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Judgement Day [Plot/Battle]

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1 Judgement Day [Plot/Battle] on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:38 pm

Title: Judgement Day
Type: Plot/Battle

Rank: Tier 1 - 3

Details: Within Iilusia Kingdom being one of the most Religious, their faith and belief make it strong, so why not abuse that strength from within? Some men on the inside have a ruse in progress in attempt to capture the entire kingdom in their clutches.

Who else is there to save them!? Well I don't know who that is going to be but their entire city is made of gold, so some might find the biggest darn ship and take entire building for all they care. Live the high life.


Corrupted Civilians - Tier 1
- These Civilians are being manipulated. Being average civilians they have no real combat experience and aren't hard to manage.
- Infinite Amount

Corrupted Guards - Tier 1
- Professional Guardsmen wielding all different kinds of weapons. Minimal combat experience
- Infinite Amount

Chancellor - Tier 2:
- An old man who's body mostly sags, can erupt into a brawling monster with an attitude. Above average strength and speed he can turn any enemy into a pancake.
- Only One

Lady Vivi - Tier 2:
- Information Unkown
- Only One

Priest John- Tier 3:
- He's huge in the pants
- Only One

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2 Re: Judgement Day [Plot/Battle] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:40 am


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