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Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra]

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1 Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:59 pm

She had been up since noon, mixing different potions to be used for various purposes. Battling, medical, others that were Her outfit was pretty casual since she was in her home. A pink shirt, with black sweatpants and a pair of wooden sandals. A yellow headband rested on her forehead. Her hair was a curly, green afro.

"What kind of potions should I be, I'd need test subjects. All my previous ones died! Mice simply aren't as durable as humans, unfortunately."

Most people didn't even know of the experiments she conducted on the local animals. It wasn't that she enjoyed hurting these animals. But, she was simply obsessed with making her potions.

"These potions will help me erase the pirate scum for the face of the world! Everyone will be happy and all those pirates will pay for killing my family.."

Her stomach growled, and she put her potions down.

"Sometimes I really wish I was a robot..I wouldn't need any food and fatigue would become a distant memory."

Sighing, she went to the main level of the house and headed into the kitchen. She did order some fast food from was unhealthy, and it was a bad habit for a solider, but still. What could she do? Food was right in front of her!

"Alright..this is going to be the last time I eat fast food! From now on, the only food I'll be eating is fresh stuff, straight from the farm! I can't keep putting on unnecessary weight, it could throw me off balance.."

Opening her small refrigerator, she took out a plastic bag with a white carton inside of it.

"I'm going to miss the fried camel and fried octopus this store sells..ugh!"

Taking the plastic bag, she shoved it inside a drawer and put her food in the microwave for a minute. As she waited for her food to warm up, the den den mushi rang in her living room.

"Is this the residence of Bra Babonoa?"

"Yes, who's speaking?"

"The Marines have a job for you. Come into the base in the next hour or so.."

Looks like she would have to take her food to go, unfortunately.

"I wonder what the mission is this time.."

Heading into her room, she withdrew the marine clothing that they were expected to wear while they were on duty, then headed back to the kitchen to take the food out of the microwave. She left the house, locked the door, and headed to the marine base.

"If this is a serious mission, I could probably get my promotion sooner or later..that would be nice."
At the entrance of the marine base, she simply couldn't hold her hunger back anymore! She sat down on the bench and began eating...

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2 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:44 pm

"Would you just go away please? I am trying to have some peace and quiet before my employers pull me by the leash again!" shouted Axel in demand, with an irritated facial expression. He got use to all of the government lapdog expressions, so much that he liked to use them himself. It wasn't like he was offended by them, because anyone who was smart knew not to say that in his face, except for the marines, since Axel could not hurt any of them, and if he did he would get his shichibukai title stripped from him, which would be a bad thing. The last thing the warlord needed was to have yet another faction hunting him down, as he already pissed off too many to count. He was aboard a marine ship that he got permission to have for transportation, on the top deck, trying to relax with the bright sunny sky above him, but a ghost that was wearing samurai style armor were in front of him, interrupting his relaxation.

"Don't you think you should be training your swordsmanship instead of just sitting around? You have an important job that cannot be done by a weakling!" shouted the ghost man. Unfortunately for Axel, he was gifted with the power to see the ghosts of his ancestors. They pop up at random times, and most of the times they are different people, but in the case of the samurai, he frequents Axel's location and knows of his warlord position. He respects the marines, but it is unknown if he has any connection with them, since he likes to keep his past to himself. Axel doesn't even know what the samurai is to him in terms of blood relations. As they were arguing, the den den mushi rang. It was on a table next to the ship's wheel, so the sand king had to reluctantly get up from his seat and answer it.

"Hello? This is Axel speaking," he said.

"Go to the marine base on Karate Island immediately. They need your help with a task that you will be going on with Rear Admiral Babanoa," informed the men on the other side, who seemed to be a government worker. Axel knew that rear admiral, Bra Babanoa. She was known by many for her excellent use of the Earth Logia devil fruit, and was strong enough for the sand king himself to not want to be on her bad side, but he hears that she hated shichibukai, so that would be tough.

"Alright, I will be there as soon as possible," Axel replied, then hung up the den den mushi and put it back on the table.

"Dammit, of all the times, they want me now. Oh well, I guess I can relax later," Axel suggested to himself  aloud, then began to steer the wheel towards Karate Island. The samurai appeared behind him.

"See, I told you that you should have been training."

