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Shunji Z. Wraith V.S. Roland Winter's

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1 Shunji Z. Wraith V.S. Roland Winter's on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:03 pm

Crow's Stable. After being infected by a small strain of the Amber Lead Disease, the island's former sister island was broken away by the former leader of the Church, Jacob Wraith. In an attempt of good relations with Lvneel, the World Government sent the marines to cure the small strain of the disease on the island. However, due to the mass volume of unburied bodies, ravenous packs of snow crows set upon the island now, hence, the name, Crow's Stable. Over the years, it became the home for the revolutionaries, the giant, 5 Meter crows served as guards from the Army ever penetrating the base. It'd mean a Civil War. Originally, Roland Winters was the man with the purest of hearts. After witnessing the injustices of the old King of Lvneel, Tiger's Father, he decide he would rebel to offer the people a voice. With all his other friends joining the army, Roland lived a life of isolation, fighting against Lvneel Army solo. He began to meditate and over time, he was given the title the 'Monk of Crow Isle'. One by one, supporters of the Revolution flocked to Crow Isle, it became the base for radicals such as Cobra K. Richards, Lisa Winters, Aid Kaza and Jonathan Brooks. All under his lead, Rolland became a force to recon with in Lvneel. Later that year, though it was announced as natural causes, Roland killed the King of Lvneel.

One night... Roland's Lover, Princess Elsie's Older Sister, Rebecca, was sentence to be hung. This was the first time Shunji and Roland ever met each other but they never talked or fought. Shunji was busy trying to gain Tiger's favor and Roland yearned to save his lover. She died ten seconds after Roland made it to the podium. Corrupted by the death of his lover, Roland retreated to Crow's Isle and began trading in the black market, searching for the Revive Revive Paramecia to bring his lover back into this world. Roland kept her body frozen in the chambers of the Crow's Isle. Hoping one day, she could live once more. Aid Kaza, looking to gain favor of the new King, Tiger, damaged the woman's body, violating Rebecca's vessel so it can never be revived. After his second heartbreak, Roland lost his mind. The Revolutionary movement became nothing more but a band of bandits.

Winter's retreated to his newly built castle, using the funds from the corrupted deals with Rolo, a rising broker in Spider Miles. Winter spent his days drinking, day after day, he'd drink a bottle of rum with his servants until his Commanders abandoned him. Only the scrubs who wished to drink remained and soon, he was surrounded by murderers, thieves and extortionists. When Shunji arrived on Crow's Stable, it was shortly after his promotion to Commander. Being the youngest ever Commander, left a bitter taste not only in the current Commanders mouth and the Council. Shunji took on the mission of disbursing the rebels on Crow's Stable and now, a fight that was forever shape the way Shunji fights and thinks at a tender age of Sixteen, begins. Shunji climbed the stairs of the castle, walking to the throne room, Roland was sleeping, drunk in a pool of his own drool. The guards around him sluggishly rose to their feet but Shunji dashed, knocking them out with his batons, Shunji poked Roland in his cheek.

Shunji: Oi... Wake up.

Roland snored.

Shunji: Woah... Look at that sexy broad Boss.

Roland shot up.

Roland: Where!?

Shunji: I swear you old bats are all the same Jishishishi...

Roland rubbed his eyes, sitting up.

Roland: Who the hell are you?

Shunji: Names, Shunji Z. Wraith, Commander in the Lvneel Army.

Roland: Eh... A King's guard got this far. Where's Cobra... Lisa... Aid...

Shunji: I don't know about the first too but Captain Aid is now with the Lvneel Army.

Roland: Dirty King... I paid him off enough to let his men never come on my turf.

Shunji: I know. That's going to end today. I guess I can tell you, I will lead the Revolution from now on.

Roland began to laugh until his lungs contracted so thin, he had to gasp for air.

Roland: What would a Commander in the King's new regime be doing leading the Revolution?

Shunji's sapphire eyes were adamant.

Roland: So your not kidding. I see your ready to fight.

Shunji: Wow. Not a lot people can see Holy Energy. Usually you need a pure heart or a clean conscience.

Roland: I have neither... Maybe, when you sell your soul to the Devil like I did... You know...

Roland kicked Shunji in his stomach, sending him flying into the wall of the old poorly built castle.

Roland: You can see your natural enemy.

