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Market Expansion [Private/NK]

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1 Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:52 pm


Ilusia Kingdom the city rumored to be made out of gold, the rumors were mostly false, despite the majority of buildings having a golden colored to them, it wasn't actual gold, at best it was gold colored paint. Of course being an Arms Dealer and having to deal with dozens of transactions on a daily, if not hourly based. She knew her way around gold and when someone try to cheat her, those poor bastards. Never cross an Arms Dealer. Anyway the Kuja Mercenary and Arms Dealer came to the Kingdom for one purpose only. To expand her market base, she spent the past few days meeting with local forges and bars, the best sources to obtain knowledge and to supply her with items to sell. Her dream was to have complete control overs the arms trade and production in the world. She getting close to her goal, but she still had a lot of work to do. She had to spread her influence across all four blues, the Grandline and The New World. She couldn't do that alone, so many she could find some aid. Since she was align with any sole group like pirates, she was free to do business with anyone she please.

At the moment, Kalliope was standing inside a shady looking bar, she had a single darts in her hand as she was playing a game of darts with some men. "And I just won this game, boys. Which means you paid for my drinks. Point Break" Kalliope cheered as she toss a dart the manage to hit the center of the dart board. There were some groans and sighs but overall no one was upset, who wouldn't enjoy the company of a Kuja? Especially one who wasn't wearing a shirt! "I have to admit it, you pretty damn good, babe. So I don't mind covering for you..." An overweight man with a bread slurred as he finish the rest of his drink. Kalliope flash him a lovely smile as she raise her glass of lemonade. "Three cheers for the gentleman!" Kalliope shouted, causing the bar to uproar with laughter. As the bar was filled with laughter Kalliope grinned, as she just gain more customers for her Black Market.

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2 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:50 pm

Bra was sent to the city of llusia for a special operation. She would be undercover, extracting information about the many things that were going wrong down there. The work of pirates. The people who ruined lives without a single care in the world. Of course, she took the mission without any hesitation. If it meant she was throwing those thugs in jail to make the world a better place, then it would go against her character to reject the mission.

At about seven P.M., the marine ship, disguised as a regular ship full of pirates made its way to the island. Eighteen marines, excluding her were currently on this ship.

They would be going in groups of three, except Bra, who was confident that if any trouble would arise, that she would be able to handle herself. Each Marine group would split up once they got into the kingdom, stopping the illegal operations that went on.

On the ship, was many items that were used in a black market. Organs of fallen pirates, weapons, armor. Each Marine had a wire on them so they could incriminate anyone involved with this.

I'm kind of surprised that the marines trusted me with such a huge mission. They didn't even bother sending a Vice Admiral to accompany me. I'm finally starting to gain there trust, which means I'll be able to help the world more.

"Captain! We are preparing to enter Illusia Kingdom!"

One of the marines up on the deck came down into her office, snapping the Rear Admiral out of her thoughts.


Him and Bra went to the deck of the ship, which was parked at the port of the Kingdom. The marines looked like your common pirate trash, as they didn't want to arouse any suspicion. Even Bra, despite her protests had to dress somewhat shady. She wore a black shirt with a skull and crossbones image on the center, five inch black shoes, and skinny black pants with fishnet over it. Over the fishnet was a beige trenchcoat, with her green hair made straight and long, going down to her waist.

Her first destination was a seedy bar located near the center of the kingdom, which took her five minutes to get too.

Inside, her nose wrinkled at the stench. How could anyone bare to stay in here? Seriously, this was killing her vibe! Before she started this operation though, she decided to get some booze from the bartender. They knew a lot about this sort of thing.

"Know anything about a black market, kid?"

"Who's askin'? And you gotta pay the price.."

Annoyed by the bartender's attitude, she discretely revealed the tattoo of the marine symbol on her shoulder.

"Want to tell me now?"


G-Gah...dammit! I didn't know he had so much balls!

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3 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:29 pm


It seem like the cheering would come to a screeching halt. As the everyone was now staring at the Marine who didn't dress like one for sure. Kalliope wondered why the female marine was allowed to dressed like well some sort of teenage criminal, what happen to that strict uniform that she thought all marines had to wear? Maybe she was on vacation or maybe she was on mission or something the blonde-haired Kuja didn't knew. "Marine!? Show the marine a good time then! No need to start a brawl. Right?" Kalliope would shout out, not really caring about it at the moment, she was almost positive that she keep her activities covert, but maybe she should find out more about this marines intentions outside of the bar. "Screw that! That marine is going to arrest us for having a good time, kick her ass and get her out of the bar!" One of more muscular men in the shady bar spoke up as he smash a beer bottle on his table. His action got couple grunts of agreement as two skinny and weak looking men got up from their seats and join the bottle wielding man. Kalliope shook her head as she rub some broken glass away from her drink. "Please watch where you break things, I rather not drink glass. Please and thank you." The arms dealer sighed as she prop her feet up on the table, simply choosing to watch the events play out.

