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A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed

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1 A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:12 am

Tama Z. Tomilin was deep within the manor deep within in the ground. Depp within in the ocean. How did she get here? Well she was saved by revs and by a certain someone. They gave her salvation. They took pity on her broken body and scars. When coming to this island they checked her body thoroughly running their fingers over her scars and bruises. She had assured them that she wasn't sick. Although the doctors did no listen as they still checked her body for anything. When they were done she was given a new fresh set of clothes. The only thing she really had on her was a single cross that was silver and a frog like hat. Although it wasn't enough, she secluded herself from the rest of the population. Thinking about her future. What will I do now? Tama couldn't sleep for countless days until she thought about her dream.

Tama was on the outskirts of town standing there. Her yari was in hand as she looked at the city. her eyes were focused on those that went out and in. She had finally came up with an answer. She would become stronger. She wouldn't be weak anymore. Holding the Yari more tightly she let out a deep breath. First training. Second acceptance. Third missions. Those were her stages at this moment in time. Skill pumping herself up she walked to the exit of the manor. Slug on her back was a single backpack filled with medicines and a first aid kit. She also had some water and food.

Approaching the elevator she was stopped by two rough men. "Sorry you cannot pass." Tama was utterly confused. "What do you mean I can't pass?" The rough man grabbed her arm and walked her away. Tama struggled in the big guys hand. Then lifting her foot side ways she kicked him where the sun does not shine. The man bent down groaning. As she stood before him "you shouldnt be rough with a lady." the other man came up suddenly and drugged her injecting her with a posion. Although he was shocked when Tama was still awake and trying to get out of his girp. "LET GO!"

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2 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:43 am

Leonidas’ metal boots clicked against the beautiful white-washed cobblestone streets of Dentem City. It had been a couple weeks of traveling from the Blues. He had a newfound sense of dedication and eagerness to be back home since clashing with the Gunk Soldier. Along that journey, he had met a very beautiful Kuja sniper, Kalliope, who had bestowed her Beli upon him in order to obtain a new sword. A few days back he had contacted a Revolutionary Captain on his blue Den Den Mushi to instruct him to bring his two Sabers to the General as soon as he set foot upon the island.

“Here sir! Your swords as you requested!”

The young man had been awaiting the Revolutionary General’s arrival, graciously holding out Leo’s signature sabers. He smiled, gripped the two swords in his hands. “Thank you soldier. I appreciate it. You’re dismissed to mingle and do as you please. “  Leo was a fairly tall man. At 6’6”, he towered over most. He looked down upon the aspiring Captain, nonchalantly pointing towards a gorgeous blonde woman the Captain had been eyeing since he approached Leo. He flashed a handsome grin. “As I said, dismissed.” The Captain saluted Leonidas, running off to ‘mingle’ with the voluptuous blonde.

He began clipping his sabers to his belt when the Captain knelt before him. “Apologies General, I forgot one piece of information. A young female by the name of Tama washed up upon shore a couple days ago, and we have since patched her up and stationed her here. I’ve been given direct orders from the Leader themself to inform you that you are in charge of this situation.”
Leo nodded his blonde-licked head, continuing down the path towards Dentem City’s gates, eager now to meet this ‘Tama’ woman.

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3 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:20 am

Waking up in a panic he could neither move nor could he see.  To make matters worse he was freezing cold.  With great effort he pulled himself free of numerous blankets he had wrapped himself in the night before to keep warm.  He could he the distinct sounds of shattering and immediately knew he had broken the blankets that must have been covered in ice.  Wiping the frost that covered his eyes his jaw dropped when he saw the damage he had caused over night.

“They are going to kill me if they see this.” Since having come back to Scarcina Island now with the Logia fruit Hie Hie no mi Mickey had been reassigned rooms because his control obviously wasn’t the best.  In effort to prevent him from damaging valuable resources they had taken him out of his normal room and gave him one that was far less comfortable it looked more like a cell with a decent mattress and a lot of blankets.  At least he had blankets he would have to see how bad the damage was when they defrosted maybe they could be salvaged if sewn together.  The truth of the matter he didn’t need blankets cause he shouldn’t be cold all the problems he was going through were in his head.  Mickey had the fruit to long to be going through what he was. Hopefully training would remedy that the through renewed focus.

