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A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed)

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1 A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:40 pm

The backstreets of Loguetown were littered with trash. The young Shipwright’s boots crunched upon various fragments of paper that spread across the cobblestone pathways as if they were grass. The abundance of apartments and black market shops towered over the young adult like sky scrapers, blocking the alleyway from any sunlight that tried to shine through. Numerous individuals cloaked in ragged, putrid brown cloaks hid themselves from the new impeding stranger, acting as if they had never seen humans before. Some even shot Rocket ominous, toothless grins, as if they were actually trying to entice Rocket into following them. He just brushed this off as another ‘whatever’ type of situation.

The young Shipwright actually made his way to these backstreets in order to find a replacement weapon for the one he had lost in his effort to find fuel for the Milky Way, which was evidently interrupted by the Shichibukai Cipher. During the one-sided battle with the Warlord, his childhood pipe, Gladius, and his Devil Fruit powers were stripped from him. After forcefully coping with the fact that he had just lost two very important parts of his life, he sucked up his sorrow and rescued his captain, Shunji Z. Wraith.

After the loss of his powers and completion of his rescue mission, he had one last thing in mind; To find a new weapon. The streets that housed the fancy, glamorous stores were way too much for Rocket, especially the blunt weapons. He prefered blunt weapons such as pipes (Obviously), maces, staves, and batons over swords & blades. The only bladed weapon he has come to actually love were battle-axes. Maybe he could acquire one of those from this exciting little ‘back woods’ adventure?


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2 Re: A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:47 pm

After Amon's surgery, Shunji's body was still pretty banged up. However, due to the marines being on high alert for pirate activity since the 'defeat' or more like retreat of Henna, Shunji agreed it was best if the crew moved in groups of two until they could gather enough funds and supplies to leave Logue Town with hopes of entering Grandline. Though Shunji had stolen his new choice of weapon from the marine warship he was imprisoned on, he decided to accompany Rocket in hopes of finding and even better pair of tonfas. Looking over the array of weapons, he tried not to shift his body too much as he was still banged up.

Shunji: You don't look as chipper as your usual self Rocket. Jishishishi... I mean, I don't look hundred percent either, so who am I to talk. I don't want to pry but what exactly happened on Yotsuba? I can't imagine you losing to anyone....

Shunji grinned with his bandaged face, looking through the arrangement of weapons, with no hopes of tonfa's insight. As he arrived to the maces, his wounds cringed remembering the pain from the fight with Henna.

Shunji: We need to be stronger Rocket... We haven't even cleared the Blues yet and I've been defeated... If it wasn't for you... I'd be in Impel Down right now. I feel like a failure of a Captain.


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3 Re: A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:23 am

Rocket ran his slender fingers through his hair, slicking it back across his head. He stared at the ground as they walked, remembering back to exactly what had transpired on Yotsuba. He had gone face to face with one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, One of the Government Dogs… A Shichibukai. The unimaginable dexterity and power at which he displayed upon the young adult Shipwright was tremendous. He overpowered Rocket 20-fold. In the blink of an eye, Rocket was basically helpless, in a heap of broken bones upon the ground. It hurt to remember, but he knew he had to talk about it eventually.

“I fought a Warlord. He-.. He was so strong. He chopped Gladium in half before I could even take a break.. And before I knew it...I was on the ground. It hurt a lot, and I swear I am gonna make that bastard pay.”

The spark seemed to have relit, even just a bit, inside of the young man’s spirit chamber. He gripped his hands into tight fists, lifting his head high. He stopped dead in his tracks, listening to Shunji’s plea for them to grow in strength. Besides, this was good a place as any, especially in the back alleys where the Marines were least likely to look for them.

“We will get stronger. And don’t forget, you saved my ass too. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead. That snowy-marine guy would’ve had my head in two seconds. You’re one of the most.. Insparational..? People I’ve ever met.“ It was apparent that he actually pronounced the word ‘Inspirational’ wrong, but hey, at least he tried.

“You helped me when you didn’t have have any reason to. I owe you my life, Shunji-San. “


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4 Re: A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:05 pm

The words from Rocket's mouth touched the priest soul, to the point tears almost came to his eyes but he muffled them. Shunji hated this feeling, being rendered utterly hopeless, however, with Rocket and the others by his side, he knew, becoming stronger was always a possibility.

Shunji: I need to be stronger to protect all of you. Each of us have dreams on this ocean and the only way for us to accomplish that, is for us to hone our skills... but!

Shunji said smiling picking up a funny shaped iron mask and sticking out his tongue.

Shunji: We came on this sea for adventure, we can sweat the other stuff later! Though, Jensen's been bed ridden for a bit now and I haven't seen Phorcys in days, we've been in Logue Town for around a few weeks now.


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5 Re: A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:18 pm

Rocket smiled, knowing full well that they would get stronger, no matter what. He continued on, scaling his eyes across all of the knock-off merchandise that littered the backstreets of Loguetown. His stomach emitted a primal roar, echoing throughout the entire alleyway. He gripped his stomach, smiling lightly. “Bweeheh, I guess I didn’t get enough to eat!”

Gazing through the shattered window above the alleyway….

“Those little shitheads..! They shouldn’t be the top pirates in the blues… I should be! Me, Me, Me! Especially that little piss for brains.. what was his name, Reddick T. Rocket? They’re both utterly helpless! I could be the top dog around here. Not them, me! They can’t even find a decent hiding place if it smacked them right in the face..!”

A raspy, scratchy voice slithered through the shadows. Long, sharp, red fingernails grasped the tattered curtains protecting the windows from being visible. The cloaked female scuffled from one side of the window to the other, sneakily eyeing the two young pirates below. “With my Horu Horu Fruit, I should be able to change one of their appearances.. and change ME into THEM… Then I will be the top dog! I can be the one everyone wants to be! Not them, ME! I can be a true menace.. I can kill innocents.. I can kill animals… I can do anything! They’re not being PIRATES.. they’re being saints. They’re not doing it right.. And I won’t have it, I tell you!”  

A small demon-looking figure emerged from the shadows, gripping two brooms. “M-M… Mrs Scarlet.. I have finished sweeping the second floor-dono… W-would you like me to take care of the two pirates-dono..?”  His small frame compared in size to Mrs. Scarlet’s. Small, useless wings fluttered upon his back, as he reclusively hid in the shadows.

“Bring the red-eyed one to me… I’ll take care of him. You get rid of the tonfa-wielding boy..”


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6 Re: A Changed Man (Shunji/Closed) on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:54 pm

The winged creature assumed human form and entered the busy market street, strategically positioning himself in the path of Rocket and Shunji. The elven eared creature waved his hands over the magic ball, trying to peer into the future. He made eye contact with the priest, who didn't pay him much mind at first until he called out his name.

Rick: Shunji...Z. Wraith. I can see your future.

Walking over curious, the man wondered what future had the weird looking fortune teller for see for him.

Rick: I see a field filled with daisies everywhere. As they fall, in the absolute silence, her figure appears before you.

Shunji: Jishishishi... Are you making this up as you go along?

Rick: No... My powers are very real... However...

Flipping the table over, Rick threw the table cloth over Shunji's head and dashed towards Rocket. Before the man could react, a giant pacman like object hopped out of Rick's stomach and consumed Rocket. Shunji blinded under the sheet and with his injure body, activating his Devil Fruit abilities would only lead to further complications with his health. Charging his holy energy, he prepared for combat, knocking away the sheet with his new tonfas, but Rocket had vanished.

Shunji: Damn it... Rocket!

The sapphire hair pirate screamed in pain as lungs gingerly danced on the plethora of damage he had accumulated.


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