. "Isn't that a little exotic? Why not make it at exactly midnight?" He questioned. "No one would suspect it." She replied. John entered the circle of the three, his hand holding a book tightly.

"Send half of the guards to the preparations site. Have them help minimize the time needed to prepare and the other half on double duty." John spoke directly toward the chancellor but all he could do was look toward the book within Johns hands. "You've been holding that since I've met you, by chance could you tell me what it is?" He asked. "A famous chronicle, but I'm sure you've never heard of it." John replied before walking away, with Vivi to follow. The chancellor snickered as he went his separate way.

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9 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:57 am

Tama heard a strange noise as she was about to reach for her staff only to find a rather dark haired man that was significantly tall pick the staff up for her. Looking at him, analyzing his every movements, almost like she was expecting something else. He answer was a little slow as she looked up at the man that seemed to be patting her head like she was some child. Froggy smiled softly as he patted her head, giving him a warm atmosphere. She picked her staff up as she began to stand up. Her backpack over her shoulders once more and her staff in her hands. Then suddenly she clasped her hands together, "Thank you heavenly.. heavenly.. umm.. FATHER! For letting me met a nice man. A.... A.. umm. AMEN!" She seemed to forget simple things in her talk as she then looked back at the man that helped her. "Thank you for your.. umm.. whats the word for it. hos.. Hos. oh right Hospitality. You are indeed a... umm.. Kind... boy." Tama smiled softly at the rather tall man and clasped the man that had patted her and then lend forward and kissed the top of the hand. "This is.. umm. my repayment."

The tiny girl gave him a gentle smile as she was about to walk away from him, only to be greeted by two others. They talked to Tama and the other guy in a friendly tone. Tama looked at the tiny girl as the mother seemed to have spoke to them. As the mom spoke Tama was now reaching in her backpack digging something out. The small girl then pulled out a flavor lollipop that was neatly wrapped and currently untouched. The frog like girl bent down to the child's height and handed the lollipop to her in the utmost nicest way. The atmosphere around the girl was kind and almost too trusting. Of course this was Tama's worst and special trait.

The teeanger then stood up and looked at the mother, "I'm sorry you must be confused.. very confused. Me and this.. here... ummm... boy? strangers. I have.. no love interest in him. Although... he is umm. Kind of... HOT!" Tama shook her head and smiled softly. "But I will always love my BROTHER! Hes the one I will marry.. Not this here.." The girl titled her head to the side and looked at the boy. "Gentlemen." Tama smiled happily as she looked at the two. She had confessed that she would marry her brother. A brother. Most people thought she was insane or crazy, literally. Others thought she was joking. Although Tama was completely serious. The silver cross dangled from her neck in a glowing like matter.

Then Tama looked around, "I guess there is a festival going." She smiled at the two people that were talking to her from before. "Although I would like to know more about this... here.. umm.. party?" The girl said questionably, titling her head to the side and looking at the mother and their daughter giving them a rather confused look.

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10 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:39 pm

Hiroko completely ignored the man in the bar after he said there was no more alcohol. He ignored everything, even the strange men behind him, but what called again his attention, was when the man told him to leave. Listen, I suggest you get on the next boat out of here, it isn't safe. Hiroko smiled just after than and got up. "Man... that's why I'm here." He said and turned around keeping his big smile in the face. When he got outside, he looked up without letting fall the cape covering his left side of the body. He used his right hand to hold the cape and kept walking towards the beach to get to his ship again. He had to get to the docks to grab some things from his ship, or actually, he had to take people from there. That may sound weird, but his fruit was indeed strange.

He walked towards the beach, always looking around at everyone, people there were a bit strange, but Hiroko couldn't explain why. While he passed through a group of about five people, he couldn't avoid hearing what they were talking about. He also noticed, at least the girl wasn't from Ilusia Kingdom, the other people could probably be, but she didn't. He walked towards the group and quickly interrupted by touching the girl's shoulder. "Mmm... I was passing by and couldn't help it, but I heard you were talking about a party?" He asked. "Are you talking about the festival? I'm suppose to help with the preparations, but I can't find it." He smiled and used his right hand to hold the cape before it fell. He couldn't let them know who was he, and he didn't know why, but the black haired kid didn't look like he lived in the kingdom.

