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Wraith Z. Shunji

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1 Wraith Z. Shunji on Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:33 am

Name: Wraith Z. Shunji
Epithet: ‘Zion Eyes’ / ‘Sapphy’ / ‘Blue Hair’ / ‘Star Commander’
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Brawler / Paladin


Wraith carries a head of short spiky blue hair with multiple piercings located in the following areas: His bottom lip (right hand corner), his ears, including the pina region and a long chain ring connected from the lip to ear lobe. His pale skin comes about from hailing from the North Blue Seas cold weather and exhibits a slight tan when travelling to Summer Islands. He often wears baggy ripped up armhold shirts with the logo, ‘Soulless’ or ‘Daredevil’ on them. His gothic attire is anti to his fun loving and chipper personality, he often just thinks skulls and darker colours are cool.

Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5’9
Weight: 156lbs
Tattoo: None


Optimistic: Wraith has always been known for his ability to make the best of the worst situations even if it costs him inconvenience himself. Tying every mishap and occurrence into the greater scheme of things of his God, Wraith accepts the spiritual aspect of the world, giving it precedence over worldly desires. His reason for becoming a pirate, is rebuild his hometown which is constantly raided by bandits and pirates to name a few.

Knuckle-Headed: Wraith hates to lose battles, Shunji as a kid often cried when the neighborhood kids used to pick on him for being scrawny. He would challenged the bullies daily, even though outnumbered and loose repeatedly, until one day, he succeeded.

Intuitive: With his natural skills to see the best and or worst traits in people, Shunji has the tendency to build profiles of people in his head. Thinking of the best ways to interact with people who are down or by his standards ‘lost’. He’s not fond of killing but understands that sometimes people die.

Adventurous: He’ll take the most difficult, dangerous and ridiculous route as long as it’s possible for him to have fun and get into some interesting fights. He likes testing his power against opponents, though often at times, he’ll detour from brawling because he thinks the fight would be boring. He wishes to never enter a boring fight, making a pact with himself to become a pacifist if that day ever arrives! He’ll help anyone, as long as it’s of interest to him and his mates.

Morality: He despises slavery and the exchange of human life for profits. He also preaches for equality among the racists and is very anti-world government. His reasoning for becoming a pirate over a marine lies in the corruption of the system he views today. Fixing it takes more time than ruling by name on the seas and for the sake of his friends and family, he’s taken up the role of becoming a big name pirate.


Dark Colours and Skulls
Loud Music and Parties
Smoking Cigarettes


Chocolate and anything sweet
Oppression of Races


Become a big name pirate and rule over his hometown island.
Destroy the underground trading system of slaves and weapons for profit.
Becoming the Pirate King so he bring in an Era which terminates the World Governments reign


Becoming possessed by an evil spirits that he sees on others
Not being able to save his hometown in time
Losing his ability to sense others pain

Inner Lineage:

Tribunal Eyes - The users eyes exhibit the passive trait of having their iris becoming ‘Crosses’ of sorts. It allows them to see the negative emotions that burden the everyday person, the user is able expel them, sort of like an exorcism of sorts. Each person is burdened with a different sin of sorts and each has a color, at Tier 1-3 he can only recognize 'good' vibes or 'bad' vibes. Good being green and Bad been red, black is mixture when his eyes are undecided. These colors are based on something far beyond his control and is noted as his gift from his creator. Exorcise once per thread negative emotions.

At Tier 3, he's able to recognize the personal evils the trouble others.

Greed - Green
Lust - Purple
Sloth - Black
Regretful - Amber
Murderer/Sadistic - Red
Kind Hearted - White

Outer Lineage:

Mental Fire

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