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Rising Tar [Private/Leonidas]

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26 Re: Rising Tar [Private/Leonidas] on Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:46 pm

Leonidas brushed his blonde curtains out of his eyes. He launched himself to the Hotel floor, sheathing his giant sword upon his muscular back. The Revolutionary General made his way towards the entrance to the now damaged Hotel. Thunder cracked off in the distance, droplets of rain descending upon the island. This would have actually benefited the island, washing the tar and gunk away. He rested himself upon one of the large pieces of rubble located on the tree’s solid surface. The rain began soaking his bloodstained suit. He hadn’t taken the time to look over to Kalliope, already knowing that she was ok. He was able to use his Observation Haki to sense her presence still on the tree, no longer feeling the Anthropomorphic animal’s aura. “Seems like it’s over now. “  Rain washed over his face, melting the dried blood that was previously splattered his cheeks.

He’s glad it was over. Chasing the Gunk Soldier was a pain in the ass. The only thing that got him was the ‘Immortality’ that he talked about. Could the chance for immortality really be down there? What even drove Rorick to seek this out? Everyone has a purpose for doing what they do in life, and as much as it seemed that he did it out of pure enjoyment, it was unlikely. No one does something without a reason, whether it be viable or unfathomable. “I wonder what really triggered his spark to seek this out. Immortality is a vague thing. I’d probably go insane if I was immortal. Being alive forever. It’s nice to be able to experience the world for what it is while you’re alive, and leave your morales and dreams behind so that others can carry it on into the future. Being alive forever though.. Doesn’t seem that heroic to me. “

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27 Re: Rising Tar [Private/Leonidas] on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:08 pm


"That one attack he landed over me, didn't broken anything, at least I can't feel any broken ribs. Lucky he didn't bruise my skin, or I would have skin that vermin alive." The Arms Dealer, wasn't any sort of medical expert, she just ran her hand over her ribs to see if anything felt strange or out of place. She couldn't detected anything so she assume she was okay. She place both of her machine guns and her new acquired revolvers back into her bags and put the bags over her shoulders and sighed happily. She didn't plan on being a heroine today, but she felt somewhat good knowing that the citizens of this Island wouldn't have to worry about toothpick or the Gunk Solider anymore. She noticed that it started to rain and the sounds of combat has cease. She knew that Leonidas would be able to stop that perverted pirate.

Of course Kalliope was shirtless in this weather, but she didn't mind it one bit. It was somewhat refreshing to her. Whistling loudly."I better get out of here. I don't want to catch something and spread it to my clients and contacts." Kalliope look up towards and shouted. "Its look like we have to postponed that drink for now. It was great working with you and hopefully we cross paths more often. I need to get back my place and review some things." With a mock salute, Kalliope placed one of bags over her head and walk away from the hotel. "Don't forgot you owe me a drink and then some." With one final chuckle she ran down the street to get hideout.

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28 Re: Rising Tar [Private/Leonidas] on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:22 pm

“Aye. Hopefully.” Leonidas flashed a vibrant smile once more, bringing his hand up to wave the Kuja off. It was an amazing adventure, really. They defeated the Gunk Soldier, and his minions, easily enough. He got a new sword, he got to touch up on his skills, and he met a beautiful woman, hopefully still on her good side as well. Although he owes her a drink and then some, it was fun.

All there was left to do now was to head back into the New World, back to his homeland, Sarcina Island, to check up on the new recruits and their training. Surely by now they must have finished or are close to it. He also needed to meet up with Commander Wulfric and General Karrissa for some much needed planning..

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