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11 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:15 pm

At the end of one of the docks that was just recently deserted due to the recent phenomenon, Wulfric stood there clapping. He was laughing and very much so enthused by the way the fisherman ran away scared with their tails between their tails. Wulfric cared not for the fishermen for he knew what happened on these waters. The rumors were afloat, that this city was all about slavery. This was one thing Wulfric would not tolerate. He was here for this very reason. But for now, he found this incident much more worthy of his attention.

Wulfric felt he had to get closer, to see if he could get every detail of this person now on the empty boat. Without effort he kicked up and started literally walking on air, raising higher up into the sky and moving towards the vessel. Anyone left watching would likely be watching in awe of the whole situation. While also thinking that the man that was laughing and clapping had to be insane. Wulfric crept over to the vessel until he was nearly hovering over it. He looked down and with a jovial voice, called down.

"Hello there! Do you need a hand getting a shore?"

He figured she would have no problems, but he would offer anyway. He was a gentlemen like that, even to his foe's unless they did something to really upset him. Even so, he hovered just out of reach, or what he hoped was out of reach, until his could tell whether this person would be friendly toward him or not. Hell, she might even know who he was if she gave it some thought. He was a pretty famous, or infamous revolutionary commander that went by the name Wulfric Von'Funk. He was a trouble maker in the eyes of the marines and any royalty around the world.

(Sorry for the late reply. Was waiting on someone else but I don't know if they are going to post)

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12 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:21 am

The young girl got on her feet, and stood up straight, Zell did something useful for the first time in Illusia. Zell raised his eyebrows as soon as the girl clasped her hands together, seemed like she's praying to the men-from-above. Was her a religious person?

"I believe you don't need to pray for such thing, not denying your belief but it's useless."

Zell nodded his head in appreciation to reply to the girl's thankful words. "No problem. Don't mention it." The girl in front of Zell seemed shy as she couldn't pick the right word to vocalize or she was born like that, some unlucky people born with that trait, it's kinda annoying. "Ah, you don't need to do such thing in public. Saying 'Thank you' is enough" Zell tried to avoid all staring eyes in the corner, but you could see that Zell liked the girl's attitude as Zell didn't struggle or fight it when the girl kissed his hand. Zell was about to leave as he heard someone mentioning Zell and the froggy girl. See, that's why Zell avoided to stay in public, people tend to watch things that they shouldn't see, invading individuals' privacy.

Zell let the froggy girl to answer the people, he believed that the girl could handle such situation. Zell was about to make a step, but he was surprised and turned red after Tama said something about him, Zell rushed to the side of the girl, and shouted ridiculously, "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? HUH? IT'S GETTING WEIRDER. I DON'T HAVE ANY LOVE INTEREST IN YOU, EITHER!" Although, she's kinda cute and she looked awesome but people would think that Zell's pedophilia.

Zell's jaw was wide open, but dropped more as she uttered comical statements. "YOU WOULD MARRY YOUR OWN BROTHER? WHAT HAPPEN TO ... " Zell couldn't finish his sentence as he fell unconscious amusingly after reacting too much to the situation, his brain couldn't understand everything the girl said and the contents of her mind.

He regained his consciousness after he heard the word, party. Party was the perfect event for him since he loves to wreck things and cause massive disarray. He raised his head as his body and legs remained on the ground, he looked at the girl and said, "A party? Let's go together. I want MEAT! MEAT!"

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13 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:37 pm

Poshi Poshi Poshi...

The snail phone rang as Liten tried to contact the head of the church, Bishop Hazen but he ignored smoking his pipe and staring into the streets. The blinded man of God, felt his way over to the snail phone. He found these kind of modern structures so tedious, especially the element of being in direct line to everyone with his code.

Hazen: The number you have called is not available.

Liten: Eh!? Really!?

Liten put down the snail phone.Hazen went back to smoking pipe.

Poshi Poshi Poshi....

Hazen picked up the phone.

Hazen: Yes?

Liten: Sir... This is urgent-

Hazen: Bishop Hazen is in the bathroom.