On the grandline and definitely in the blues Mickey was a strong man in terms of skill as well as character.  So far he remained a nobody to the rest of the world but Mickey had the vision and will power to change all of that.  The strong had the coolest adventures and that is why he worked hard.  Skipping his bath it would be better after training and since he banned from using showers a cook who was sweet on him been offering him very large iron cauldron to use that she would heat up on a fire.

Grabbing his swords from the ceiling they were free of ice putting on his shirt and foot wear he was out the door and ready to meet with General Leonidas, who had just come back to island.  Exiting his living facility the streets were already buzzing with conversation talk of the girl who had washed ashore was everywhere from what Mickey could hear Leonidas was on scene. The girl was both lucky that she had washed ashore alive at any island, in the New World and she even managed to be found by people first.  But not so lucky that the general would dealing with her. Ethan walked hurriedly to the Demons gates to meet the pair.

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4 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:43 pm

Tama kicked and struggled under the arms of the man. "I just want to go out and train! I don't understand why i can't go through the door!" She landed a leg on his thigh suddenly her skin becoming sticky and slimy. Soon slipping out of his arms and on the ground. Her eyes were a golden color. "I thought you guys wouldn't treat others like slave? I can't go outside for what stupid reason?" There was a growl in her voice as she jumped over the man using her legs. She ran to the elevator grabbing her bag and yari. Slamming her body on the button. The man was dazed after seeing the flashing stripped panties of the girl when she jumped over him. He looked to see her about to open the door. Although she was weak compared to the man. Grabbing her by her hair he pulled her back. Tama lashed out with a kick right to the side. He stepped back a little to only see her jump back more. "I thought you guys were trying to make others free. I won't be slave. Not any more." Taking the cloth off the yari revealing the blade. "All I asked for was to train, but instead your holding me captive. Tch. Someones gotta teach you some manners."

Maybe it was just Tama. She didn't understand. She only been in this place a week or maybe two. She wouldn't know. She hadn't seen the light for so long. She wanted to feel the weather. She wanted to see the sun. Tama had been locked up all her life. She was not going to be locked up by these Revolutionary people that seemed to be keeping people here.

The man had no idea who this child was although she was strong and she posed a devil fruit for sure. He could tell by her slimy skin that glistened. Not only that, but her eyes changed color from a deep blue to a brilliant gold color. Not only that, but how she jumped over him with such ease. It was unhuman. She definitely posed a devil fruit. The question was.. what was it? Although he knew for certain his job was to make sure no one entered that elevator.

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5 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:19 pm

Leonidas brushed his blonde curtains off to the side, approaching Dentem City’s gates. He gripped both of his sword’s handles tightly, knowing that right out of the gate, Sarcina Island was a dangerous area. He was heading into Mors Brush, and that only meant he had to deal with man-eating giants. Those were the only creatures inside of Mors Brush that could actually resist his Haoshoku Haki, and continue on their assault. The duo of guards monitoring the gates knelt before Leonidas, allowing the gates to open just enough for him to progress through.

The rose-filled breeze showered over the Revolutionary General as he departed into Mors Brush. Woodpeckers pecking, Birds tweeting, Wolves howling.. it was a peaceful place. Sometimes he just loved taking it all in. If only he could take a stroll through here without having to engage in battle. As he trudged further and further down the path, the dreaded sound of massive foots stomping against the luscious grass of the thick forest filled the air. He had found himself at the crossroads in Mors Brush, where three paths lit the available options. One lead to the Proelium Depths, One to Mount Ignis, and one to the Gelida Trumps.

The crossroads were infact one of the most dangerous parts of the forest, as most of the giants tended to make that their camp. A large shadow cast itself upon the Revolutionary General. He cocked his head back in time to see the enormous humanoid-looking behemoth overlooking his body, globs of saliva dripping from within the crevices between it’s teeth.

Leo held onto his sabers tightly, methodically unsheathing them from their scabbards. “I was hoping to enjoy this beautiful forest for a while.. but it seems like you will not grace me with that luxury. “ In a flash, the swordsman launched himself into the air, planting his feet against of the gigantic, thick red-wood trees littering the forest. With a burst of energy, he pushed himself off of the tree, ending up on the dirt path behind the giant. His blades dripped with blood, staining the soil below. He sliced his blades through the air, tossing off the slick crimson liquid. The giants arms fell to the ground below, disintegrating into the air. It’s massive eyeballs rolled back into it’s head, the humanoid frame of the beast dissipating into the air, just like it’s arm had previously done. “Simple enough…”

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6 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:36 pm

"You need to be restrained Tama Z. Tomilin. You are still under treatment to make sure you are not a danger to the rest of us. Not only that we need to make sure you are not in league with the marines." Another man came up behind Tama as he grabbed her injecting her with a drug. Feeling the injection past through her system making her feel dizziness come over her. "Thank god that is taken care of. Feisty one isn't she guys?" The man picked her up by the shirt as he looked at the elevator. "You guys need to get stronger. If a little girl is going to beat you at your own guy." The guys that were protecting the elevator were embarrassed as the man took Tama away and into the elevator.

