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Starry Eyed { Shunji,Open }

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1 Starry Eyed { Shunji,Open } on Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:49 pm

It was rare that Maria got a free day to herself now that she had become a Marine. If she were not in a kitchen cooking for literally hundreds, then she would be training with the rest of the new recruits. She almost missed the days she spent just being at home cooking for her family and doing the things she liked. The thought of home was a passing one because even though this was a free day she still had work to do. " Hm, Let's see where did I put that list? " Her voice was a whisper as she found herself digging through the pockets of her rather long, fitting, Marine blue coat. Pulling out a list she began to read it off to herself. Louge town was a great place to retrieve supplies, even those for her profession. "Ah! Coriander, I need some of that...Oh and a bit of Saffron, always hard to get, mmm Sumac too. " She had begun her walk through the town, not really paying attention to the world around her but still managing to avoid the traffic, or rather the traffic was avoiding her. Maria was and had grown up to be quite a beautiful female but she never really saw that about herself so she could never understand the leers she got from men and the glares from women.

Maria had been to Logue town at least a dozen times in her life, it was a frequent stop when she went out with her father to his " runs ". Being familiar with the area she knew it could be a rather long day or short one depending on how she decided to spend it. At the moment she wanted to get the things she needed and get home, but before that she knew she had to make one little detour before any shopping. Moving along the sea of people Maria found herself outside of a rather small shop. From the outside it didn't look like much but one could clearly smell the rich scents that seem to waft from inside and cloud the air with it's allure. Taking in a deep breath all the memories of her childhood pertaining this place came rushing back to her. A simple smile settled upon her lips and Maria pushed the door open, walking inside. A tiny bell rang once she opened the door, and as she stepped inside she was automatically met with smile.

"Hello Welcome to....M-Maria is that you?! "
The voice had started as calm and clear as the sea and went on to be as excited as a kid in a candy store. " Yes Harmony it's me! How have you been? I see you are still helping with the family business. " Maria spoke with a kind tone towards the female known as Harmony. It had been almost three years since they last spoke, which was probably why the girl sounded so surprised at Maria being here. Harmony was the same age as Maria, but she had not grown as Maria had. Harmony stood at least a few inches shorter than Maria, and her body was much more petit. Harmony was in no way lacking in looks with midnight black locks that fell down in obsidian waves, touching her porcelain shoulders. Her eyes were a piercing jade which sat behind a pair of glasses. Yes the years between the two certainly showed but the pair was happy to see each other.

The voice made Harmony jump but Maria knew exactly who it was. Harmony's mother peeked out from the kitchen, a spoon in her tiny hand as she looked to see where her daughter was. The woman couldn't see that well but she could tell that there was more than one person in the restaurant, she just couldn't tell who without her glasses, which she was not wearing at the moment.  " Mama Cosmo, It's me. Maria, Maria Iscariot...You know...Maggy. " Maria didn't like her middle name all that much but Mama Cosmo had nicknamed her Maggy and was the only person to call her that because of her middle name. Stating who she was seem to have gotten the attention of the older woman because she rushed over and gave Maria a hug.
" Oh child' how are ya. You know Mama Cosmo can'ts see without her glasses. Yo mama still with that man? lord I told her she was too good for him, I know I did. Well now child come on in and let Mama make you something good, don't you even worry about paying. Mama done owe you many of times over for the things you done did for this here little ole shop." The woman smiled warmly and found her way back into the kitchen, the two girls giggling once she was out of sight. "Here let me seat you, I've gotta get back to work, so Nicky will take care of you, He's a new worker we hired, cute but he's just too....Distant. " Harmony shrugged with these words and made her way to the front, greeting a rather large group of men, who seemed a bit...Rough. Maria took note of this but didn't say a word. Looking around she noticed that the restaurant was bigger on the inside. It certainly had changed a lot more from the last time she visited. It was no longer a bleak little hole in the wall, but a cozy place where one could get a good meal and possibly some conversation from a random stranger. It was really nice what they did with the place and Maria felt more at home than she had since she had gotten into the Marines.