"Will you shut up about that already?" asked Axel. After a half hour of moving on South Blue, Axel arrived on Karate Island, docked, and walked into the marine base that was near the dock. Upon reaching the entrance, he saw Bra on a bench eating food.

"So, our higher-ups call us to this base, but you decide to eat before you even get inside? Interesting..." Axel noted, smiling at the girl. He was looking at her odd curly green afro

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3 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:36 pm

As she was eating her fried octopus, a man came up to her. She realized this because of his shadow, her eyes looking towards the ground as well as he food. As she lifted her head, her eyes met his, her nose wrinkling in distaste.'s one of those Warlords! I mean, if they betrayed the pirates how can we trust them? Friggin' traitors!

She then realized that he was staring at her afro. Was something wrong with it? Couldn't a lady go somewhere while wearing an afro, damn it!

I'll try to be nice to him, but my tolerance for people like him isn't very high!

"Well, I don't want to be rude in front of the higher-ups. My stomach might make some noises that'll surely interrupt them! And what the heck do ya mean by us...? They didn't say anything about me working with someone...why did I have to work with you...I guess I better make the best of it. I'm Bra, although you probably know my name. I definitely know who you are.."

Finished with her food, she threw the container in a garbage can, getting off the bench and heading into the marine base.

"So, why the heck did you betray your pirate friends and become a Shichibuki?"

Assuming that he would follow along with her, she frowned, scanning him over. He didn't look very strong, but then again, Bra knew that looks could be deceiving.

"Just try not to backstab me in the middle of battle...please."

Bra entered the office of the Vice Admiral that assigned her this mission, bowing down as a show of respect.

"We've come for the full details of this mission, sir."

"Right, Bra Babanoa and Axel Rover.. we need you to kill a pirate."

He handed them both each a folder containing information about the pirate and his crew.

"We know the captain uses a Devil Fruit, but we have no clue what kind. His last known whereabouts was in the South Blue...the island, Centaurea, an island home to revolutionists. He was most likely allowed to stay there because he promised to cause no'll be hard for marines to get on that island, so I suggest using disguises in order to infiltrate it. Round up some revolutionists while you're at it! Will you be taking the lower ranking marines?"

"No need. They don't need to die for no reason.."

"Then you two are dismissed. Happy hunting.."

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4 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:01 pm

The woman replied with the fact that she did not want to eat while the base's marine captain was informing the two of their mission, which sounded reasonable to Axel, and then she rudely asked aloud why she had to be matched up with the shichibukai, irritating him.

'Would it kill just one marine to be respectful to a pirate who has pledged their power to their employers?' wondered Axel in his mind. Bra then stated that she knows the warlord's name, which didn't surprise him.

"Well, of course you do. Who wouldn't know me, the Sand King, famous for grand scale destruction, but let's not bring that up here, hehe," he suggested, and after that Bra threw away her food container and the two went into the base. On the way to the captain's office, the Rear Admiral asked Axel why he betrayed pirates and joined up with the government. That is when Axel halted her from going any further through the hall, turned around and looked her in the face with a blank expression.

"First of all, girl, you must realize that their is no such thing as 'betraying pirates.' Everyone out their is only thinking of obtaining treasure for themselves. I doubt you will ever find a pirate that honestly cares for their crew. As a pirate, it is you against the world, and I didn't like my survival rate like that, so I joined you guys. It is as simple as that. In this world, you must do whatever it takes to live," stated the chestnut-haired male, then he turned back around and headed to the marine captain's office, hoping that he didn't scare off the young woman. During their trek, she threw in another nasty comment about backstabbing her, to which he ignored. After a few more minutes, they made it into the office. The captain gave them the details on a pirate crew to destroy, handing them each a folder on the information on him and every other member of his crew.

"Hmmm, it seems like you guys have a mole in that crew, to have so much information on them. Only the captain has a bounty, hehe," Axel said, intrigued about the spying power of the marines. He then wondered if any of the crews he used to tag along with had a marine spy. The sand king exited the office, hoping that Bra would follow, and once they were out, he led her to the marine ship he had been using.

"Alright, let's get to this island. I want to get this done as soon as possible," Axel stated, then hopped aboard the ship.

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5 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:00 pm

As he bragged about his title of Sand King and the massive amounts of destruction he caused while he was a pirate, Bra simply rolled his eyes. Did he really think he was making her distaste of him any better by bragging about the many innocent lives that he took away? Seriously, what kind of drugs was the marine base taking when they paired her up with that guy.

