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The blonde haired girl with pure blue eyes was currently in the forest. She didn't wear her usual outfit that consisted of purple and her hat. Her blonde hair was up in a pony tail. Although she had her bangs on the side of her face still, tied with the red ribbon. She wore a white outfit that had some dirt and blood on it. The belt that tied around was a light green color. Her hands were bonded with bandages from bleeding so much. The bandages were stained with blood and dirt. She was standing in front of a tree punching it. Although the power behind it was great. She was calm as she focused her punches on to the tree. The tree had a soft cushion on it. Although you could tell it has been beaten for a long time with the damage it has put.

Not far away was a tree stump that had some food on it and some medical needs such as bandages and alcohol to wash the wounds. Not only that but a silver cross necklace was sitting besides the food and medicine. Not too far from the stump were a few trees and staffs were laying against them. Then the next tree besides it had Tama's Yari laying against it.

As Tama punched the tree over and over again. She felt anger bubble inside her small body. Hitting over and over again. Her punches becoming much more stronger. Then her tiny fist slammed against the tree as it started to bleed. Tama let out a small breath of air as she signed. "Stupid. Stupid." She whispered to herself as she shook her head. Walking over to the stump she moved the food and medicine to the side as she began to remove her bandages from her hands. Her hands were gruesome. They were covered in cuts and scratches. Her finger nails bleed at the tip. She took the alcohol and poured it on her hands. Making her bite her lower lip from the pain that it brought upon her.

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A new-found Reddick T. Rocket had made his way to the island that housed the famous community, Shimotsuki Village. After eating the Pika Pika no Mi, and having his entire appearance changed at the hands of Scarlet Manson, the young Shipwright had to take a break from the Hoshi Pirates in order to harness his new-found powers and unstable body. He promised Shunji he would become stronger for the crew, and that time was now.

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Having been on Shimotsuki village for a good week, he was finally starting to attain the basics of his Devil Fruit. The Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows Rocket to create, control, and transform into light itself. Despite not having his full Logia intangibility down, he was at least able to fire destructive beams of light, and coat his arms and legs in light to give his strikes explosive properties. The only problem he was having was firing off beams when he wanted to use normal strikes. It’s the sole reason he hasn't returned to the Hoshi Pirates yet, seeing as these turbulent powers could seriously hurt the crew in the process.

“Damnit… I still haven’t gotten it yet.”

A vibrant white light glossed it’s way across Rocket’s left leg, cutting off near the kneecap. He launched himself into the air, swinging his left leg out in a massive side-kick. The kick struck one of the giant oak trees present on the island, smashing it to bits. Along with the already massively powerful kick, a small beam of white light burst forth from his leg, slicing through the abundance of trees in it’s path. The light slowly faded from the young adult’s being as he settled himself upon the soil. “I’ve gotta’ do this, for the Hoshi’s!”

It wasn’t long before he heard a disgruntled yelp from what seemed like a female across the way. The blonde-haired Shipwright pushed off of the ground, ricocheting off of a nearby tree. Using his Pika Pika no Mi powers, Rocket was able to stay aloft in the air and seemingly ‘fly’. He hovered above the large opening, watching the young blonde train herself in close-combat. There was something satisfying about watching someone else trying to succeed like him.

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Tama re bandaged her hand feeling her fingers turn numb. They hurt, she had to admit that. Although the pain canceled each other out making it where she felt the pain, but didn't know where. Tama look at her hands. Examining them intensely. The blood had came off with the alcohol as it fizzled on her hands. Then taking a towel she whipped her hands off. Slowly taking the dirt and blood as well as the alcohol. The deep blue eyes like the sea were on her now shaking hands. They were bleeding here and there but seemed to be okay. Wrapping the snowy white bandage upon her hands. She found herself happy.

Then hearing a noise the girl looked up at the sun. The blonde hair and blue eyes just like hers were that of the sun. It almost resembled her in a way. He looked a tad bit familiar. Almost like an angel from the sky. Although the young girl was not that childish. Angels only existed when you die. Unless you were a skypei. She knew what were skypei’s were.

Getting to her feet, she looked at the man. Her tiny body would probably look tinier to him. The blue eyes danced up at him. "Would you like to join me for lunch?" Tama took some boxes out of her bag. They were made earlier this morning by one of the samurai wife. She was kind and made enough for four people. Although sadly it was only going to be Tama. Watching the blonde boy Tama put the bento boxes on the stump as she grabbed out some chopsticks and napkins. The growling of the young girl’s stomach sounded like a dyeing whale.

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