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Shipwright Malfunction (Private/Shunji Only)

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1 Shipwright Malfunction (Private/Shunji Only) on Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:52 pm

“I am gonna wreeeck this competition!  The young, silver-locked Shipwright rang out across the docks. He was overlooking his supplies for the up-and-coming yearly Geezway competition. It was an event held for Shipwright’s across the North Blue, specifically held on Spider Miles. The main goal of the competition was to build the most spectacular ship with the supplies given. Each competitor is given an array of supplies, a specific dock along Spider Miles coast, and a raggy hotel room for added comfort. The best part about the competition is that they give out one Devil Fruit to the winner. This year happens to be a Logia Type Devil Fruit, the Numa Numa no Mi. This wasn’t exactly what Rocket had in mind, but it was something. His entire goal since encountering the Logia Devil Fruit using Vice Admiral Smacker back in Lvneel Kingdom was to find and consume a Logia Type Devil Fruit. This competition was perfect. “I am gonna win this Devil Fruit if it’s the last thing I do…”

Rocket tipped Gladium over his shoulder, scanning the docks. One competitor in particular stood out from the rest; Her name was Donna Vendez, a renowned Shipwright hailing from the South Blue. Rocket had heard of her before, and they were mostly good stories. She has created and developed thousands of ships, each one better than the last. This wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and currently, Rocket didn’t even know if he could beat her. Though, Rocket had luck on his side. Her immense beauty sterilized the other male competitors, even the female ones. He was immune to this due to his asexuallity. Of course he thought she was gorgeous, but nothing could get in the way of his goal. He needed this Logia Devil Fruit if he wanted to become a world-class Shipwright. “There is no way I can beat her fair and square. She’s even made Marine Battleships. I need to get her kicked out of the competition… Should I steal her supplies..? Nah, too easy… Should I frame her for sabotaging my own supplies? No.. That’s a little too mean. What if… I created a gigantic battling robot.. and sicked it on her?! Bweeehehehee… That sounds amazing. “


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Kaza: Remember Shunji, this a favor where doing for the King, be on your best behavior.

Shunji: Why is it you seem to always believe I'll do something out of turn Kaza?

Kaza: I know your type. Rookie, not even twenty yet and your a Commander in the Lvneel army. Cockiness is like your suit of card.

Shunji: So that means old man is yours.

Kaza smacked Shunji across his head.

Shunji: I'm kidding Jishi-Jishi. 

Shunji sat lounging around the docks for the Geezway Competition to commence. The Lveneel Kingdom usually provides security for the whole affair and this year, Tiger ordered Shunji, Kaza and Benny Benny Jacklin to oversea the whole of the affairs. However, Shunji knew these services were being provided for free, who knows what kind of under the table deals Tiger has been getting himself into as of late. For Shunji, this mission had another reason of course. Meet a shipwright that could secretly build him a vessel to be collected at will for revolution he had planned, he geared to sail into the Capital City to end Tiger's reign. The ship had to be fast and well equipped in the latest of weaponry or well, the latest of affordable weaponry, though his salary as a Commander is nice, it doesn't make him a rich man. Lighting his cigarette, Shunji patrolled the docks as his eyes caught the famed Donna Vendez's own.

Kaza: Give up kid, she's out of your league.

Shunji: I'm not interesting. Though, she is attractive. We have a mission.

Shunji began to pray weaving spiritual energy for the day ahead. The crowd gathered around the docks until it became difficult to oversee the whole site. Guards from the army regulated the patrons and the organizer of the competition was ready to commence.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

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“Bweeeheheheheh! Just a bit of this..”  Sparks emitted within the dark room that Rocket was conspiring his creation in. “And this… Cross the red wire with the blue wire… Or.. Was it the other way around? Bagh. I don’t care. “  The young Shipwright was well on his way to creating his very own battle robot. It’s main purpose was to sabotage and possible destroy Donna Vendez’s ship. Knowing he couldn’t beat her Shipwright skills in a fair competition, he had to come up with something else. Due to his boisterous nature, this was what he decided to do. “Too bad Albert can’t be around to see this. Damn Marines had to scare him off again.. “  As Rocket continued working on his maniacal robot, the thought of how Albert would take to this crossed his mind. Albert always believed in a fair contest, teaching that very same virtue to Rocket as he grew up. On the other hand, he had taught Rocket to fight for his dreams and goals, no matter what it took. It definitely was a contradictory set of morales, but Rocket decided on the latter, letting his greedy side take over.