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2 Re: Starry Eyed { Shunji,Open } on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:03 pm

The words rush through his head millions of times. 'Don't move. If your stitches open backup, it'll be catastrophic.' His doctor Amon had advised him to stay aboard the Milky Way for a few days while the rest of the crew gathered supplies. However, Shunji hated to be confined in his chambers unless he had a good book to fancy his time. He had been weaving his energy for the last few days, lying idle. Reminiscing of his past and a girl with silver hair that often frequented his dreams. Sitting up gingerly, as springing up as he usually would've lead to another lecture from Amon, Shunji slapped on his white shirt and fastened his tie, grabbing onto his new weapon of choice, tonfas.

Shunji: I need to get some more information on how these things work... Maybe a library... Martial Arts Section-

The sound of Shunji's rumbling stomach echoed throughout the empty halls of the ship. Jensen was still recovering from his surgery in the bunker next to his room and the other members were out about dealing with their own ordeals. Shunji slowly strode up the stairs of the lower deck,  plopping on the deck and staring at the bright blue sky as he inhaled deeply.

Shunji: Moving is going to be a problem Jishishishi... Let's try this... Prayer of Beginning!

Weaving energy into his body, Shunji used his accumulated energy as a pain killer of sorts and hopped off the ship, scurrying into the city. His nostrils expanded, inhaling the dense fumes from someplace... No, this was more than a place... The food smelt divine. Dashing through the streets of Logue Town, the sapphire haired fugitive followed the aroma to a medium sized, quaint restaurant. The building had a brown ceiling, with a mauve sign tinted in yellow text saying, "Mama Cosmo's Shipper's Inn".

The saliva from Shunji's taste bugs began to trickle as the scent of the feast that awaited him made him hasty, he couldn't wait any longer. However, Wraith had left his funds back on the ship and after the incident with Henna, Logue Town was now densely populated with marine troops. The street vendor adjacent from the restaurant had a small competition of sorts going on.

Street Vendor: Test your strength here today! Compete with Big Bubba in an arm wrestling competition! The winner gains all the money collected from his victories today! Only 1000 Beri to tryout!

With a dastardly grin filling his face, Shunji walked over to the stand.

Shunji: Hey! Can I give it a shot?

The vendor looked at the size of the man in comparison to the seven foot tall former heavy weight boxer, Bubba. His eyes shined with dollar signs, it was easy pickings compared to all the previous challengers who had arrived so far.

Vendor: Sure young man! Why not!?

Shunji: How much was it again!?

Street Vendor: 10,000 Beri!

Shunji: I thought you said-

The Vendor pushed a pistol towards his stomach. The cold of the silver sent a vibration of pain through Shunji's body from his bruised rib cage.

Street Vendor (Thoughts): He looks petrified! Kikiki! I'll make a fortune out of him.
Shunji twisted the pistols frame, using a tiny amount of heat from his star fruit.

Shunji: Sure... I'll pay it if I loose.

Bubba: Hey! He giving you trouble Boss?

The shadow of the seven foot man encompassed Shunji. The man tried to put his hand on Shunji's shoulder to pressure him but before he could react, Shunji fired a thrust using his right handed tonfa into the man's stomach, the force of the attack sent him stumbling five meters backwards into some barrels on an incoming shipment to the local market place. Smirking at the Vendor, he sheave his baton and look at the man smiling sinisterly.

Shunji: SO.... Did I win!? Jishishishi....

Vendor: Monster!!!

The Vendor dashed off, leaving behind his client and all of the money behind too. Picking up the opened case, Shunji walked into the restaurant with glimmering eyes and shouted:

Shunji: I want two of everything- No! Three of everything on the menu Jishishishi!

The sapphire haired man exclaimed, causing everyone in the bar to pay close attention to his entrance. Luckily, due to the massive swelling and bandages on his face, no one could recognize who he was.


