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Darkness in Me [Closed]

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1 Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:07 am

Title: Darkness In Me

Type: Tasks

Rank: Tier 1

Details: Zell is having fun with wines in Micqueot until he finds a small camp belongs to the marine - It's time for them to go home!



Name: Seaman (x5)
Description: Marine soldiers who work under the command of a captain. They wear the standard Marine NCO uniform: a white sleeveless shirt and hat.

Name: Captain
Description: A captain who likes to drink, and sometimes, blackmailing his subordinates to pay for his wines. He uses a basic sword which hangs on his waist.

“Woooahhh!” Zell yawned after he heard that the town would give a nice wine if they can beat marines. The event chairman said that this task would warm up those flabby muscles of your tummy. Zell used his index finger to hold the tip of the ribbon that tied the task paper together, he pulled the ribbon and expanded the task paper. His jaw dropped after his eyes caught the word “Best Micqueot Wine”, “Are you kidding me?” he yelled at the paper, but he stopped after realizing the paper wasn’t a living thing but an innocent thing that couldn’t listen to every words Zell splattered. “Ah,I bet this task requires a lot of things, but this will be a fun task since it’s involving a marine” He equipped his cape, draped over his shoulders and the Hellfire crest painted the blank black color of the cape.

Zell jumped into the street, and searched for a carriage as a transport around the town. An old man was driving the carriage, he smiled at Zell after recognizing that he’s a pirate. “Old man, are you going to lend me your carriage?” asked Zell.

“Hmm.. What are you doing in here? I'm not lending this, I will drive for you” the old man replied.

“Jeez, I'm not that bad. Well, let’s get going.”

He jumped into the back of the carriage, filled with stocks and crops. He realized It would be a long trip for him, so, he decided to take a nap after he bite a fresh corn.

Thumpp.. Zell’s eyes opened suddenly after the hard bumping sound, “Are we okay, old man?” asked Zell. Zell’s right eyebrow raised after waiting for a reply but no reply from the old man. Thumpp.. The carriage jumped into the air, and Zell noticed that the old man and the horses were gone, Zell was dumbfounded but he managed to jump out from the carriage before the carriage crashed into a stone pillar.

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2 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:00 am

Zell sighed in relief. That was close, his life could end if he didn’t wake up before, and he received a good warning from the rocky path. He noticed that he was stranded in a strange place, he scanned the area for clue but the result was zero. From his skill capability, he’s a good fighter but he didn't know Micqueot well.

He scratched his head like an idiot, but noticed a shadowy figure approaching him. Using his defensive stance, he gazed sharply at the figure but he was welcomed with the appearance of the previous old man who drove the carriage. His clothes were ripped, and he had a lot of injuries in his weak torso.

“Old man. Are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“Ahh, I’m glad I found you. A.. Attack..”

The old man collapsed to the ground but his last word before he became unconscious was “Attack”, which means that their carriage was attacked by someone? Zell raised the old man’s arm and wrapped his arm over Zell’s neck. He carried the old man to a comfy place between trees. He couldn’t leave the old man behind, but he must hurry or he would lose to the others.

It was 3 p.m. in the afternoon, the sun was traveling down the sky and aiming to end the day.Zell must find the marine before the sunset because the area would be dangerous if the moon came up. Zell treated the old man’s injuries, and fortunately, he found a map of Micqueot in the Old man’s pocket.Zell inserted his hand to his pocket, and took a small notebook. He wrote a note and placed it on the stem of the tree where the old man rest below. He continued his journey…

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3 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:05 am

Sweats streamed down from Zell’s forehead, the sun 45 degrees on the sky, almost touched the horizon and then, the moon would come. He had walked 15km around a mountain path, but still, marines weren’t in sight. He decided to speed the traveling process by running. After 30 minutes of running and following small pathways, he found a mark on a stone, yes, the mark was a marine symbol. This is where the real adventure started. He found a small cave, and decided to analyze the situation in the area first. He collected woods to hide himself.

Zell leaned on the wall of the caves, it was sticky and a rough, of course, you couldn’t expect a cave to have smooth walls like a sweet shop. But, it was better than being hunted by creatures when you couldn’t run properly outside.

“So, uncomfortable. My eyes are heavy, but I should find the marines”

He was startled when he noticed a pair of eyes in the dark, outside of the cave. More yellow eyes could be seen. He noticed that it was a group of marine, could it be the marines mentioned by the chairman? A man in the back continuously whipped the soldiers in front of him. The group traveled down a small path, and went deeper and deeper to a forest. Zell lost them since he decided to stay and would track them down slowly.