“Bwaaahaha! It’s finished! It’s aliveeee… It’s aliiiiiiiiiivveee! Enter, Destruco Lord 9000!”

“Ok Destructo Lord 9000, you know what to do right? Go destroy Donna Vendez’s ship! “  The massive battle robot lifted itself off the table, and gazed it’s lifeless eyes towards the metal door. “Yes Master. I will destroy Master’s ship. “  Rocket smiled, placing his hands upon it’s sheek, black, metal back. “Right, destroy my sh-, Wait, what?! No! No, destroy Donna Mendez’s ship! Not mine! “  Destructo Lord 9000 advanced towards the door. “Yes. I will destroy Master’s ship. Any being interfering will be eliminated. “  Rocket gritted his teeth, attempting to jump upon the robot’s back in order to halt it’s movement. “No! Stop! “  With one mighty swat of it’s thick arm, the young Shipwright was sent flying back into the excess metal materials strewn across the ‘lab’.  Destructo Lord 9000 opening it’s gaping jaw, and blasted an orange beam of energy, completely demolishing the metal door. The robot began advancing towards the crowded dock area, the excited bystanders unaware of the danger about to come…


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Shunji hid from Kaza, breaking away in the crowd, he sneaked to the top of a dock side sea food shack, where he now laid down staring at the sky in pray and meditation. The first thing the paladin heard was a scream, then that sound became the beacon for all of the remainder of the audience. The platform begun to shake as the massive black robot stepped on the dock, in a mechanical fashion, stepping towards the ships being judged. The marines in attendance opened fired and some even commanded the robot to cease it's path, however, it's stream line fashion could not be altered no matter what they did. Shunji scratched his head, lighting a cigarette and taking a few smokes before he decided what was his next move. However, Benny and Kaza had already intercepted the robot, firing off his shotgun, Benny managed to rock the structure of the gigantic robot and Kaza was able to strike it's neck, seemly stopping it's motion.

Destructo: Mission Interrupted. Terminate Targets.

Destructo lord opened his mouth firing off a single orange beam that hit Kaza point blank as he tried to cut off the monster's head. Kaza was sent flying into the fish market to the left of the gigantic robot. The robot's head began to spinning, it's eyes turning red.

Destructo: Terminate.

Benny switched to his handguns and emptied multiple black strings to suppress the robots path. However, the robots strength was too great and it broke free, swiping away the Lvneel Senior Commander into ocean. The damage from Benny's shotgun shell seemed to corrupt the robot's CPU.

Destructo: Targets Elminated. Returning to task. Eliminate- Eliminate- Ship.... Eliminate all ships in competition.

The robot turned to a contestants entry, who had built a beautiful caraval, the ship was now left in bits under the force of the robot's mighty orange beam.

Shunji: I guess that's my cue to stop this Jishi-Jishi. They don't pay me enough for this.

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Rocket rubbed his throbbing skull. He didn’t actually think he could program something to be this powerful. Hell, he half-expected it to have the strength of a newborn puppy. “Ugh… Damnit, I guess I can kiss that Logia Devil Fruit goodbye. This is sure to get me disqualified. “  He lie in the mechanical rubble, contemplating on what the hell he was to do next. That’s when the sounds of people screaming, and explosions booming struck his ears. ]b]“Seriously?! You stupid robot! “ [/b] With an anger-induced kick, Rocket sent the sheets of metal soaring through the air in one kick. He took one step toward the door and took off with impressive speed.