Shunji grabbed his iron batons and began to spinning them. Roland grabbed the two golden scimitar's behind his throne.  Hopping up, a burst of blue chi flowed from his body as he surrounded his Scimitar's with them.

Roland: If your so keen to lead the revolution... Let this be your coronation ceremony. First-

Roland dashed, two step hopping towards Shunji.

Roland jumped, spinning into mid-air, whipping his scimitar like kid's would wet blanks. Shunji blocked the two attempts to cut open his head with his baton, deflecting the attacks but couldn't avoid the spinning side kick that sent him rolling down the two story stairs.

Roland: Never underestimate your enemy.

Roland dashed down the stairs, sliding on the railing. Hopping off, Winter lunged towards Shunji who had just landed on the floor which separates the several flights of stairs. Lashing his scimitars in a controlled but wild fashion, he was met with Shunji gritting his teeth, slamming both of his batons into the man's stomach. The force of the whiplash sent Roland rolling down the next flight of stairs. Shunji dashed downwards, dropping his batons and attempted to uppercut Shunji. Roland created distance between the two men, dashing forward into a slashing motion, dropping his baton, to superman punch Shunji with a blast of Ki.

Roland: Enlightenment's Reckoning!

The shock wave of the attack launched Shunji through the second story window. Roland, also jumped through the window regaining his scimitars and using the force of the fall to go into a whirlwind spin.

Shunji: Fire Wall!

Shunji stabilized his falling mass, sheathing his batons. Using one hand, with his two index connected, he weaved three walls which hovered around his body into existence. Stacking the walls on top of each other, he rid the walls like hover boards. Roland smiled, the gold scimitars morphed into golden doves which bit into Shunji's shoulder, jumping into the first floor window into a roll, Rolland followed shortly afterwards

Rolland: Gold... Crane. I ate a Devil's Fruit which gave me the ability to control gold. Anything with gold, coated with gold, forged with gold, is under my domain. Much like carpet your now standing on.

Rolland conjured the golden carpets into snakes which dashed towards the pirate ripping into his flesh. The blood of the Commander filled the floor, as he attempted to regain his breath. Riding on the gold, in the fashion of a thin wave, Roland ripped open the man's chest once more, re-conjuring his scimitar's. Roland was whipped into through the castles door, the commotion of the men fighting woke the hundred or so soldiers in Rolands army.

Rebels: Woah... Lvneel's hero came to take on the Boss Crow! Kill em' Winters!

From the windows of each level, the rebels stuck their heads out the windows, rushed to the entrance and began to watch Shunji and Roland's fight. The men began to bet on who would win, who would die or who would loose a limb?

Roland: Seems you woke them up Mr.Commander. I remember your face now... Lvneel's Hero... Shunji Z. Wraith. I'll make sure to give you an extra special burial... One made of gold!

Rebels: Roland! Roland!  Roland!


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

Ability Usage: The user is capable of bringing up a energy based, circular screen, along with a keyboard made of the same energy. This screen and keyboard act as a database of all information known to the character, presented in whatever fashion makes it easiest for them to understand. They are also able to create Walls of Light known as "firewalls" Twice per topic, with a ten post cooldown in between each. These firewalls can only stop one attack of equal or lower tier than the user (Exempting T5 and Higher attacks, which shatter the firewall)

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2 Re: Shunji Z. Wraith V.S. Roland Winter's on Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:52 am

Roland: Golden Ensemble!

From the castle walls, a mass volume of liquid gold began to surround Shunji. Spinning his batons once more, the man dashed forward towards Roland, ignoring the gold that now shielded his body. The liquidized gold trapped the man's feet first and then, he was met with a series of scimitar slashes which ripped deeply into his mid-section. Shunji smacked his baton into the man's eyes, blinding him temporarily. Slipping out of his shoes, which he left in the golden prison, Shunji dashed forward, slid kicking Roland to the ground and pounding on his head. The first couple attempts worked until Roland covered his body in a golden coat, which damaged the nerves in Shunji's hand on the final punch. Rolan tossed the boy off, rising to his feet, he conjured to golden scimitars once again. Using his gold in the shape of a dragon, Shunji was lifted into mid-air, baton firmly grasped in hand but both appendages covered in gold.

Roland: You should've stayed home... Priest.

Roland attempted stabbed his Scimitar through Shunji's heart, however his Mental Firewall created a shield which stopped the attack.