Zell stretched his body as he woke up from his sleeping position, he fell asleep suddenly but it's still 5 p.m in the evening. He stood on his feet, and he did some exercises before he tracked the marines. He peeked and scanned the area for any movement, but it was safe and sound. Zell decided to venture deeper by following the path that the marine took. Zell greeted the evening and marched into the area, going deeper and deeper. His black cape was filled with white spots due to the dirty walls of the caves, and you couldn’t expect more from a wall of a cave. Zell was stopped by an uncomfortable situation, where he should decide what path to take. A lot of paths welcomed Zell, branching away from the main path. Left with confusion, he decided to spin a twig he found. The twig spun, and finally, stopped at the direction of northwest path.Zell grinned, and bet his luck on this.

Fortunately, the goddess of luck picked Zell’s side and Zell found footprints on the ground, fresh footprints with a footprint larger than the others indicating that a group passed here. Zell smiled, he changed his pace and began to run.

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4 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:19 am

As Zell passed a tree, his vision turned black. Zell’s head was wrapped with black clothes, his eyes were sealed with bandages. The only thing Zell could feel was the roughness of a mysterious man's hand.Zell felt they entered a closed place, quiet small because sounds didn't echo in there. A sound of laughing men could be heard, Zell was dragged into a strange tent and felt eyes were staring at him. Zell was sweating since he heard the mysterious man’s laugh and then, his laugh was accompanied by the sound of clashing metals. He walked on his knees, trying to open the knot on his hands blindfolded. As soon as he touched the tip of the knot, he pulled it to release the knot.

With free hands, he opened his blindfold and welcomed with unpleasant sight of a group of marine with 2 knife on their hands, they were sharpening it. The marines focused on sharpening the knives, and the marines were ready to torture Zell. The eye of the marines shifted towards Zell, the bigger one in figure, much like the captain, smiled sinisterly like a murderer when he found the last member of a family he murdered.Zell watched in terror as the the marines who he thought wouldn’t do ridiculous things were about to do an insane thing.

Zell reached into his back. Alas, he found nothing on his back. But, he realized he lost Orion, his longsword. The captain said some words, "Do you think we wouldn't remove your sword? Ha, stupid!" The captain laughed loudly.

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5 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:31 am

Zell sighed as he noticed that he should fight his way out. He closed his eyes for a moment, turning himself into Zell’s serious mode. He sharply stared at the captain and 2 marines who accompanied him.

“Jeez. Why should I fight these useless creatures?”

Zell moved around the tent which he would call it as an arena, the arena was really small, obviously, it's a tent for 2 people, dodging attacks from the marines would be heard, but who cares anyway. The captain stopped sharpening the knife suddenly, he smiled, and he imagined a cross in Zell's body, the center of the cross would be the place where the knife stabbed.

The 2 marines were excited, they began to talk, "Captain, hurry kill him. Pirates like this shouldn't fight us. Hey, guys. Over here! Watch as the captain murders the pirate!" 3 more marines came and peeked into the tent with their heads inside the tent.

“Marine is still a marine, brainless"

Zell chuckled as he saw the stupid captain in action. The captain began to pull his knife to give it a momentum as he pushed the knife towards the imaginary cross.
"Hihihihi" The marines were laughing.

With angry expression, Zell taunted them. "Try me!" Zell smiled sarcastically.

The Captain pierced the imaginary cross with his knife, the knife went through Zell's torso. The marines' faced turned white as when they saw a ghost. But, what they truly saw was a logia user. Zell was happy that he ate the Magu Magu no Mi. No physical attacks could hurt Zell unless it's imbued with Haki.

"Log.. log.. log.." The marines were about to scream but soon, the scream of the captain was louder than the shocked voices of the marines. The captain's hand was burning, yes, he touched Zell's magma. Zell soon raised his feet, and burnt the tent down with his magma power.

"You will feel the wrath of Zell the Black Hawk. Captain of Hellfire Pirates, remember that and tell your upper ranks about me" Zell grinned while boasting about himself.

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6 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:37 am

The marines tried to run from Zell, they went inside a tent and returned to face Zell. Zell who was dumbfounded felt something suspicious.

"You will die, scum!" shouted one of the marine as he revealed a seastone. Damn! Zell must avoid the seastone. The nearest marine who was carrying a sword would be Zell's first target.

“Ah, I.. I didn’t expect that. I think I should attack now. Jeez”

Zell locked a marine soldier with his eyes, he planned to defeat the soldiers first so he could attack the captain freely and with fun. The soldiers decided to attack again, they planned to attack in different directions. Shiro’s devil fruit power was revealed, an intense atmosphere aroused after the newbie pirate released his power. He gazed at his right hand and turned it into a pure lava. His right hand filled with magma, indicating that he was about to make a move.