"You can just keep thoughts like that to yourself, pal."

It seemed that this Shichibuki didn't want to stop running out of answers that made her more and more disgusted with him. When Bra asked her about why he joined the World Government, he simply said he did it to survive.

Spoken like a true scoundrel..

As Bra didn't want to continue this conversation, she simply said nothing.

They were given details about the crew, to which the Sand King commented about the pirate crew having a mole aboard.

"Hm. Nice observation, actually. I didn't know you had any brains."

The Vice Admiral gave a glare at Bra.

"Fine, fine, I'll try to be nicer to him!"

The Sand King left the room, and Bra followed him.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

As they went outside of the base, they came across a ship, which was apparently Axel's. As he boarded the ship, Bra followed as well.

Assuming that Axel would take control of the ship, she went to explore the place..she felt a little bad for being so callous with him. He DID work for the government now. It was Bra's job to turn him into a respectable member of society!

"Where's the kitchen..?"

This question wasn't loud enough for Axel to hear, as she muttered to herself. Eventually, after fifteen minutes, she found the kitchen and decided to make a sandwich. Even if she wasn't a professional cook, she did know a little bit about good food.

Rumaging through his refridgerator, she found some fresh tomatoes and lettuce, along with salami and yellow cheese. She would wash her hands, not wanting to contaminate the food, and wpuld begin the process of chopping the lettuce and tomatoes into perfect slices with a kitchen knife that she found. Layering them on a slice of bread, she closed it with another slice of bread and put it on a plate, carrying it back up to the main deck.

"Hey, Axel! Sorry about earlier, we really got off on a bad start. I made a sandwich as an offer of friendship..I hope you like it!"

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6 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:56 pm

Bra hopped onto the ship and then disappeared within it, relieving Axel since he was rather annoyed with her attitude. After that, he pulled up the anchor of the ship, then headed towards it's wheel, and began to guide it through the sea, turning in the direction of Centaurea. After about 10 minutes, since it seemed that the ship would guide itself from this point, the shichibukai looked across the main deck for Bra, but did not find her, so that meant that she was either in the interior of the ship, or was left behind. Axel didn't mind either one, since he believed that his power may be enough to stop a single pirate captain and his fodder crew. Only a few of his mates seemed strong from the photos, but it didn't matter, since Axel was the sand king, known for destruction across the blues and Grand line.

"she is a weird one, don't you think? But then again, it looks like you enjoy the weird ones, hehe," said a voice in front of Axel, but he didn't see anyone for as far as his eyes took him. He was about to enter the interior of the ship through the door in the middle of the ship that led to it, but he stopped due to this voice.

"who is there? I demand that you come out!" Axel shouted, forming an irritated expression. He knew that it was a ghost, so all he wanted was for it to show itself, and after a few seconds, it did. A boy appeared next to the door, standing while bouncing a ball. He had blue spikey hair and wore a long black-sleeve shirt with black jeans, and black sneakers. His face looked a bit like Axel's, and he looked like he was 8. He was staring right at Axel with his deep green eyes, and smiled.

"You like her don't you?" the boy asked, still bouncing the blue ball.

"How about you stop asking stupid questions and leave this planet boy," the warlord replied, with a mixed facial expression of a smile and irritation. He also had his hand on the hilt of his sword that was still in it's sheath, but it was only to scare the boy off. Not like it could hurt him anyway.

"You meany! Girls don't like meanies you know," the boy replied, made a devilish smile, then vanished right before Axel unsheathed his sword and swung diagonally. Before he could sheath it back, Bra came through the door with a sandwhich on a plate in her hand. A man with his sword out, right in front of an entrance that a girl had just popped out of. Now that looked like a bad and mistaken situation ready to happen. Axel's face turned red and he started to sweat.

"Um, it may look b-bad, but this blade is not supposed to be pointed at you," Axel said, backing up a few inches with an awkward smile.

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7 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:21 pm

Bra was happily about to give the Sand King a sandwich as a sign of friendship. After all, if this pirate crew was really strong then they'd need the power of cooperation to beat them since they were outnumbered.

Friendship, friendship, yay, yay, yay!

But, once she arrived to the upper area of the ship, a blade was inches away from her ship, the owner of the blade none other then the Sand King himself. He tried to insist that this was nothing but a misunderstanding, and yes, Bra forgave him but decided that this was a good excuse to kick his ass.

