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A Little Too Much is Never Enough [Open]

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1 A Little Too Much is Never Enough [Open] on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:18 pm

Drowning one's troubles in alcohol was a destructive albeit effective method. Make no mistake; even the wise experience complications; however, at this point Nid'alok was entirely oblivious to what precisely constituted these 'complications'. Thirteen bottles in and already she was wholly enveloped in an intoxicated perception known as "being drunk". If it wasn't for her deeply ingrained 'stern personality', Nid'alok would long since past been flopping across the ground in a frenzy of incoherent actions and dialogue. Instead? She simply sat at the bar of some tavern apparently in Logue Town--a piece of information completely unknown to her at the moment.

"Yonko-sama?" The bartender attended to the cleanliness of his glasses. Clearly, he was a man of many motor talents. Simultaneously cleaning and talking to someone? Nid'alok reveled in the the thought that such a man was mere feet away from her. Now, was this thought process natural to her? Certainly not. The woman who thought herself essentially superior to most everyone in existence was certainly not herself. Regardless, who she was now, was who she was now. Her past self for the time being would be irrelevant; at least, until her wits came around. In the meantime, she simply responded--again, not as the usual--in common language, demanding a stop to formalities. "Listen, person--I am... what? No, there is okaaz ulokuun here, right? Good. Okaaz rahzun not are here either? Good. Right?" Yep... In common language--sorta... and a stop to formalities as well... yep.


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2 Re: A Little Too Much is Never Enough [Open] on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:57 pm

Logue Town. It wasn't Hiroko's first time there. In the docks, his ship waited as Hiroko got prepared to go to the grand line... again. He was usually always in the grand line, but he sometimes had to go to other places in some of the blues. He walked towards a little market hopping to find some thing while his men went to the marine base for some resources for their trip.

Hiroko walked through the town looking around with his bag in his arm. Some stuff he bought for himself. He was returning already to his ship, even if he still had plenty of time. Before he even got close to the docks, he passed close from a bar. "Oh, what the hell!" He said and turned around to enter the tavern. Giving some steps inside, plenty of people were drinking. He walked slowly with his bag and sat on a stool next to a black haired woman. She seemed familiar, but his bad memory made things a bit difficult. He had this strange feeling he was suppose to know this woman. "Excuse me.." He said patting her shoulder. "Do I know you?" He asked. He really wasn't sure where or how, but he had sometime seen her.

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3 Re: A Little Too Much is Never Enough [Open] on Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:22 pm

One more time in Logue Town, Kauzu was looking for some pirates, even if he was tired , he couldn't afford one day of free vandalism. The red haired man was walking with his Iron armor, giving hard steps, he was very angry, and kinda drunk.
After having some time in a bar, a stranger took some money out of Kauzu's pocket, but he didn't like the idea of someone taking something with out the owner's permission.
Kauzu's smile was very big, it was about to reach both of his ears, and his sharps teeth were about to break each other.
The vice admiral Hatake was behind that man, chasing him. When he got close, the man launched his arm against the man, stretching his gas body and crashing with his arm against the man's face, hitting another bar and breaking a wall with the man. With the man on the floor, Kauzu entered the place and took the stranger's face with his iron arm, picking him up and holding him tight in the air.
Kauzu smiled and took some money out of the man's pocket with his other arm "That's mine!" he said with two red chicks. After laughing, the marine threw the man to another wall, breaking it, he then walked and took sit in the bar, asking for a beer.

Kauzu moved his head to the right, next to him, the vice admiral Hiroko was sitting, next to a Yonko, but he couldn't recognize her. "Hiroko, what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to look for some pirates".

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