Zell avoided a thrust from the marine's sword, and he lured one soldier away from the attack radius of the other soldiers. He didn’t want to fail here, so, he should fight one at a time. His right leg stopped the body’s movement and a solider was coming towards Zell. Zell gathered his strength, and he ran towards the soldier, and then, he released a punch, a sudden burst of explosion appeared with magma splattered on the air, Zell's hand pierced deeply through the heart of the marine and burnt everything inside him.

Magma Fist:
Tier 1 Technique Name: Magma Fist
Tier 1 Technique Type: Melee/Ranged
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:1 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Zell transforms his fists into pure lava, and launches his fist towards the opponent like a meteor, causing an explosion when hit the ground.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- This attack can be utilized as a long-ranged technique
- Burn the opponent if hit
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Kairoseki
- Blocked with thick metal (The magma should melt the metal layers first before passing through it, thin metal can be easily destroyed)

Enemies Left: Soldiers (x4, 1 dead), Captain (x1)

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7 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:49 am

Blood fell from one marine as Zell grabbed a sword and slashed him tragically, changing the color of his skin to red blood color. The wound immediately killed the soldier in place. Zell ripped his clothes and wrapped it around his waist so he could feel the cold breeze. One more soldier approached Zell who was tired, since there were many marine soldiers, they gave turns to other to attack while the others took a rest like the captain who was sitting happily as Zell murdered his men. The soldier swung his sword again, Zell jumped higher but suddenly, projectiles came out from the captain's pistol. The projectiles went through Zell’s back, and Zell fell to the ground because he was startled not because he was hit. A soldier came towards Zell who wasn't properly stand. Zell was surprised when he saw that the right leg of a soldier was above him, the soldier held a seastone.

Zell who couldn't move, he knocked his body back as the marine soldiers slammed the seastone to the ground. Zell managed to avoid the damn seastone.

It was blur, Zell couldn’t see properly as he felt the seastone power. Tired was a perfect thing to defeat Zell. But, it wouldn't enough to stop him now. He's a strong-willed pirate. He should be killed by slashing through all parts of his body using seatone weapons or haki-imbued weapons until he run out of blood. Zell raised his body, and he glared at the soldiers who was about to swing the sword again.

“Eat this! Feel the heat of my magma, Xixixixi” Zell laughed sinisterly as he slammed his hands to the ground, releasing lava waves towards the marines. The marines were terrified, and was about to leave the battleground but it was too late. They were consumed by Zell's magma, turning them into ashes in instant.

Lava Wave:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Lava Wave
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive/Ranged
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Zell transforms both hand into pure lava, and slams the ground to produce lava waves that approaches the enemies.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- This attack can hit multiple opponents
- Burn anything on its path
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Ice can stop the attack
- Huge amount of water stop the attack, but the lava will boil the water

Enemies Left: Soldiers (x1,4 dead), Captain (x1)

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8 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:05 am

It was an intense atmosphere, thanks to his ability he could escape from the seastone punishment, released upon him by this group of marines. But, he should capture the fast to win the feast. The main mission was to beat the marines but without any evidences, the chairman wouldn't bother to award Zell. Shiro took a lot of time in the battle, since there wasn’t a clock anywhere, he couldn’t tell the time.

Zell’s position as a devil fruit user made everything harder to approach the captain who had the seastone on his hand, Zell stopped to cool down and waited for his tiredness to stop. Luckily, he remembered someting, a long-range attack would defeat the marines.

Captain: Why are you smiling, huh? I will make sure that smile is your last smile. Hey, you! Charge him now! Or I will kill you!

Soldier: Yes, Captain. Right away!

Zell pulled out his hands from his back, and aimed it on the incoming soldier.

“Ah, finally, I could take the prize home, Xixixix” Zell was confident that he could win it. The marines fell on his trap, and thus, giving Zell a true victory.

Zell pushed his hands forward, closing his fingers except for the thumbs that pointed upwards and the index fingers that pointed outwards to the front, he made a pistol-like figure on his hands. His index finger changed suddenly into pure lava, a drop of lava hit the ground and drilled through the ground, indicating the heat power of the lava itself.

"Hasta la Vista, Baby ~ Yoooohoooo" Zell taunted as he laughed, he believed that he had the power to stop the marines.

He shot bullets of lava towards the soldier, and killed him as the bullet pierced through his head. The marine fell to the ground, making the captain's nervous. But, the bullets weren't stopping, Zell aimed at the captain's foot. The captain was surprised, and thus, he moved towards Zell as Zell planned. Indirectly, Zell moved the captain by shooting the ground in pattern to move the captain's leg forward.

Magma Bullets:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Magma Bullets
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive/Ranged
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Zell transforms his hands into pure lava, and aims at the opponent. Then, Zell launches a group of lava bullets at the opponents.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Pierce through anything on its path
- Long-range
- Burn the opponent instantly when hit
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Ice
- Water waves
- Not fast, speedy/fast opponents can avoid this easily especially conqueror's haki.