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3 Re: Starry Eyed { Shunji,Open } on Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:33 pm

Maria had taken a seat near the wall, with her back against it where she could see everyone coming in and out of the restaurant. This was something her father had told her to do whenever in such a place like this, it was good to get a good view so that in case of anything going down one could act accordingly, or at the very least assess the situation a bit better. Maria never really thought about doing such a thing it was just so implanted into her that she couldn't help it.  In a matter of moments a tall lanky fellow with dark hair and blue eyes came to her table, a notepad in his hand. " Is there anything you need...You know while you wait? " Harmony was right when she said he was distant, the boy didn't even sound like he was there, it was a cold and aloof kind of sound that he spoke. Maria didn't mind this at all though and rather than speak on it she quickly thought of her favorite thing on the menu in the restaurant. " Yes, I would like a mixed berry parfait please....With.. A apple slice stuffed on the side." She slid in the last part as if it were some sort of secret, her blue doe eyes widening even more as she did so making her look as innocent as a curious child who really didn't know better. Nicky as the waiter was called, didn't seem at all fazed by this as he jotted down the order and vanished off to the back. Sitting back in her chair Maria waited, she didn't have anything particular interesting on her mind as she mentally flipped through recipes that she had learned through her life. She had to be at least three minutes into day dreaming before...

"I want two of everything- No! Three of everything on the menu Jishishishi!"
The voice erupted through the restaurant effectively startling Maria to attention. Her body jolted up as her head snapped in the direction of the voice, not really sure what to think until her brain put the pieces together. Blinking her blue orbs in the direction of what she saw to be a man, Maria took in a deep breath before relaxing again , her eyes closing for a moment before looking back up only to see Nicky setting her parfait down in front of her. " Thank you very much. " Smiling she began to dig into the sweet dessert savoring her first bite as a visible shudder of pleasure rose up from her body. Her face had turned pleasantly pink from the taste and she felt as if she would melt. The man who had spoke loudly was met by Harmony who put on her sweetest smile and gave a little bow.

" Ah of course sir, If you would please come this way so that I may seat you. " Harmony looked over at Maria who seemed to be enjoying her dessert. Since most of the tables were empty she led the man at a table across from Maria before relaying the order to Nicky. With that kind of excitement passing Maria continued on enjoying her snack...Or she would have. Within seconds of her placing the spoon to her lips another loud voice boomed for all to hear. It wasn't like the first, no it was far more aggressive and even a bit scary. She for one had not noticed the group of men who had come in earlier spreading about the place, with two of them being far to close to her for her own comfort. " ALRIGHT LET'S MAKE THIS QUICK. GIVE US EVERYTHING YA GOT.. MONEY, JEWLERY, AND BE QUCIK ABOUT IT..OR WE'LL START HAVING TO CUT SOME HEADS OFF.....FOR INSTNACE....THIS..PRETTY LITTLE THING HERE!" The voice belong to a man that towered over most if not all the customers in the place. As he spoke his last words he reached out a grabbed Harmony, prompting her to yell out in pain as the main tightened his grip roughly. This scene caused the people inside of the restaurant to panic but would be soon quieted by the other men that had accompanied the ringleader standing in front of the only easily accessible exit. Maria quickly stood up and in doing so knocked her parfait down. She didn't have a weapon or anything but that was her friend that was being man handled. " Don't Hurt Her! " The words came out as desperate plea and at these words Mama Cosmo came rushing out from the kitchen, her glasses on so that she could see the display happening.