The man set Tama by the gates were he hoped Leonidas would be. The man put a sticky note on the unconscious girl saying, 'My name is Tama.' Softly put it smack dab on her forehead. He nodded to himself at the work as he made his way away from the girl.

Tama was dreaming of course. She was dreaming of her brother Shunji. Although it wasn't coming in clear. He was a pirate now. Last she saw of him was of a wanted poster. Tama had to find out what happen to him and only found bits and pieces the Lvneel Kingdom covered up the story really good, but she couldn't believe her brother was like that.

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7 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:11 pm

Walking to the gate with his arms inside his shirt and swords on his back Mickey was cold, freezing if you asked him. Shaking in the sunlight a warm breeze passed through stirring up the dust that on street brushing right past his knows. “Ah ah ah chooo!” Letting a loud powerful sneeze Mickey opened his eyes to see that the area was covered in ice.   It has spread out like a ripple in a pond starting where he was by the fountain and race along the ground all the way to the carts completely encasing the wheels.  But before he could do anything has spotted.  “What the hell Mickey, its breakfast time how the heck are people going to get in out of the mess hall?”  Behind the voices of others could be heard.

“It’s not my fault I’ve been curse! What can you do but look for an exorcist?” Raising his left hand up to eye level without putting it through the arm hole he peers around like he looking through binoculars.

“You better not be look for an exorcise you fool!” Swinging his right arm back he smacks Mickey full force  to his surprise sending him sliding across the ice.

From ground he sneers. Extending his palm outwards towards Anthony’s  feet he turns guys shoes into makeshift ice skates and does the same for himself.  “I don’t want you saying I had an unfair advantage when I kick your ass.” Standing on his feet he stabs both swords into the grounds.  Taking as much a fighting stance as possible Anthony rushes in to fight Mickey not wanting to loose face.

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8 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:29 pm

The Revolutionary General methodically slid his sabers in their scabbards, emitting a loud ‘click’ when the handguards hit the steel case. He gazed around at his surroundings, admiring the beautiful scenery. Pink sparks of electricity spewed from his eyes. His Logia powers were finally being released. He had went a full three weeks without exploiting them, keeping them under the wraps. If he had used them back on Kyuka Island, especially around Kalliope, he would have definitely given away his position as a Revolutionary General.

Having consumed the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into lightning, or electricity. Users throughout generations have had an array of colors to their lightning, Leo’s happening to be pink. He was able to use his powers freely on Sarcina island without risk of catching anyones immediate attention, since he did own the island, after all.

Leo was snapped from his train of thought by the sudden flash of pink electricity charging around his neck. He held his hand up, allowing the sparks to flow into his fingertips, absorbing the pure electrical energy. His overwhelming mastery of his Devil Fruit powers did not come without risks. Due to the intense power of his fruit, if kept at bay for prolonged periods of time, it became semi-uncontrollable. Although, with his current mastery over the electrical fury, he, and the island, had little to worry about. He gazed down the path leading back to Dentem City.

“Did he say she was being dropped off at the city gates…? “

He pondered his question, rubbing his forehead reluctantly. Pink bolts of lightning twinkled around his body, and in a flash, he was gone. His frame appeared in front of Dentem City gates in mere seconds, his amazon-eyes soon falling upon the unconcious girl with a small sign taped to her chest that read, ‘My name is Tama.’  “Oooh.. Wulfric sure does know how to send the, in style. “

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9 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:34 pm

Mickey may not have looked like but he was very much superior to the guy who stood in front of him in terms of skill and strength. But even with out that he had the advantage of being on ice. With his make shift skates he sailed across the ice making use of the speed of the his desire to end this with one strike was over whelming. Just as Anthony was about to deliver his blow Mickey skated backwards so that the punch would miss but just barely. Because they were ice floor this would throw off his balance. Grabbing him by the wrist he started spinning. Faster and faster Mickey facial expression turned sinister as Anthony wriggled but it only made Mickey tighten his grip. With his left hand he would reach for a sword that wasn't there. Suddenly a flash caught his vision, was it how the light reflected off the ice? The spinning slowed and his grip weakened just enough for Anthony to wrench himself free. "Was that the Gen-" Before Mickey could finish his statement he heard the distinct rumbling of thunder from this distance only a skilled navigator such as himself could tell it was indeed thunder he had heard despite no such clouds being in the sky.