As he made his way towards the docks, a stampede of civilians flooded the narrow pathway that he was traveling down. Moving with the force of a herd of elephants, Rocket was more or less trampled. “Good lord… “ The crowd completely steamrolled the young Shipwright, stomping his entire body into the soil below. One of them subsequently resting their foot on his private parts, halting his movement in order to shout back at the others. “Come on! Run! We’ve got to get back to the town! “ Tears filled Rocket’s eyelids, the impact nearly causing him to cry out in pain. After the barrage of civilians made their way to the town, luckily ending Rocket’s torment. He rose up, throwing his fists into the air. “Raaaaaaaahhh! You see how much trouble you caused me you dumb robot!? “  A silver flame ignited itself upon his right leg. His red eyes flashed towards the orange sphere of energy that emitted over the hill, produced by Destructo Lord’s blasts. “I AM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS! “


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Shunji: Now then, how do I handle this monster?

Shunji drew his iron batons from his back, jumping onto the roofing that covered the shack order line below. The robot advanced forward and Shunji finished off another cigarette before taking on the issue at hand. The robot was about to destroy yet another ship and Shunji used his Holy prowess to chuck the robot onto the ground.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

The Destructo, caught off balance began to recompute. Shunji closed the distance between him and the robot, getting ready to engage the attack.

Destructo: Terminate Target!

The robot fired off his orange laser towards Shunji trying to finish him off like the prior guards, Shunji's Tribunal Eyes activated and he created a shield which absorbed the grunt of the attack. Using the gravity from his fall, he slammed his iron gauntlets' into the central operating gear system of the robot, which was located in his chest. Ripping apart the robot, he began to stab his baton's into it's chest until the circuits showed.


Ability Usage: The user is capable of bringing up a energy based, circular screen, along with a keyboard made of the same energy. This screen and keyboard act as a database of all information known to the character, presented in whatever fashion makes it easiest for them to understand. They are also able to create Walls of Light known as "firewalls" Twice per topic, with a ten post cooldown in between each. These firewalls can only stop one attack of equal or lower tier than the user (Exempting T5 and Higher attacks, which shatter the firewall).

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Will!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user boosts the afflicted, amplifying there physical and spiritual strength by a significant range. The afflicted feels as if his body has been exorcised of negative energy, feeling lighter and more focused.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- One attack’s damage is amplified, if contact is made, one Tier higher than original.
- Afflicted exhibits increased cognitive and physical motion for a duration of one post.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.
- This skill puts the afflicted into extreme spiritual imbalance afterwards, the user experiences mass hysteria and vomitting for two posts.

Distancing himself from the robot, due to the exposed electrical circuits, the robot rose once more aiming at Shunji to fire off a beam.

Shunji: How much of those things do you have stored up!? Prayer of Will!

Shunji released his weaved energy, infused by the Holy energy, his weaved spiritual aura had hit it's peak potential, the energy surged through his body, filling Shunji with clear mind and lighter body. Dashing towards the Destructo once more, Shunji's baton ripped through the Destructo's left foot, the severed appendage flew to right of the robot causing it to loose it's balance and fall. The robot began to struggle on the ground for quiet a while.

Donna: I'll take it from here.

Donna boarded her ship aimed a cannon of sorts towards the robot. It's mouth was twisted, it had looked like the barrel had been custom smith.

Donna: Regulator!

Donna's canon fired off a purple like energy which blew away the lining of the Destructo. The Destructo's circuits was significantly damaged, however, the blasts force reset the robot's original intentions.

Destructo: Destroy Donna Vendez's ship!

Destructo sprung forward, crashing himself into Donna's ship, almost capsizing her into the water, until Shunji saved her by hopping aboard and moving her to the ship docked adjacent from hers.

Donna: My ship! That took me four years to build...

Shunji: I can't replace four years but I can give you your vengeance now. I'm ending this.

From the distance, a silver haired frantic rushed towards the one legged robot covered in a peculiar aura.

Shunji: Today's filled with surprises it seems. Looks I gained an ally of sorts... Or is it too soon to tell?

