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To peer upon the stars (Private Social, Anna and Shunji)

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The evening sun was set low upon the horizon as Anna sat upon the shoreline, watching the waves. It had been a normal day for the girl: Wake up, hunt for food, start fire, cook, eat, wonder if she'd ever go back to normal society, and patrol the shoreline for scraps she could use to expand her makeshift home. She was far from any other humans, off at the tail of the bird that this island took the shape of; indeed, that was the point. Anna didn't trust herself among other people; she was too liable to explode on them from her empathic tendencies and injure somebody.

There was plenty to subsist on here: A source of fresh water at the nearby watering hole, a vast variety of wildlife to kill and eat (especially the swallows), and various things from the wreckage of ships that washed up along the shoreline. It was a veritable paradise for the girl, especially since animals didn't trigger her empathy; here, she could enjoy her emotions as much as she wanted. Sometimes, she considered trying to meet with the farmers that were opposite the source of fresh water, but she didn't want to complicate their lives; to her, they seemed perfectly content with the simplicity of it all. She only wished that the same could be said for her.

Anna looked out again over the vast blue expanse in front of her, sighing. She was growing bored of her little corner of the world; she needed more. Her powers would likely assist her in her adventures, but she needed a ship if she wanted to go anywhere. She might know how to make weapons, but she had no idea where to even start on making a ship; they were like apples and oranges, if the oranges were a hundred times as complicated and two hundred times bigger than the apples. Plus, she didn't want to have to interact with other people due to her aforementioned issues; other islands, she knew, were much more densely populated than this one. Those two issues were all that stood between Anna and freedom, but there was no way to even start to deal with either of them.

Sighing again, Anna looked up at the darkening sky, picking out the first twinkles of starlight.

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Shunji: How do I explain this...

Shunji was now falling from the sky, covered in his plasma coating. Rewinding a bit, he was on a merchant ship, him and his crew had stolen and they encountered a sea king. The blue haired paladin was fighting the beast and got tossed into the ocean. For a devil fruit user, that's pretty much death. However, the ocean currents in the North Blue are known as the toughest of the four seas for a reason. The converging tides shot him into the sky, in the form of a geyser. At that moment, the high wind struck, shooting the man towards Swallow Islands shores.

Shunji: And now... This is going to hurt. God help me. Yahoooo!

Shunji flipped his body in mid-air and attempting to land feet first. Covering his body in a large mass of heat, he activated his Red Star skill and crashed into the nearby forest. From anyone looking up, it would appear as if a shooting star had now landed on the earth.

Shunji: Ouch.... THAT HURT! Tah-Tah...

He exclaimed in pain. Hopping upwards, he landed on his batons, well, his broken batons.

Shunji: Oh great... now they're broken.

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As she peered up at the stars, Anna noticed a small, glowing speck flying across the sky. A shooting star? It didn't seem to be going quite fast enough, but it wouldn't hurt to make a wish anyway. I wish I had a way off this island, the girl thought, doubting it would come true. Certainly wouldn't hurt, though.

As Anna kept watching, the speck began to grow bigger. What could it be? A meteorite? It looked to be the size of a person; that could cause some destruction if it didn't hit the ocean. It seemed to be coming straight towards the island; Anna's concern grew as she watched it, hoping it didn't hit her side of the island. As she kept watching, though, its true nature dawned on her. It wasn't just the size of an person, it was a person. And it was heading almost directly towards her. Anna watched as the person flew over her head, landing in the forest behind her.

She sprung to her feet, heading in the direction the man had gone; if she had guessed correctly, the man had likely landed near her makeshift hut. She didn't want anybody going near that thing without her around, especially not a man who fell from the sky. She activated her Phantom Lucidity skill as she went, turning transparent in case whoever had fallen had bad intentions. It was a quick walk to the hut, but it was even faster than usual; Anna found the man standing between her and the hut, holding what might be half of a baton in each hand. He was close enough for Anna's empathy to activate, sending a wave of sadness towards the girl, but she steeled herself and forced it down. She could deal with the emotions of one person well enough, as long as he wasn't insane.

The man seemed to be powerful, as well; he was glowing somewhat red, and Anna could feel heat radiating from him even from here. He might set the forest on fire if he kept this up. Taking a risk, Anna became opaque again, revealing herself to the man. "Who are you?" She asked in a neutral tone, not wanting to come off as too soft or too harsh. "Why did you just fall from the sky?"

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Shunji watched the forest clearing as the girl came out from nowhere. His Tribunal Eyes activated, peering at the girls aura. It had a mixture of vibes coming off of her, he couldn't tell if she was evil or innocent, which is rare, nowadays most people lean to one extreme or another, at least the ones he meet on these seas. To her inquiries, Shunji looked the girl in her the sky blue eyes.

Shunji: Hey, your eyes are blue like mine, that's pretty neat. My name's Shunji... Shunji Z. Wraith. As to why I was falling from the sky...

Shunji got up, wiping off the muck from the forest he ran into from his clothes. Just then, a pack of swallows flew down and landed on his shoulder. Shunji was alarmed, usually anything living thing that gets that close to him in this form could potentially be burnt to a crisp. The swallows swarmed around the pirate, using him as light source, the feathers glowed in unity with the heat, producing a miniature light show of sorts. The dimming light as the sunset was perfect for this occasion.

Shunji: I'm guessing this is Swallow Island. These birds must be the strain who are immune to hot temperatures. Though, I haven't really mastered this skill yet, so cooling down isn't as easy as it looks. I lost track, how rude. My nakama and I were fighting a Sea King and then it tossed me into the ocean. Then this huge geyser came from nowhere and shot me here.

Shunji, being highly emotive in his explanation, using his hands to illustrate being shot off into the air and landing here on Swallow Island.

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