Holding the sandwich in her left hand, she used her right, infusing the power of Busoken in it. After all, he was a logia and would be able to phase through any attacks otherwise. Quickly, she would flick him in the nose. She made sure it wasn't enough force to break his nose or cause any disfigurement, although it would hurt. Certainly, she made sure not to focus the power of the Goren in one finger or it might have been enough to throw him into the ocean, thus drowning him.

Assuming her attempt worked, she would go on.

"Here's your stupid's a sign of friendship, I guess. And don't think I'm soft or anything! The only reason I went so easy on you is because I didn't want the food to go to waste, got it?!"

Bra would then wait for him to take the damn sandwich, sitting on one of the chairs on the deck.

" go make some food for a friend and five minutes later he tries to slice your head off. Rest assured, Shichibukai, when we get home I'm kick your ass! But we're still friends..remember that!"

From her pockets, she brought out a book about potions, and all the stuff alchemists enjoyed.

"Hm..I guess it wouldn't be smart to test out explosives here. After all, this ain't even my ship.."
In the cover of a mist, an unknown ship began to approach the marine and warlord, its pirate captain ready to make his name known in the world.

"Captain, should we ready the cannonballs?"

"Naw, naw, naw, I want to see the faces of the marines in the South Blue when I bring them the head of one of them..if we sink em, it'll be harder to find a limb, ya hear?"

"Bleh. I kind of hope these pirates can push me too my gets kind of weird hunting down men that are amazed by my physique..I'm more in shape then ninety five percent of people in the Blues, I bet.."

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8 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:51 pm

Axel had a hunch that his Rear Admiral associate would attack him, so he got ready to turn into his logia mode, and when he right hand got closer to him, he was sure that he would phase, but it was when she was just about to flick his nose that the shichibukai noticed that the girl was hitting him with busoshoku haki, and all he could do was accept his punishment. He was sent flying a dozen meters back, then roughly landed on the floor. His head went over the edge of the ship, meaning that if that attack sent him just a few more feet forward, he would have ended up on the ocean floor, dead. He got up and then realized that he dropped his sword while getting sent across the ship. He walked forward, picked it up and then put it back in it's sheath that was connected to his left hip via a blue cloth wrapped around his waist. He was now just a few meters away from Bra and looked her right in the eyes, with a furious facial expression.

"What is wrong with you woman! I said that I wasn't going to cut you up! You see, I can talk to ghosts, but why am I telling you this? You would never believe me," Axel said, then his face showed a calm expression. "Anyway, again, I am very sorry for that scene, madam," he added, then got the sandwich from her hand, and then the two sat on chairs next to the door leading to the interior. After a minute, the warlord noticed the girl pull out a book of potions, and got a little nervous. 'Perhaps she is still angry, or maybe she was angry from the start and poisoned my food!' Axel thought, and with that, he put the plate holding the sandwich on the floor. "Uh, I am not hungry at the moment, but I will be sure to eat it later, hehe," Axel told Bra. After a few seconds of saying that, he looked forward and noticed two ships coming forward, from the direction of the island. He got up from his chair and went over to the ship's edge, then squinted his eyes to see the skull symbol on their flags, showing that the two ships were indeed pirate ships.

"Shit. Bra! Get ready to fight! Pirates are coming!" Axel shouted. He realized that he could not get the canons ready, since they were on the sides of the ship, and these two ships were in front of them, so all the two could do was wait for the ships to get closer and combat them on the marine ship. The warlord was thinking that surely him and a Rear Admiral could take these scoundrels out by themselves, even if each ship was full of people.

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9 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:22 pm

"Ghosts? You know, a lot of strange things exist in this world, like the power of Devil Fruits. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you were telling the truth, haha."

Bra was a bit surprised that this Shichibuki was able to swallow his pride and say sorry. Of course, she accepted it, and gave a nod in response.

"It's 'kay. I prob'bly overreacted myself"

A little while later, and she noticed that he still hadn't eaten the sandwich. He said he wasn't hungry...

"Oh..well, alright, I guess."

Potions. They had so many applications, it was simply amazing..the things they could do were infinite! Beyond comprehension. Maybe..just maybe, if she became skilled enough in her craft, could she perhaps bring the dead back to life? It was an interesting little thought. Bra knew she was nowhere near the skills required for such a thing.