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With a blazing white inferno engulfing his leg, Rocket launched himself into the air, towards the now malfunctioning robot. “You dumb ass robot! Don’t touch MY ship! “   As Destructo managed to balance itself on one leg, Rocket’s blazing foot connected with it’s center core. The kick evidently produced a large, circular shockwave of white fire. “Booyah! Ya dirty, pig-minded sack of maggots! “ In another flurry of silver-fire induced kicks, Lord Destructo was sent far off into the ocean, a heap of steam rising from the ever so dead robot. “Damn thing! I tried pro- I mean, it just came out of nowhere! The thing blasted into my lab and smashed it all to pieces! I hope everyone is alright? “ It was probably now obvious that Rocket was the one who created the monstrosity.

The young Shipwright gazed upon Donna’s giant mess that was once her prized vessel for the competition with a wide grin. Despite some minor fallacies in his plan, the end goal came true. Donna’s, and most of the other contestants ships were absolutely destroyed. Even better than he had planned! His crimson eyes fell upon the young man wielding iron gauntlets, a thin cigarette prominent at the corner of his mouth. During his little rush down the hill, he was able to witness the young warrior dispose of his robot with relative ease. If he had to end up fighting him for this little mishap… He was in trouble. Trying to get everyone off of the topic as soon as possible, he spoke out,  “Really nice job beating that robot up! Bweeehehehe! Too bad Donna’s ship got… Wrecked! Bwehehehehe…”


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Shunji watched as the man destroyed the robot quite easily in a matter of minutes. Taking out his cigarette and giving out a whistle, he threw the bud into the ground and sheathed his batons onto his sides. He walked over to the woman who was now depressed over the lost her prized ship, famed as the best in the South Blue the rumors implied, it had to be a masterpiece of some sorts.

Shunji: If only your ship could've survived a shot like that, you'd be the shipwright I'm looking for.

Donna: Excuse me?

Shunji: Jishi-Jishi it doesn't matter. However I do promise you, we'll get to the root of whoever caused this sabotage.

Shunji looked up towards the Silver haired teen. It was interesting, he began to say something Shunji picked up on. It was just a hunch but he believed this man was connected in some way and if so, he'd have to give him his credit, a robot like that isn't something the everyday person could construct. The marines began to investigate the scene and Shunji walked over to the shipwright and whispered into his ears as he passed.

Shunji: I know your the one who built the robot. After the competition, meet me in the Western part of the harbor, I'll depict my price for not turning you into the marines.

And, the competition began, however, only three entries remain and it was clear whose ship was superior amongst the cheap and quick patched together entrants. Within a half hour of deliberating, the judges had crowned Rocket as the winner, meanwhile, the marines on the scene investigated the attack heavily. Commander Rinnley was in attendance and took over the scene.

Rinnley: Search every inch of this bay and screen all the contestants. I smell foul play.

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Rocket watched as the crowd began gathering back around for the remainder of the competition. A large majority of the contestants were deliberately knocked out of the contest due to Rocket’s massive battle robot. The judges mulled the results over for quite some time, before finally coming to the conclusion that Rocket had won. And that was that. He actually won. He set out to win this competition, and retrieve the Logia Type Devil Fruit, and he won. Joy surged through his body. One of his ultimate dreams were about to be accomplished. Before he could step forward and claim his prize, the swift ninja-like smoker from earlier had made his way towards Rocket. In one quick movement, he leaned forward, whispered his blackmail statement into the young Shipwright’s ear, and trotted off. As simple, and quick as that.

Luckily, Rocket had enough common sense to not fight against the smoker. Due to the amount of Marines around, and the fact that he actually knew Rocket did it, he would ultimately be brought into custody. Another dreadful feeling grasped Rocket’s body and sunk his self-esteem like an anchor. Guilt. There was no way he could step forward and claim the prize, not after what he did. He closed his eyes for a split second, thinking for eternity. This was the type of situation that he was afraid of; Giving up his own potential success for someone else, even when he didn’t deserve it. He could make off with the Logia Devil Fruit in a matter of minutes, no problem. But the fact that he didn’t really earn it struck his heart like an arrow.