"You took your eyes away now your mine!" Spinning to his left Anthony sent a powerful kick to Mickey side distracted the kick landed. Slipping to the ground his foot knocked into Anthony's causing him to fall as well. Disappointed there were some boos and comments about how lame the fight was as well as some nastier comments as the crowd dispersed. Wrenching his swords free of the ground he placed them back where they belonged. After clearing he ice from his sandles and making the path clear enough in the square he ran of leaving Anthony to deal with own shoes.

Judging be the time between the flash and thunder as well as the time since both Mickey could tell approximately how far away the general was. As long as he continued at same pace and path Mickey he find him. Exiting from the gate he headed towards the area flash originated listening and observing his surroundings carefully. Outside the gates this island was dangerous it would be foolish to travel most of it alone. But he wouldn't be alone. LEONIDAS! OVER HERE!running up the path he eagerly went meet the officer.

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10 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:41 pm

Waking up was the hard part. Although hearing the loud voice boom her eyes instantly came up as she was face to face with the general. Tama had jumped a little to her feet as she looked at the huge tall man in front of her. As he stared at her, she stared at him. Unmoving and, unafraid a lot of it was because she was in a new place and she would not show signs of weakness. Another thing was because she wanted to show that even when knocked down she can still get right back up. Although the voices of animals caught her attention and the soft sunlight that seem to be hidden away from her because of her hat.

The small girl lifted her head up as she felt the rays of light hit her face. Her blonde hair seemed to shimmer a little as the sunlight hit it. The small girl then bowed to the older gentlemen as she started to talk away from him. Only just noticing the weird thing on her chest. "What the.." She took the sign off. Then reading the wording noticing the words. The little girl looked at the huge man and put the sign on his stomach. Tama nodded to herself as she grabbed her backpack and yari and started walking out the gates.

Feeling the fresh air felt good. The small girl took her hat off and shook it around a little to get nay dust off of it. She looked at her clothing checking it out. Then nodded to herself. Although she wasn't done just yet. Tama slowly bent down and began to look through her backpack. As she looked through her backpack she noticed the stuff she carried was not moved around.

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11 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:07 am

Leonidas planted his metal boot-encased feet firmly against the white-washed cobblestone. His silver locks drifted in the breeze that emanated from his evident crack of lightning. He looked down upon the now conscious girl, who had taken it upon herself to stick her sign to Leonidas’ chest. He smiled, turning around in an attempt to stop her from traveling beyond the gates alone. Though his attempt was futile, as he was halted by yet another Revolutionary, this time, one he actually knew.

“Mickey my boy! What are you doing here? I was under the impression that you were off on a mission! “

Leonidas greeted the Revolutionary with a bright, warm smile and open arms. It had been quite some time since he had been home to Sarcina, which meant he had quite the amount of catching up to do. He had awaited Mickey’s arrival, pointing him towards the young, froggish girl who had now begun trotting out of Dentem City. “She happens to be the main reason I’m actually in Dentem City, and not at Fang Manor. That little one caused quite the ruckus in sight of the Leader. Needless to say, it seemed as if they subdued her, albeit with minimal struggle.”

“Mind embarking on a journey with me to observe a Revolutionary Recruit in their natural habitat?” He offered a quizative brow towards Mickey, in an attempt to entice him to travel along side. He gripped his saber’s handles, pink sparks of electricity jolting around his shoulders. His metal boots ticked against the stone-floor as he exited the city, intent on seeing what the young Revolutionary female had to show of herself.