The Shichibuki's cry took her out of her thoughts of necromancy? Pirates? They were gutsy enough to try and attack a marine ship? Slowly, she put the book on alchemy away, rising up from her seat, a little more then annoyed at how cocky these pirates in the Blues were. How did they figure they were strong enough to best a Rear Admiral?

"Finally! A chance for some action!"

Before she dispatched one of the ships, she turned to Axel.

"'re goin' to see why they call me the number one Rear Admiral! I'll slice one of those ships in half, turn 'hem into food for my plants~"

Bra ran towards one of pirate ships, and took one nice deep breath.

"You bastards..are going to get a taste of one of my special Martial Arts!"
"Oye, Cap'n! A marine bitch seems to be the commander of this ship? Should we capture her alive and use her for nefarious deeds?"

"Naw. Kill her."

With unparalleled grace and agility, Bra leapt, spinning through the air like a football and landing on the edge of the pirate's ship. Before anyone could react, she had already plowed through them with her elbows, sharp as a dagger. Bra was faster then their eyes could perceive. In a short amount of time, most of the crew was dead, or dying.

"Sorry..I can't waste time on an important mission, I couldn't bother holding back!"

A few pirates managed to avoid Bra's first wave of death, mostly because she didn't see them. They were now climbing aboard the marine ship.

"Hm..did I kill the captain? I wouldn't be surprised..."

It was soon discovered that this was not the truth, as a man walked up to the deck from the lower part of the ship.

"Hm. I didn't expect to see a marine this strong, but it'll be no use. I've fought many powerful marines in my time.."

The captain looked like a stereotypical pirate. His right eye had an eyepatch over it, his left leg was a metal peg, and his right hand was a metal hook. What sort of freak accident was he involved in? Well, whatever. Seeing the pirate captain take out an impressive looking axe, she descended back into her stance.

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10 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:09 pm

Axel was amazed at how well Bra handled the ship on the left. In just a few seconds, their numbers were down drastically, and all that was left was just a few pirates and the ship's captain. Since the rear admiral was dealing with that ship, the warlord decided to tango with the recipients on the ship to his right. He ran towards the edge of the ship from where he currently was, which was about 15 meters from the edge, and then hopped onto the ship's center, and as he stood up from the landing, about 10 pirates with guns and swords were surrounding him, ready to kill the man.

"Give up Axel Rover. You may be the government's lapdog, but that doesn't mean you are immortal!" shout the pirate in front of Axel, with two flintlock pistols pointed right at his dome. He knew that since these pirates were so bold, they must have had busoshoku haki, so he used his shadow step to disappear and then reappear behind the pirate with the two flintlock pistols, unsheathed his sword and decapitated him. After that he ran backwards while dodging the gun fire of the other 9 pirates. Their aim was horrible, so it didn't take much effort, and after a few meters running backwards, Axel decided to finally run forward, and dodged all bullets and weapon strikes while tearing down the enemies with his sword scorpio. After a few seconds, only one was left alive, just 3 meters away from the shichibukai, nearing the edge of the ship. He was now scared, since he used up the buso haki he had active, and no matter how many times he shot the lapdog in his head, no damage would be dealt. Instead these bullets just phased through him. Desperate, the pirate ran to the edge of the ship and jumped off, but unfortunately he could not swim, eventually sinking to the ocean floor. Axel turned around to see 15 more pirates ready to attack him.

"And so my rampage continues," Axel commented, with a devilish smile that made every one of them step back

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11 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:11 pm

"I recommend you surrender, as a Rear Admiral I don't have time to be dealing with the trash of the seas."

Instead of intimidation, however, the pirate simply smirked. Perhaps he would be a decent fight after all. Swiftly, he aimed his hook at Bra. It opened, unleashing a blizzard of needles towards Bra, who was able to leap out of the way.

"Harharhar! Finally, a fight that can satisfy Hookhand Alex! Just a scratch from those needles will cause a paralyzing agent to flow throughout your body, rendering you useless..I don't think you can keep dodging forever, can you?"

The Rear Admiral remained calm and composed.

I think it's safe to assume his hook might be drenched in whatever venom he's talking about..still, I don't have many options for long range attacks. I'll have to get in close! If I can't beat him, I ain't fit to be a marine!