Hazen used the ability of his Voice Voice Fruit to change the pitch of his voice to that of an older seductive woman.

Liten: He's always messing around with some woman... Put him on the phone!

Hazen: Oh! That's what you think of me huh?

Liten's face went from a slight blush to a flushed expression.

Liten: Sir! I'm sorry-

Hazen: What is it anyway?

Liten: The Leader of the Wraith Clan has returned.

Hazen: Finally... The traitor has returned. Stealing the arts of the various clans and making them his own. Any man that becomes the pupil of that woman is an enemy to me. Rylia... Now then, I'll kill your pupil today in this city.

Market City - Ilusia City

Fireworks filled the sky of Ilusia City as flyers began to fell from the sky. Walking over to the fruits dealer, Shunji picked up an apple and bit into it. Starting idle conversation, the sapphire haired pirate inquired about the ceremonies.

Shunji: What's going on?

Market Owner: It's the Festival of Gold put on by the Lionheart Foundation.

Shunji: Lionheart... As in Hazen Lionheart!?

Market Owner: He's His Excellency Hazen G. Lionheart in this city stranger... The inner court sees him as Nobility as well as the World Government.

Shunji: Interesting Jishishishi... I might get to meet an old friend. Though, he's more like a rival.

Market Owner: Sir... Be-Behind you!

Five silver bolt arrows closed into Shunji's head, activating his Devil Fruit abilities shortly, he melted the arrows to mere stubs, smashing his heads into the arrow shafts and shattering them.

Shunji: Usually I like my women to say hello to me first Jishishishi....

???: Tsch. I knew this wouldn't be as easy as the Chancellor commanded.

Shunji was now encircled with a parade of knights dressed in golden sigils and armors.


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14 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:29 am

Tama looked at the boy that was just unconscious come back to life. His head raised suddenly. The light breeze drift on by Tama's clothes blew in the wind causing her shirt to ruffle. The girl held on to her hat as she felt the breeze looking at the man in the cloak. As the man that laid on the ground bursted out. Tama patted his head like he was a child. "Mr! Will you tell us more about this here.. um festival?" Her curious eyes remained unchanged as she looked at the man.

"By helping with the.. umm preparations that means there will food and fireworks? and things like that correct? Or are you going to sacrifice someone?" Tama said in a laughing like voice. She was serious then strayed off topic. She set her back pack next to the man that was on the ground. She then pulled out a sucker and handed it to the man in the cape. "Have a candy! Its good for the soul."

That's when big bangs echoed through the sky. The small girl giggled softly as she twirled around in a circle letting the flyers flutter around her. She grabbed one and smiled happily. "Oooh! Paper flying! How fun!!" She twirled some more closing her eyes as she listened around her. The voices blasted through her head as she heard other peoples conversations. That's when she felt the auras around her. Distinguishing people out from the crowd until she found him. Because of her Inner Lineage Tama had a special power to distinguish people by auras and feel them.

"Looks like there is a battling happening! I wanna watch!" The little girl exclaimed. "Ahh! Mr. Hurry and explain so I can go and watch the fight!" The excited tiny girl said almost jumping up and down from were she stood.

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15 Re: Judgement Day [Open to all | No Killing] on Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:51 pm

The girl Hiroko came up to was indeed very talkative. She asked plenty of questions without even letting Hiroko answer, she even offered him a candy. He took the candy and placed it in his pocket. "Thank's, I'll save it for now..." He was about to try and explain the festival, but he didn't really know nothing, he just wanted to know where was the festival. "And about the festival..." He was lucky, he had no idea about what to explain, but he was suddenly interrupted by some fireworks. He had no idea why where they having those fireworks so soon, but when the girl mentioned a fight, Hiroko's attention changed. As a marine, a fight could mean something valuable, it could mean bounty, and that could mean money for him. "Don't worry about the explanation, can you take me to the fight? I'll explain everything on our way." He said hoping to get to the fight as soon as possible. "By the way, I'm Hiroko, it's a pleasure to meet you." He said and hopped to find his way to the fight with this little girl. He also wondered how was the girl able to presence such fight, he didn't notice anything, specially with those fireworks.

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