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12 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:37 pm

Tama turned around and looked at the man that seemed to be following after her. The blue jewels stared at him as she walked up to him and grabbed the sign from his chest. She then jumped up and stuck it on his forehead. The small girl chuckled slightly as she stuck it on him. "You remind me of.. a dad." The small girl said as she looked up at him. "Grandpa.. Maybe." Tama titled her head to the side happily. "Why are you following me.. Oooh! Are you going the same way?" The small girl giggled as she pointed down the road. "I have no idea where.. I am going.." She said truthfully. "Maybe to get stronger~" She said the last part in a sing song voice. "Grandpa? Would you like to come?" She asked innocently. The blue orbs wondered up at him as she watched him out of wonder. The soft blonde hair was brushed and combed softly. "There were strange men that kept me here... Don't you find that strange? Weird." The hyper girl jumped up and down a little as she talked wanting to get a move on.

The small girl smiled softly as she tighten the backpack upon her shoulders. She then began to walk forward only to find herself. Face planted right on the ground. The klutziness had turned up as Tama laid on the ground. She made a groaning noise as she got up to her knees. "Ahhh. I fell.." The girl said slowly as she titled her head to the side and signed softly. Grabbing her backpack and then getting to her feet grabbing her staff. She dusted herself off as she saw a scrap on her knee. The girl signed softly, as she sat on the ground. Setting the backpack besides her she began to doctor her wound up. She put some water over it and then the bandage. "All better." She said happily. Froggy then dusted herself off once again for the second time and began to walk into to were ever she was going. "Hurry grandfather! We might not get there in time!"

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13 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:41 pm

Leonidas smiled, rejecting the reflex to transform into lightning when the young girl stuck the paper to his forehead. He placed his hands deep inside of his coat pockets, small pink sparks of lightning zapping around his eyes. With his Goro Goro no Mi powers, he was able to burn through the paper, opening two charred holes around his eyes to allow him to see. “A grandpa huh? Haha, I like that!” He blurted out, shaking his blonde locks out from behind he piece of paper.

“It just so happens I’m here for you, young lady! I’m here to do exactly what you just implied; Make you stronger.” A few more sparks around his face completely incinerated the piece of paper. As he took time to focus on that, the energetic Revolutionary had already taken off, but fell with a clumsy note. She seemed to have injured her knee in the process.

“Kids. They are amazing little creatures, huh?”  He thought to himself quietly.

Tama didn’t even require his help, in fact, she was already patching herself up. Not only was she spunky, but crafty and resourceful as well. She popped up like a jackrabbit,  continued on as if she had not even fallen just a moment before. Leo grinned handsomely, allowing the sun to twinkle from his pearly whites. In a quick flash, (And loud thunder crack) Leo appeared beside the young girl, walking alongside her. As much as Leo had liked to get back to Fang Manor and take a nice, long rest, he couldn’t let this young girl out into the wilderness of Sarcina Island alone. Ten times out of ten she would die, and it’d be on his conscience.

“We need to go to Proelium Depths, if you’re planning on getting stronger. “

The Proelium Depths was the first area that came to mind when training new Revolutionary recruits on Sarcina Island. Even though they wouldn’t even be able to take on the normal Fighting Fish, they had a special grove where they bred and kept young Fighting Fish, who were as large and strong as a full-grown Rhino in their own right. “I hope you’re ready to become a full-fledged Revolutionary, because it won’t be an easy road. “

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14 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:09 pm

The small girl stuck to the tall older man's side as she smiled happily. She touched her hat as she looked up at him. "Grandpa.. your kind of funny!" She saw the lightening that seemed to stick around him. For some reason the hair on her arms seemed to stand up whenever she was about touch him. "My hair stands up!" Tama laughed softly as she put a little more space between the them. "Grandpa.. If you're going to make me stronger.. then.. um. Can I keep calling you grandpa and become your.. umm. FRIEND?" She said happily as she skipped a little. Her back pack going up and down as the girl made happy gestures.

"You are very quick too for a grandpa! Can I learn how to do that too?" The young innocent girl asked as she smiled happily up at him. Her ocean like orbs stared up at him in wonder. The frog like hat was safely secured on to her head so she wouldn't drop it. As the cross around her neck was swinging back and forth. It let out a faint glitter like glow from it as it sparkled. "Grandpa! It seems you know your way around! You must be a umm... long time Rev?" Tama asked happily as she hooked her thumbs into her back pack.