Enemies Left: Captain (x1)

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9 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:27 am

The captain was coming fast towards Zell, but Zell who had plans on his mind didn't move from his position. The bullets had stopped, so, the captain could grab back his sword. The captain used his right hand again to move the sword, but Zell managed to avoid the attack by gliding to the right. Zell didn't want the fun to stop so fast, so, he decided to play a bit with the captain.

"Come, and hit me, Mr. Captainoo ~"

Zell was on the air, directly above the marine's captain when the captain tried to slash horizontally. Zell’s power increased, red aura was seen around Zell’s body, making his body glowed brightly as his fist and torso turned into magma. Zell raised his right hand, the heat of his power raised the temperature around the area, grass on the ground died as soon as a drop of lava touched it and the power made smokes appeared on his fist. He imbued his fist with his devil fruit power. It's time for the captain to rest in peace.

“I got you. Die, shitty face!”

The captain who was smiling before the event occurred turned sad after he realized it was his end but actually, the sad face of the man was the faces of the higher ranks officer who would know Zell's name soon as he rose in fame. Zell who was directly above the face of the man, released his punch. An explosion occurred, the man was crushed to the ground, and the power of Zell’s punch burned his body to ash as his fist hit deeper and deeper. But, it was unexpected, Zell didnt't have any face to prove to the old man.

Huge cracks appeared on the ground after receiving huge force from the punch. The ground began to shatter, and it's time for Zell to leave. He went to the town, bringing with him the flag of the marines. A group of pirate gathered around the chairman, they were exhausted and some fell to the ground injured.

Zell who was smiling, threw the flag towards the chairman's feet.

"This is my gift for you ~ Marine's flag! I found them near the shore in the east"

Pirates: "He won the prize? Amazing, he finished it alone?"

Chairman: "You don't have sufficient evidence. This isn't the flag of the marines"

Zell was surprised, he was pissed off. Zell knew that the flag was burnt due to his power, and only the letter of "M" and "E" was shown. He tried to convince the chairman, but it was useless. As soon as his rage reached the limit, he punched the chairman on the face and dragged him to the place. Confused pirates followed them behind. Soon, they were surprised by a chaotic view on the east. Burning ashes everywhere, burnt tent, marines clothe, and marine's seastone. There was a lot of lava lumps, and why Zell brought the man? There was a writing on the ground, "Zell did this all. He won the price". Zell who was happy while the chairman's jaw dropped, decided to knock the man unconcious and took the prize without any official ceremony. He ran away with his ship.

In his pocket, a Den-den mushi was shaking. A voice of a man could be heard. He got the den-den mushi from the captain.

Unknown voice from Den-den mushi: "Jingu, this is captain Meronie from Branch #23. Where are you? Did you finish the mission I gave you?"

Zell: "Hello, there ~ I'm Zell. Jingu isn't here"

Meronie: "Zell? Are you the subordinates of Jingu? I want to speak with him immediately! This is an order!"

Zell: "I think you misunderstand. Jingu isn't here, and he won't be here. And, I don't take orders from anyone, Melon ~ Remember me, Zell, Captain of Hellfire Pirates. I will hunt you down, Melon ~ Tell this to your officers. Bye ~ Xixixxi"

Zell threw it into the ocean, and it spoke few words before it began to sink.

Meronie: My name is Meronie! What happen to JINGU?! I WILL INTERPRET THIS AS AN ACT OF WAR! WAIT FOR ME TO COME! Hey, Pirate! Are you listening? Pi.. Pi.. zrtttt

Magma Fist:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Magma Fist
Tier 1 Technique Type: Melee/Ranged
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:1 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Zell transforms his fists into pure lava, and launches his fist towards the opponent like a meteor, causing an explosion when hit the ground.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- This attack can be utilized as a long-ranged technique
- Burn the opponent if hit
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Kairoseki
- Blocked with thick metal (The magma should melt the metal layers first before passing through it, thin metal can be easily destroyed)

Enemies Left: All dead!

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10 Re: Darkness in Me [Closed] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:31 am


- Zell participated in a mission
- Zell was kidnapped by the marine and was about to be tortured
- Zell managed to escape using his Devil Fruit since ordinary physical attacks were useless against him
- Zell defeated 5 marines, and 1 Captain (Captian Jingu). He turned them into ashes.
- Zell wreck havoc on the shore near the east blue (where the marine's camp situated)
- Zell punched the chairman who created the event after the chairman didn't believe Zell finished beating marines
- Zell knocked the chairman out and took the prize away
- Zell talked to unknown voice, Captain Meronie, the friend of Captain Jingu (Dead captain). He declared war against Captain Meronie and Zell will hunt him down in the future.

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