Roland: What's with these damn walls kid?  

Shunji: Jishishishi... It's something I realized I could do when I was younger. Prayer of Shift!

With all the spiritual energy he could muster, Shunji delivered a shocking right hook with a 5 Meter sized fist which sent Roland teetering into the ground. The gold prison weakened as his concentration was sightly broken. Shunji created distance, retaining his batons and focusing his breathing. Clasping his hand in prayer, Shunji weaved five hands into existence, positioning each of them to encased Roland, a barrage of palm thrusts knocked the man around a two meter radius of where he stood. The final thrust launched him over to Shunji. Regaining his focus, he summoned his gold scimitars once more, the outlaws began to exchange a series of blows. Each attack from Shunji bruised the man's skin and stunned his movements, whereas with Roland's contacts, Shunji's skin teared away, opening wounds that caused him to bleed out.

Roland: Golden Wheel!

Roland sprung into mid-air, turning his body into a wheel of sorts, using the gold as his case. The wheel begin to spun violently, created a vortex of wind as dug into Shunji's skin, splattering blood on the man's gold. Roland then turned the wheel into a drill.

Roland: Midas' Reign!

The golden drill ripped through Shunji's mid-section, however, Shunji grabbed the drill, ripping apart his hands in the process. Pushing away Roland from his body, Shunji began to heal his wounds as he rejected the spinning golden top. The weaved energy around his body began to heal his minor wounds as well. With a single strike, Shunji deflected the drill into the ground, trapping Roland. The monk tried to escape, tugging his drill from out of the ground. Liquidizing the golden, he managed to free himself, only to meet a superman punch to his jaw from Shunji.

Roland: Hishishishi... Now your using my moves. You must be desperate.

Shunji lit a cigarette.

Shunji: Jishishishi... I thought it was cool, I can see why you use techniques like that.

Roland: I can't believe it, most of the damage you had is gone.

Shunji: I wouldn't say gone. The exhaustion still remains... Not to mention. I can't heal everything. My body's pretty shaken up. I think it's about time we end this.

Roland: I think so too.

Roland covered his hands in golden gauntlets. Shunji discarded his batons and began to weave energy all over his body, strengthening his core.

Shunji: Prayer of Will!

The fight turned into a pure slugging contest now. Shunji and Roland exchanged a series of punches, each of which missed initially. It was as if Shunji was using some sixth sense to dodge the incoming punches,  the pressure of the fight made him think faster than he even had before. Using his photographic memory, he analyzed the angle at which most of his attacks approach from Roland's height and frame. Simply parrying before contact, whereas, Roland relied on his raw instincts to dodge Shunji's attacks.  Shunji threw a right hook as a feint, which Roland dodged and met an uppercut which rocked his brain. Vision becoming blurry, Roland fired two straight hooks into Shunji's stomach, causing him to buckle on to the floor. The sound of the man's shattered rib cage could be heard from cheering cronies on the bottom floor. Shunji went for a side kick but Roland anticipated it and jumped, formed his scimitar's once more he slashed Shunji's knee caps, rendering him motionless. Conjuring his gauntlet's back, he threw a right hook which was countered with a sphere. Slamming Roland into the ground, Shunji's slashed knees began to bleed out but he ignored the pain. Slamming his fists into the man's face repetitively. As Roland took each punch, he smiled. With each impact, the man's eyes swelled shut. Roland began to think back to his earlier days in the revolution, when he had just started out comparing it to now, how he lost his way. He thought about the smile Rebbecca, how she'd motivate him to become the King of Lvneel, 'the people loved you', she'd always tell him. His eyes were now swollen shut, in the darkness, he felt his spirit being curdled by Rebecca but before he could move onto the next life, Roland stopped Shunji's punch. The priest had already entered a blind rage.

Roland: Hey kid... That's enough. Before you got here... I was already dying. My soul was long tired of this world.

Shunji's blank eyes regain color.

Shunji: I never wanted it to end like this.

Roland: You understand why I must die though?

Shunji: I knew that before I stepped foot on this island.

Roland: The revolution needs you. I'm just a relic of how it failed. Don't let our nation, fall in the hands of the World Government. Your father fought so hard for the Church and Lvneel to work as one. With the church declining in power, you, the final birth line of the Wraith must fight.

Shunji: I don't want to be a murderer. I don't want to kill!