The men just ignored Kalliope as they approach the marine and the bartender. The largest of the three would take a seat next to the marine and smile. "Why don't you leave this place or else. Me and my boys will rough you up there cutie." The men would burst out laughed, the smell of beer was strong on them. They was sure the marine would just ran away after she that she was outnumber. Kalliope raised her empty glass. "I place 1,000,000 Beli on the marine kicking their asses! Who thinks I'm wrong!." And just like that the bar was placing bets on the marine, the majority of them was betting on the marine losing.

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4 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:37 pm

Of course, this bar didn't seem to be so friendly to marines like her.

Ah..what a pain in the ass. I tried not to get anyone here..I won't kill them, they don't seem like really bad people. They're under the influence, after all.

"Well, I don't really like being told what to do, and I think this bar is pretty nice, so...I feel like staying here! Sorry!"

Swiftly, she would throw a punch that would send the fodder pirate flying through the bar's entrance and out on the streets, knocked out cold, looking like a fool because he got beat in a single punch by a girl who wasn't even half of his size. The onlookers looked amazed that she was able to knock the brute out with such ease, but he was a simple pirate from the Blues and she was a Rear Admiral. It was to be expected.

"Now I'm a little bit annoyed. But, since I've seen to caught your attention, people! I'd like to ask if any of you have heard any talk about an arms trade? Even the smallest of leads would help.."

Perhaps if she was nice they would respect that and give her the answers she needed. Unfortunately, it seemed like she was wrong. One of the friends of the pirate that I just been knocked out seemed to be angry with Bra, coming towards her with a broken bottle. She knew that these people were drunk, but how much did they drink?

Quickly, yet casually, she raised her left leg, stopping him in his tracks.

"Stupid..I'm in a different league then you!"

Then, she punted him across the room, giggling as he crashed into a pile of beer cans on the floor.

"Look, I'm usually nice but that doesn't mean I'm against torture when it needs to happen. But, whatever, I guess you guys are drunken idiots..I doubt you know anything.."

Sighing, the marine would try to exit the bar.

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5 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:36 pm


The man was about to retort until he was caught off with a mean hook, it was instantly knockout as soon as the fist made impact."And look at him fly! I think that was a home run, if this was a game of baseball." Kalliope just rested her boots on the table and watch the fight between the drunken men and the marine, heck it wasn't even a fight. It was more like a one-sided beat down, the woman knew how to throw a punch, Kalliope mused. Not even she would want to be on the receiving end of that. That man's package must have shrunk three sizes that day. When she ask about the arms trade, Kalliope narrowed her eyes slightly before she laugh it off. Maybe she could use it to her advantage, so she decided to make herself know, by shouting out to the marine.

"Oh. The arms trade, I heard of that and I even got some information on it that may prove to be useful to you marines. Of course this information would comes at a price, Know what I'm saying. Everything has a price." She wasn't sure if the marine heard her or not, as man charge at the marine with broken bottle. Another bad move as he was quickly defeated. "Wait!" Kalliope quickly hop out of her seat as she follow the marine outside the bar. Meanwhile inside the bar, the bartender just shook his head as he grabbed a broom and mop and began to clean up.

"You have some pretty neat moves. Back there. I wish I could fight like that!. Oh and my name is Kalliope, but you can call me Kalli for short! Still looking for information on that arms race or whatever thingy." Kalliope grinned as she lean on the building with her arms cross waiting for a response from the marine. She try to think if she ever heard of this marine before, so far she couldn't come up with anything.

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6 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:41 pm

As soon as she was about to leave the building, perhaps causing even more trouble in the city to find out what needed to be known about the arms dealer, a girl stopped her from leaving, complimenting her on dispatching those thugs so easily.

"Thanks, but it wasn't anything overly complicated! They were just thugs trying to disrupt justice! I'm sure that you'll become as strong as me if you follow the path of justice!"

Admittedly, she sounded a bit cheesy but Bra couldn't help herself. The other girl continued to talk, sounding like she knew something about the Arms Ring going on.

"Huh? You know something about this? Tell me everything you know! I can't let innocent people perish under my watch! I'll do anything to stop this injustice!"