Rocket approached the judges, smiling as he took the Numa Numa no Mi Devil Fruit in hand. He set his crimson eyes upon it, and turned to look across the crowd. Near the docks, he could make out Donna’s figure. Rocket knew he wouldn’t be able to face her without exposing himself. That being said, he set the Devil Fruit down right behind her feet, and dashed off. Now, it was time to face the music. He had to meet the smoking-ninja at the Western part of the harbor so that his name wouldn’t be broadcasted out, framing (Rightly framing, mind you,) for the robot incident.

The docks western side reeked of fish and excruciating body odor. “Hello..? Smokey-Ninja guy..? “


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Shunji lied elevated on crates in the harbor, sleeping peacefully. He heard a scream which reminded him of the shipwright's voice and he hopped up, looking down, they're he was. Shunji searched his jacket for cigarettes but alas, he was out, it was a bad habit he was trying to kick anyhow. Hopping down to the floor of the dock, he looked at the man with a smirk.

Shunji: Did you get the Devil Fruit you wanted? Don't worry, I have no intentions of turning you into the marines, I just needed an excuse to get you here, Jishi-Jishi. To make things fair, I'm about to trade you a piece of information about myself also, in Lvneel, there's a revolution going on. A rebel force fighting against the King's corruption, however, no one knows whose the leader of this rebellion. Well, your looking at him. Now that were even, I have a request for you. I need a ship. Something spectacular. After I'm finish liberating Lvneel, I think I'll set out onto the seas. A leader born from betrayal, isn't what my country needs anyway. This must be overwhelming but how about it?

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Rocket set his amazon-like gaze upon the smoking-ninja. As worried as he was about possibly being turned in to the Marines for what he did, he seemed relatively calm on the outside. After hearing smokies comment on the Devil Fruit, his serenity faded to depression and a side of guilt. “No… I gave it to Donna. Although I don’t know if she knows it yet.. I felt too guilty.. “  With a heartfelt sigh, Rocket kicked a small pebble across the harbor. Excitement surged his body as the spiky-haired ninja announced that he actually wasn’t going to turn him in. As elated as he was, he still listened on to the man explaining himself and his origins, not interrupting him as he normally would someone. “Leader of a rebellion huh? Sounds like fun! I like to think of myself as a sort of rebel as well… Bwehehehe…”  The silver-locked Shipwright struck a flexing pose, slicking his hair back.

The last bit of information and the ninja’s question actually hit Rocket with a bit of shock. He only wanted a ship..? That was it?  “Really? You just want a ship? Is that all..? Bweheheheheahahaha! Bwaahehehehahaha! Well why didn’t you just ask me back there?! I can fix you up a ship in no time! I do it for a living after all, bwehehehe! “  The Shipwright adjusted his red dress shirts collar, allowing his crimson-blood eyes to settle on the ninja. “The name is Rocket, the best Shipwright in Cymba-29! Bwehehehehe, after my dad, of course! “ Despite his mischievous behavior, often times giving people the impression that he is a liar, he was telling the truth. Rocket had a gift like no other when it came to Shipwright and Carpentry skills. He could whip up ships that rival Marine Battleships in less than three days. Being a born doofus, most people wouldn’t expect this much talent and skill from him. His skills rivaled that of even Albert, Cymba-29’s boss, and even he was regarded as one of the, if not THE most talented Shipwright in the Blues. Rocket was a true prodigy when it came to buildings vessels.


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Shunji: Seems like we have deal then Rocket. It's to be working with you. I have faith that if you could build something as half as creative as that robot, it'll be a superb ship to behold Jishi-Jishi.

Shunji extended his hand out in hand shake on the making of ship.