The small girl heard his comment about being a full-fledged Revolutionary. "I don't mind if I don't become one. I wanna make the best that I can in this world." The small girl smiled as she trotted on. "I want to get stronger so I can beat up brother." She looked up at him. "I want to protect the ones I love and by doing that, I hear.. um you can get that by being stronger." The tiny girl bounced up and down excitedly. As she started hoping instead of walking. "I want to protect those that cannot protect themselves... Almost like I am... umm. a.. eepp. Whats that word.. oh a Savior! Like Brother!! Brother is a savior! I wanna be like brother!"

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15 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:38 pm

The questions buzzed around the Revolutionary General’s ears like bees. One right after another, they spewed from the rambunctious little girls lips. He chuckled lightly to himself, resting his wrists on the pommels of his elusive, vibrant blades.

“You could say that.”

He listened on, allowing the young girl to ramble off her ambitions and dreams. It was quite the fascinating thing, listening to young in's aspirations. It reminded him of when he was a kid, how rowdy and determined he once was. Young, and ready to take on the world as a Revolutionary, Leonidas was quite the character. He used to scramble off with spunkcious ideas such as this. It brought a warm smile to his face, walking along the dirt path that led to the Proelium Depths. Brilliant rays of sun shined through the rooftop canopy, flushing the General’s face with a homely embrace.

His delight was cut short, leaves rustling in the air above the duo, fluttering to the forest floor. The trees shook with a hellashis stomp, rumbling the entire forest to it’s core. Leo had hoped they could take this stroll without having to deal with anything, but on Sarcina Island, peace was a rare commodity outside of Dentem City. Along the path, about 25 feet in front of them, a large, crazed looking, naked giant charged for them. Saliva dripped from between it’s two-by-four-sized teeth, it’s long thin lips curled into a sadistic smile. This was a rare breed of giant that inhabited Mors Brush, along with several other secluded types. This was the least rare out of the three. They have an interesting power, one with which allows them to instill pure fear upon those with weak willpower. One glance at their brutal, maniacal grin could be the death even some of the most powerful people in the world, including Leonidas.

Tier 4 Beast

“Tama-Chan...  Run.”

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16 Re: A New Age, A New Time || Training/Closed on Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:13 am

Tama stopped talking as she saw the monster. Admitting to herself, it was scary, something about it made her shake in fear. The smile of killing intent. Although unlike most people, Tama actually took pleasure in those kind of stuff. It was because she use to be a slave that she was able to actually stand and face the monster. It was because she used to be a slave that she was able to enjoy the killing intent that bursted from the beast. Her body reacted on its own. She was now in front of Leonidas. "Grandpa, you run first! I will ummm. hold him back as long as I can. The... um elderly shouldn't fight! Don't Worry! God has a plan for me. I will fulfill my role."

Tama put one hip in front of her body. She grasped her necklace in one hand as she mumbled some words into the cross. She then let the cross go. As her body started to change. "Please.. grant me the will to fight." Her once blonde hair was now died in this weird greenish color. Her skin was slimy and almost bumpy like. Her eyes had now turned into a red and black color. "Grandpa... Will you do me a favor?" Tama pointed her staff towards the beast. "Please.. be safe."

The girl small girl put the yari towards her body as she sliced her wrist open. Letting her blood drip on the yari. She then pointed it once more at the beast as she jumped in the air. Traveling a good 20 ft in front of the monster. Tama jumped up in the air holding to be caught by the monsters hand. Her slimy skin leaked on to the monsters hand as she was brought up to its mouth. Tama seemed to have slipped out in just the nick of time as the mouth seemed to have bitten its own hand. Falling to the ground. Tama pushed her yari right into the beasts kneecap and slowly move down. She split the monsters knee open enough to make it unmovable. Her poison began to circle through the monsters system as her poison also began to burn the monsters skin.

Tama jumped back about 10 ft as she held her yari in hands. She was still shaking, as she panted a little. Showing that her energy was running out. The small girl watched the monster as it was bleeding from its right hand and left knee. Her poison was going through its system like a virus, slowly attacking its organs. "Calm down" She told herself. "Once you get the chance.. Once grandpa is safe.. You run." The girl said softly as she prepared herself.

Techs Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Soul Poison
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:3 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description:
This can work in her full or hybrid form. Getting the tip filled with poison. Then when battling she is able to thrust the sword were her poison can actually leak on a person. When the poison makes skin to skin contact is can be treated like acid burning the skin.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
Duration: 4 posts
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
Cannot work in rainy weather.

Tama can also produce her poison from her skin making her own skin poisonous for anyone that touches it.