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7 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 4:46 pm


Kalliope held back her laughter a bit. The path of justice, what a noble thought even if it was a bit native, considering that the government the marine works for, isn't so pure. "Do you really think I can become as strong as you! I don't know you look super strong and I doubt I could match that? Are willing to tell me how you got so powerful, I promise I won't tell a soul!" What she said wasn't a complete lie, but it was completely true. If came to close quarter combats, she knew the other female will have the advantage. Kalliope wasn't primary a close range fighter, but she consider herself decent in it.  Any way she rub her head, giving off the impression that she was thinking about the information the marine needed. She say she would do anything for it, this gave Kalliope some ideas, but she wasn't completely bad or good. She was neutral for the most part. Kalliope would open the door for the marine, letting her walk out of the bar, before she would follow behind her.

Once they were outside she carefree and happy attitude, became serious as she look around to see if anyone was spying on them, she didn't see anyone so she began talking. "Before I tell you this information, just promise me that you will get rid of this scum bag and don't tell your bosses that you met me, okay sweetheart?" Kallope paused for a few moments to hear her respond before counting on. "Okay, I know an important dealer in the Black Market, I don't know what his name is, but I can give you some basic information on him. He a tall and skinny dude around maybe 6 feet tall or something close to it. Pale skin. I heard that he a Shichibukai too. Powerful guy. I don't how he fights, but I'm sure you can find out on your own." Kalliope smile, she knew of another arms dealer and she wasn't pleased about it one bit.. So she figure why not this Marine deal with him. If she kills him or capture him it all good to her. Hell it was good deal to both of them, this Marine becomes famous for taking out an arms dealer and Kalliope has less competition. Kalliope remain silent as she let the marine take in all the information she had given her.

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8 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:22 pm

The girl asked how Bra got so strong, an answer that she didn't know herself. The power that Bra possessed was quite rare for her age. Most of the people her age in the marines were basic grunts. In two years, the scientists expected her to be an Admiral, quite possibly making her one of the youngest Admirals of all time.

"Well, uh..this is how I got strong! I drank lots and lots of orange juice, and never gave up! The latter is especially important! As long as you never give up, then nothing can stand in your way!"

She couldn't go into details about her grueling training that went on in her family, that was classified, and would most likely disturb many people. Not that Bra believed this person was radiating innocence..if she was, then she wouldn't be involved in this kind of stuff. Now that she took the time to think about it, this could have been a trap. But, she didn't want to ruin this moment if there was any chance that the information might be legit.

Once the both of them were outside, Bra picked up some distinct changes in the girl's facial expression, but didn't question it. The information broker made Bra promise to swear that the meeting they were having would be kept a secret, and of course, Bra swore that it would, and the girl continued to speak.

From what the marine gathered, the reason for all of this death and destruction was none other then a Shichibuki...she knew that they were untrustworthy! They claimed to serve the world government, but were causing trouble like this while no one was watching. From the description, she thought she knew a Shichibuki like that, but would go to headquarters in order to check it out in greater detail.

"Thank you for telling me this..if we ever meet again, I promise I'll try and train you myself, okay?"

It was a promise Bra intended to keep, and unless interrupted, she would go back to the docks, gathering all the marines so they could start a new assassination mission.


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9 Re: Market Expansion [Private/NK] on Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:58 pm


"Never giving up and orange juice. I make sure to change up my diet" Kalliope could use some more fruit in her diet, so drinking more orange juice wouldn't be so bad. Kalliope smile and nodded her head as she rub the back of head sheepishly. "No thank you, I want this monster taken off the streets so kids and parents can feel safe again. So please be careful and bring this man to justice. I be praying for you. And I will hold you too that promise. If we meet again, I be happy to become your pupil!" Kalliope shout and wave at the marine as she left, despite how odd she look she pretty attractive. So hopefully their paths will cross again. She didn't plan on becoming a student, but hey if she got some free training out of this partnership, she wouldn't deny it. As the marine soon was out of eyesight and hearing distance. Kalliope would finally stop waving as she shook her head. "Nice Marine, I'm luckily she didn't recognize me. That would been be, at least I got her off my back for now."  Now with that marine looking for that Shichibuki Arms Dealer, Kalliope didn't have to worry about that marine coming after her for now, but still Kalliope would kept her eyes on the marine from the shadows to keep track of her progress. If she need more help on the way, Kalliope could aid her if needed. With nothing else to do in the area, Kalliope would return to a motel she was staying at to get in contact with her clients, warning them of marine prying her way into the Black Market scene.


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