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1 Lustenth's topic on Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:19 pm

Name: Lustenth
Epithet: The charm lord
Age: 25



Appearance: Lustenth height’s is 6’0 feet, his weight would be around 170 lbs of pure toned lean muscle bulky to prevent reaction time decrease; his skin is smoothing and holds no ache, scars or discolouration, flawless in nature. Hair has a natural golden glow about it, natural light purple heights and reaches down to the bottom of his neck fine type hair. His body portions are flawless and perfectly symmetrical, length of limbs are even as well facial features of perfect mirror images of the two sizes also a youthfully and incredibly handsome. Lust wears black lip stick with simple make up as with naturally thick eye liner and eye shadow. His got a three feet tongue.  Butt is Firm round and soft. Built is constantly toned wither he tries to or not. Soft mid deep tone voice with a siren like echo after each letter. Black finger nails/claws about in inch off his hands (claw like), no body hair at all. One sliver earning on his right side. Semi thin eye brows and pointed elf ears. Muscular frame, build and shape gymnastics, swimmer, dancer, martial artist and model. Well prominent muscles all around. He is exceptional handsome etc god of lust bitch

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Black
Skin Tone:Medium Tan
Height: 182.88 cm
Weight:77 kg
Tattoo:Umbra crest- left side thigh

Personality: Lustenth is a free spirit, one that enjoys the world and its pleasure as well as enjoying it tasting his own desires. He is care free, passive to the affairs to the world and unconnected to those that he deems unworthy or boring and honestly he couldn’t care what fate befalls them. There is just so much of the world that this man wants to see and taste but there is just so much little time in one life to see him all. But that doesn’t mean the presitence man will not try, Lu’s mark shall be cast as far as the seven seas stretch out to him and his victims shall be engraved with his glory upon their very soul. Peerless in his art and relentless in his pursuit of a perfect man to be his knight, Lu shall stop till the world in his brothel.  

1) Handsome Men
2) Muscular bodies
3) Fullfill desires

1) Women
2) Unhealthy life styles
3) Rules

To enslave the men of all worlds into the blissing of each other flash

2)Divine intervention
3)Lose of one’s mind

Inner Lineage: (Beauty of the devils)This amplifies/ modifies the Lustneth entire perception to others that in any way view him physical and magically, sight, smell, touch etc all become amazingly increasing entrancing and alluring. His natural beauty and vanity by is protected by preventing his body from receiving any permanent damage or visible marks or issues to his appearance (skin, hair etc) from harm for any aesthetic damage. It will feel as smooth as silk, flawless as marble and glowing like moonlight (metaphorical) and exude delightful Pheromones that pleasantly tantalizes organic beings as a strong magical airborne toxic if pleasure. This all creates his powerfully magical and physical aura of Lust, desire, even love creates that helps educes towards him as an energetic sense around him based on an users lust as powerfully magic towards Lu regardless of sex, sexual orientation or species. This as well lets him as well modify his appearance aesthetics in casual ways at will instantly, changing his clothing to anything he wishes (non-battle gear), hair style and color, eye color, skin tone etc. He is always, and under any circumstances, physically, personally and socially perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make him look unattractive or distract from their presence from his views. Because if it this power allows the user to be extremely persuasive to others and even himself that can be used to try to influence others on varying levels to follow his side. It is determined by his influence, level of how much Lustneth wants it to be done and the others's will power and magical resistance, seemingly cogent commandment is far too compelling.

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Further those that are willing to follow him gain a large magical boost to their overall powers and self’s so long as they are following or aiding Lu. Those that are affected by this and try to resist will be struggling against themselves and be crippled by a high amount so long as they are fighting him or not supporting him.
- Just take out that part of your inner lineage and your good to go.

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