Not only that, but she is about to jump 20 feet in the air with ease.

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The Revolutionary General was genuinely impressed. This young girl had just ‘seemingly’ fought on equal terms with one of the most bestial monsters that roamed the island. She was able to use what Leonidas assumed to be a Zoan or Paramecia type of Devil Fruit ability in order to propel herself into the air, and secrete some type of infectious liquid from her body. Her abilities even surpassed that, being able to slice the monster’s kneecap in order to bring it to the forest floor. If this girl was seriously going to join the Revolutionaries, she’d be a valuable asset.

Leonidas had noted the effort with which the young girl put forth in her attempt to defeat the beast, and while it was remarkable, the giant slammed it’s meaty fists into the dirt path, and launched it’s large mass towards the Froggy youth. With it’s strength and weight, the speed with which it was able to close the gap between it and and the duo was comparable to that of a bullet. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to fight alone. Leonidas, one of the three mighty Revolutionary Generals, securely dashed in front of the young girl, imbuing his arms in Busoshoku Haki. He held his palms outwards towards the monster, projecting his Armament Haki into a round, circular shield.

The poison circulating through the giant’s body as a result of Tama’s attack had already taken it’s toll on the swift humanoid. Decreasing it’s strength gradually, it wasn’t able to penetrate the Haki shield that Leonidas created. The weakness provided by the poison gave Leonidas the edge in the fight, prompting him to use less energy than he would have needed to utilize.

The titan’s sheer mass crunched against the invisible shield of Haki, splattering blood across the canopy. He lowered his palms, allowing a pink-colored jolt of electricity engulf his hands. He looked back towards the young girl and smiled. This was her time to shine, not his. “Hit him again, with everything you have! I want you to put your heart and soul into this next attack, understand? Only then can you achieve the strength you so greatly desire!” The Revolutionary General dispersed his lightning, knowing full well this could mean the death of the young girl. But if Leonidas had one thing, it was faith, and he was pouring it into Tama’s heart. “You can do this.”

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Tama jumped up in the air. She was still in her full form. As the beast was still regaining its composer after slamming itself into the barrier like haki. Tama had her spear in hand as she jumped up in the morning air. Her yari was wrapped around her body as her feet were on the spear. Traveling at a good amount of speed. She put all the weight she had on the spear blade. The monster never saw it coming as Tama went right through its neck.Tama its the ground as a little bit of wind came from the attack. A small crater was formed, but not that big. Still being inside the neck Tama manage to climb out of the neck of the monster. Pulling her yari out with her. She felt the electricity zap through the air.

The young girl was covered in this sticky coat of blood. Although the pureness from her eyes never change. She still seemed to smile through it all as she giggled softly at the older gentlemen, "Grandpa, your pretty strong!" The small girl emerged form the monsters body as she then walked over to her backpack. She had thrown it in the bushes not that too far back when fighting. She pulled out a towel as she whipped the blood away from her face and hair. "Do you think there is a river near by?"

She seemed to have changed back into a normal like girl. Her hair was back to its sun like hair, not only that but it had a little bit of a red tint to it form the blood. Her skin was now only slimy was because of the blood. The blue jewels gazed up at him softly. Tama giggled smiled softly as she looked at the tall man once more, "Did I put my soul into it grandpa?"

Techs Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Soul Love
Tier 1 Technique Type:Melee
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:3 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description:
By being in her half frog form she is able to jump 6ft. By jumping 6 ft in the air she is able to put her spear down and aim it towards the opponents head. This move can also work in her full form where she can jump 12 ft in the air and aim it for someone head. She puts her feet on the spear and puts all her weight into it. It can blow opponent back about 4 feet and is able to kill someone if it must. She also creates a crater about 3 ft wide.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
Can effect those that are one tier higher than her also if they are not faster than her.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
Takes time to jump up int he air and the opponent has time to move out of the way. Although it can blow them back.

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Leonidas wrote:
“Mickey my boy! What are you doing here? I was under the impression that you were off on a mission! “
“Mind embarking on a journey with me to observe a Revolutionary Recruit in their natural habitat?”