" OH LORD MY BABY, LET MY BABY GO!, I DON'T WANNA HAVE TO CALL THE MARINES HERE, NOW SHOO GO NOW GET OUT OF HERE THIS INSTANT! " Mama cosmo was strong as she spoke these words, waving a kitchen knife in the air. The little woman had heart that was clear but in the eyes of these scoundrels that didn't matter. The ring leader chuckled loudly and one of his henchmen moved toward Mama cosmo, preparing to strike at her. Maria didn't have to think about what to do, she didn't need to be told either. Running towards the man she tackled him to the ground, preventing him from hurting the woman. " Mama Cosmo get back into the kitchen and go for help...Please. " Maria's spoke out and the men moved in, it seemed that they wouldn't be letting anyone out of here this time. " C-Child take this...I'm but a frail old woman now. " Quickly Maria got to her feet and taking the knife from the woman got in front of her, like a mother lion protecting a cub. ' I.I am Marine's Chef Maria Magdalena Iscariot! You are all placed under arrest! For attempt of theft, disturbing the peace, assault! attempted assault!..N-Now stand down! " She wanted to run and hide, she didn't want to be placed in a situation like this. Maria felt scared because she never thought this kind of thing would happen to her, she was alone and she must had to act as a protector of the people here and led them to safety and these men to prison or at least get some backup who can. With the knife tightly held in her hand she waited for the first move, then she would strike. Her only hope was that she could protect these people, even if she herself were not saved.

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4 Re: Starry Eyed { Shunji,Open } on Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:40 am

Robbers: We're affiliates of the Sold Brother Mafia! Anyone give us problems and I'll shoot them right through their skull! Now put all the money-

Shunji: Eh... I was about to order. I'd like my food if possible before you rob this kind establishment.

The disgruntle robber turned over to the seated blue haired patron who now patiently sipped his glass of water. Hunched over the table to support his broken up body, Shunji sprawled his body out in the chair in a relaxed manner. Running his hand in his hair, he reached for a cigarette he had securely fashioned in his top jacket pocket. The fumes from the white stick sent eerie streams throughout the bar.

Robbers: Your pretty cheeky kid... Let's see how useful that mouth of yours is with a bullet-

Shunji: Hey lady! I hate sweets by the way, you may want to take them off the list of my orders. Curry! Anything curry related is what I meant.

The man shoved the pistol right between Shunji's eyes. Cocking the trigger, he smirked as he stared into Shunji's piercing blue eyes. It was as if this calm sense of anger exuded from his body. The same aura that made it hard to pin him as a hero or a villain. Shunji raised out his index finger and placed it to the man's forehead in correspondence.

Shunji: Whose gun do you think is more loaded? Mine or yours?

Robbers: You think this is a game kid. This is a high precision handgun with customized scope and dragon fire bullets compliments of the Sold Company. One shot from this and it's night night brat....

One of the men interjected.

Robbers: Boss.... He looks familiar... It's almost as I've seen him before.

Shunji froze in his path from the words of the shorter robber of the pack when he spoke of familiar faces. At this stage, people finding out his identity could lead to him not receiving his food and having to dash of without it.

Shunji: Let's make this interesting... We'll play a game of showdown. I'll pace ten steps towards you and you do the same, the first person to shoot wins.

Robbers: What about a gun!?

Shunji: My finger's all I need.

The main robber started laughing.

Robber: Sure... I appreciate that. Saves me the trouble of you putting up a fight. You must be insane.

The two men cleared a pathway in the middle of the restaurant. Creating a two meter distance between each other, the robber grabbed his gun and approached, waiting til they got to the center table as their arms to fire. The man began to trod quickly while Shunji strolled, before he could pull his gun, Shunji emptied his star bullets from his finger into the man's shoulder, hand and knee cap. The man fell, screaming out in agony and clutching to his shoulder.

Robber: Fuck this! Kill him! Kill them all damn it! We loot their dead bodies!

Shunji: Jishishi... I'll have to remember not to go all out. If my stitches undo I might be in some serious trouble.. I lost too much blood against Henna.

One of the robbers grabbed Mama Cosmo by her neck and placed his gun by her temple. Shunji fired off two shift plasma bullets through the robbers head and drew his tonfas.

Shunji: I don't mind you harming me... However, innocent people don't have any place in this world of ours.


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