Shunji: If possible, could you model it's front like a star? It'd be in honor of my late dad. I promised myself if I ever sailed these seas, I'd name my crew the Hoshi Pirates because we'd be the stars of the pirate world! The sentinels that shine brightest in the darkness like my father before me. Rocket! This sea is filled with so many interesting adventures, once I liberate my people, I'll leave knowing that tyrant of a king is gone.

Shunji anxiously awaited the man's response.

Shunji: Our ship should be able to outrun most marine vessels in terms of speed and cannons are cool! Not sure on everything else, I'll leave that for you to decide.

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Rocket ended his albino-white hand forward, grasping the ninja’s in a firm grip. He bared his fang-like teeth in a wide grin, shaking his hand wildly. Despite not buying the ship, this was sort of like his first customer. Even though he wasn’t getting any money out of it, at least he knew it was going to a good cause. Besides, this guy was keeping his secret safe from the Marines. The least he could do was build him his own vessel. It was way less than the ninja’s gift of keeping him out of ‘Hell’ (Hell = Captured by Marines and sent to Impel Down). “A star on the Bowsprit and Bow? Based off of your father? That’s pretty cool! I can get this thing done in a day! “  And again, he actually could. Extremely excited about being able to form a ship for someone by himself was a huge task, and would definitely present a story to tell for Albert when he returned.

Rocket began walking back towards his ‘hidden’ lab, rambling on in hopes that the Ninja Smoker would follow him. “Trust me, I am gonna soup this baby up! It’s gonna outrun Marines, Pirates, Revolutionaries, and even a damn Sea King! I am gonna throw cannons all over the place! Big, explosive ones too! So you can destroy your enemies! I’ll craft that star out of pure steel as well to give it some durability… Should I brace your sides in steel? Hm, I don’t know. I could do this.. and then that..”  Verbosing on as usual, Rocket pressed onward.


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Shunji: I can't wait to see the finished product Jishi-Jishi.

Shunji followed Rocket, not sure where he was heading but he seem to had some ideas that would make this ship amazing.From the crates on West Port, in the shadows lied Benny with his Den Den Mushi on.

Benny: Did you get all of that boss?

From Lvneel, the leader of Hisbiscus, Mother Six listened in on everything. At her left was the head of operations, Bollan Storm, who had just been recently appointed the position of Commander in the army. 

Mother Six: How unfortunate. If we weren't in Lvneel, that boy could've been successful.

Bollan: We already had intel that he was part of the revolution but who would thought he's the infamous 'Zion' they talk about. He's crafty for a sixteen year old but his youth fails him. 

Mother Six: I just got an idea. Once Ten gathers enough evidence of Tiger's corruption, how about we pin the murders on him?

Bollan: On some kid?

Mother Six: It'd be perfect. He's skilled but his fighting is sloppy he'd be caught in no time. Once he returns, I'll have my associate assassinate him. A dead pawn who can't defend himself is much better than an alive one. 

Mother Six picked up a Den Den Mushi with a shield on the snails head.

Mother Six: I need you to kill someone for me.

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The Following Thread has been reviewed and graded. Locking Thread. Please add this thread to your Character Timeline Thread.

Let see what happen here.

-Rocket built a giant robot to destroy the competitor ship, but he screw up and program it to destroy his own Ship and to terminate anyone who got in its way. (Good Job, Rocket! Master Shipwright. | Shunji. You trust him to work on your ship!? The smoking is killing those brain cells.)

-But the combined efforts of Shunji & Rocket with some aid from Donna, Manage to defeated the robot, which did manage to destroy Donna's ship and other competitors ships as well. Rocket wins the competition and no one expect for Shunji and Hisbiscus, knows that the robot belong to Rocket. (Everything works at in the end.)

-Rocket after going through all that trouble gives the prize (Logia Devil Fruit) to Donna. (How Honorable).

-The two of you made a deal and walk off.

EXP: No EXP awarded due to Tier Sysem
Reputation: 10,000,000 to Both

Kalliope's Character Sheet: ~Click Me~
Primary Fighting Style: Magu Kata
Secondary Fighting Style: W.I.P
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