Happy to see the officer he hooted with joy. “I was but I had to end it after I ate a bad piece fruit, I have been sick every since.  But what sickness exist that a little trip back home and whole lot of exercise can’t fix?  That’s right none!” Instead of embracing the general’s open arm, in a hug, Mickey high fives him.  “So you’re only back forsome chick huh?  Well I guess it was just my luck who better to oversea my training than you? Lets go and pick this girl up Leonidas¬-kun!”  Leaving his own swords on his back, not that he was relying on Leonidas for protection, he followed alongside his superior officer.
Despite the humidity his body would shake the entire way while they walked.  [i]Who is this little kid?[i/]  Tama was nothing like Mickey would have imagined this little kid was quite weird.  But there was something about her that he like he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it. With a of laughter at Leonidas being called Grandpa, Mickey fell on to the floor and started shaking about like he was having a fit. “Ojiisan that’s rich!”  As he rolled back and for in place on the ground the ground froze around his immediate vicinity. “I like you kid the names is Mickey.” Rolling back he sprung up pushing off his hands and landing on his feet.  Removing a hooked sword from his back with left hand he reaches back link the other swinging the undrawn sword forward and catching it with his right hand.  Possing he tells Tama “Nice to meet you,” with grin and a wink he begins to put the swords away when feels the approach of the giant causing him to raise his guard once more.

Mickey couldn’t helped but be impressed by her courageous effort this beast was a fearsome yet she didn’t hesitate.  Not wanting to be showed up by anyone especially in front of the general Mickey went forwards as well as he ran ice covered his feet becoming ice skates. As he moved thin trails of ice trailed his path but he was now able to achieve speeds he couldn’t while running. As Tama landed her [b]soul poison[b/] and Leonidas’ own attack Mickey worked up an attack of his own.  Six spears of ice formed in a circle that outlined his own body and moved with him as skated across the ground.  As if guiding their path and giving them permission Mickey’s ice spears sailed through the air towards the giant sinking into its’ flesh.  One pair hit the knees, another in the chest, and the last in the deltoids.  Or at least that was the goal the giant manage to swipe away the ice spears that would have hit the right side of its chest and right deltoid   “Now that’s how its done. O YEAH!” But it would be Mickey's attack that finished it off that honor would go to Tama.

Tier 2 Technique Name:Ice Make: Free Form Halberd
Tier 2 Technique Type:20m
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown:3 post
Tier 2 Technique Description: Creates up two six three pronged spears in a ring around the user (around bodies outline not like a belt). When the user wills it they will attempt to impale target
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:Hands free spear throwing.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:Once fire the spears path can't be altered

Devil Fruit Techniques
Hie Hie no mi:

Adventure Log

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The forest floor rumbled as the giant beast fell, kicking up dusts and brush from the soil below. Leonidas was actually impressed that these two were able to work together, (Albeit with assistance from himself) in order to defeat the monster. He brought his slender hands upward, clapping them together.

“Good job you two. I’m rather stunned that you were able to accomplish this. But keep in mind, if you let this get to your head, you will be knocked onto your asses. This was one of these rats compared to what else is out here.”

The monster’s body began fading into the air, blood, bones and all. He looked at the fork in the path, one leading towards the southern part of the island, and Proelium Depths, the other guiding them towards the Gelida Trumps. He began treading down the dirt path to the first Revolutionary Training Area. As he traveled, he contemplated if these kids were even capable of taking on the baby Fighting Fish, let alone the Boss-Class ones. Luckily, he’d be there to ward off the stronger ones, but even the guppies were dangerous in their own right.

“We’re about to find out if we have two new recruits. Listen up, surviving Proelium Depths is only the first task. If you can’t even handle that, then you’re a goner. I can’t hold back, not even on youngins such as yourselves. I can’t sugar-coat this; It’s going to be a living hell, even against guppies. Whether you can freeze them, or poison them,”  The Revolutionary General looked from Mickey, to Tama respectively, “Their brute strength alone is enough to turn your asses into mince meat. Do not take them lightly, not even the guppies. Because if you do, I promise you won’t survive.”

-Leonidas returned from his escapade's with Kalliope
-Leonidas met and recruited Tama Z. Tomilin into the Revolutionary Army
-Mickey joined Leonidas and Tama on their journey to Proelium Depths
-The trio battled and defeated a Tier 4 monster
-They have begun making their way to Proelium Depths

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Sorry for the wait. I was busy, but anyway. The following thread has been read, reviewed and approved. Locking Thread. Don't forget that this add this to your character timeline.

Since this was training and took place on privately owned island. No Bounty will be rewarded, but you still get beli. Everyone on the list checks out.

+250,000 Beli

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