Roland sprung up and slapped Shunji in his face.

Roland: How can you bring about peace then? Are you powerful enough to win without killing?

Shunji: I want to be!

Roland: When that day comes then repent. However, until that time Shunji, your hands will only get dirtier. Change aren't made by those with vendettas, or morale, or laws or orders. Change is made by those who are willing to standout against everything and everyone. Even if it means breaking your own vows as a priest... If you want change, no one's going to hand it to you kid.

Roland coughed up blood on the man's shirt.

Roland: Hey kid... Can I ask one request? You see that hill behind the castle... Could you burry me their, it's where my only treasure in this world is burried...

Shunji: Your only treasure... What's that?

Roland: My... Beloved... Rebecca.

Roland passed away shortly after those final words. The remaining crow soldiers gathered around, some taking their hats off in respect, others cursing his name and some praising him as a legend. Shunji got up with his tattered body and began walking into the mountain range. A small shed in a cavern not to far from the burial site had a few shovels in it. Grabbing one of the bigger shovels, Shunji started to dig. He placed the man into the ground, covering his body with the Crow's Isle dirt. Shunji bowed in front of the man's grave and began to pray until the sun set in the sky. The night dew hit the forest and Shunji emerged, walking with his hands covered in sores, blisters, blood and dirt. Walking over to the bunch of bandits, now about half in number, as the others tried to flee the island, only to be eaten by the humungous crows. One of the giant crows rushed to eat Shunji, this one seeming to be the boss, crow, as it had an 'X' over it's eye from a wound Roland had given him. The men squawked out in fear but Shunji remained calm and shot a rush of energy out towards the crow. He didn't remember how he did it to this day, or what even happened, but to the onlookers it appeared Shunji took out the crow with his mind. When in actuality, his Haoshoku Haki was starting to reveal itself, slowly.  The other crow's watched their boss feint and flew away.

Shunji: Roland is dead. As much as it pains me to say this... I am the new leader of the revolution. I'm young. I'm stupid. I have a nicotine addiction but I have one thing that Roland had even til the end-

Tears began to stream down everyone's face but Shunji's.

Shunji: I love Lvneel.

From this day, Shunji began to build the revolution once more. The name 'Crows' stuck with the outlaws. Shunji handed his report that Roland was dead and killed by him. He gained Tiger's favor, all in hopes to one day betray him and liberate his nation. However, at this age, Shunji was still marching to the pace of the Cipher Pol Six's dance. However, nothing could change the reality of this moment, as Shunji began to hold back his tears, for a man he barely knew but felt as though, he had been his mentor for an eternity.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Healing : Wall Sugery
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user releases his spiritual energy to create a platform to lay one patient on. His energy begins to spin itself around the patient and heals the afflicted of exactly one wound or condition.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- The condition or wound must be within the user’s medical knowledge.
- The prayer can be used on the user.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Only one wound can be healed. I.E if the person has a fractured hand and an open gash, the external wound will be healed first, and the prayer will be completed.
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used. 

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Will!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user boosts the afflicted, amplifying there physical and spiritual strength by a significant range. The afflicted feels as if his body has been exorcised of negative energy, feeling lighter and more focused.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- One attack’s damage is amplified, if contact is made, one Tier higher than original.
- Afflicted exhibits increased cognitive and physical motion for a duration of one post.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.
- This skill puts the afflicted into extreme spiritual imbalance afterwards, the user experiences mass hysteria and vomitting for two posts.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

Bonus: Twice per thread, a Paladin is Capable of treating a single attack as if it did damage of one rank lower.

Passive: The paladin is naturally stronger than the priest, and as such, they are capable of healing up to moderately heavy wounds.

Brawler - They specialize in a variety of physical strikes although have been known to carry weapons as well. Their physical strength is something that is truly grand. Their offensive and defensive capabilities through the roof. In a hand to hand match, a brawler can become a wild animal fast.

Bonus: Once per topic, the brawler can fly into a rage, taking damage as one rank lower than normal, while doing a rank higher of damage (I.E Normal would go to Minor against them, and Normal from them would go to moderate) This can only be done after being very heavily damaged however, and it only lasts for three posts.

Passive: Brawlers are capable of ignoring up to two wounds that would deal heavy damage in one thread.

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3 Re: Shunji Z. Wraith V.S. Roland Winter's on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:57 pm


Locking Thread.

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