She charged in without fear. Fear would make her performance worse..she would be jittery, not take any openings when she saw it. In a fight, fear was unnecessary.

The pirate captain tried to attack her with a diagonal slash with his hook, but her reflexes was faster then his, and she was able grab his wrist, stopping the momentum of the attack. However, the fun wouldn't stop with her negating the attack. She would actually be using the captain's momentum against him.


The captain would be thrown with such force, that he would be sent off of the boat and into the water, spinning through the air. Bra had a feeling that he wouldn't be coming back up.

"Well..that was easy. Pirates are so arrogant.."

"Thousand Cherry Blossom Strike!"

Bra turned her head, seeing an unknown assailant rushing her with a sword, ready to pierce through her. She tried to dodge and get out of the way of the object's path, but unfortunately, it was only a partial one, leaving her with a gash on the side of her stomach.

The assailant turned towards Bra, now ten meters away from her. He looked exactly like the captain..what was going on?

"Arrogant? You stupid government whore, the only arrogant one is you! We haven't even reached a minute into the battle, and you've already suffered such a wound!"

But how...I threw him off ship!

"I bet your wondering just what's going on.."

That's pretty convenient..

"You were nicked by one of my senbons..they aren't a paralysis agent, they cause hallucinations! Yes, you may be stronger then me..but with the hallucinations popping up, how will you know if you're actually hitting me!"

Suddenly, hundreds of copies of the captain appeared. Bra knew that this was all apart of the illusion...but which one was the real one?

Damn this poison!

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12 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:11 pm

Axel spared no time as he ran towards the scared pirates. They were shaking too much to pull the trigger on their pistols, leaving the warlord a chance to strike before he got fired at. He was able to decapitate two of the pirates before the other 13 spread out and attacked him with swords after realizing that the bullets would just phase through. This did nothing to help the situation however, as he was able to beat them all in just a few seconds with a deadly barrage of slashes from his handy sword Scorpio.

"I see that you have been having fun with my crew, shichibukai," said a man who just entered the main deck through a door in the middle of the ship that lead to it's interior. He had long blonde hair and wore a blue suit with black dress shoes. Attached to his left hip via a sash that went around his waist was two sword sheaths with a sword in them. He had a smile on his face.

"Yes, yes I have, and it seems like you are the captain of this ship. Hopefully you are not as weak as your lackeys," Axel replied, then ran forward with Scorpio still in his hand, then he lunged at the enemy with a horizontal slash, but the man was quick and unsheathed one of his swords with his right hand half-way, blocking the attack, then with his left hand he unsheathed his other sword and slashed at Axel with it, but he jumped backwards. The man in the suit then rushed forward with both of his swords fully unsheathed. They then began to clash.

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13 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:42 am

Hundreds of copies, right in front of her. She was embarrassed that it even came to this..honestly, she should have finished this off sooner!

"Do you see now, Marine? Why they call me the strongest pirate in all of the Blues? I hope this teaches you a lesson, missy! Don't get involved!"

All of the illusions attacked, hooked hands aiming to rip into Bra, similar to a shark ripping apart its prey. It wouldn't end here, not until everyone in the world was safe. Not until pirates were gone.

Orion's scope!

Her Kenbunshoku Haki allowed her to see a short time in the future, and gave her special sensing abilities. This, in turn, allowed her to see which one of them was her real target, and once that was done, it was time for Bra to launch an attack of her own. Once he was in range...


A barrage of kicks launched at impossible speeds, her speed a single tier higher. Just one of these kicks was strong enough to send his head flying into the seas.

[i] Damn..when do these illusions wear off? I think I'm going to sleep, maybe that'll help.. [/]

She would hop back on the marine ship with an impossibly high jump, landing perfectly on the deck of the ship without injury and maintaining balance. Whatever was going on, she honestly didn't care as long as none of the pirates didn't try to attack her. But of course, they did. Were they stupid?

One charged in, his stance left so many openings.

"Ax Kick."

With a swift kick, she sliced through the man in a similar fashion to a blade. Whatever pirates that crowded around Bra were now weary, even the ones with guns.

"Anyone who bothers me while I'm sleeping dies...."

She would head to the lower part of the ship where the bedrooms were, taking a nap in one of the rooms.

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14 Re: Another One Bites The Dust [Axel/Bra] on Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:56 am

"You are great a this! How long have you been practicing the arts of the sword?" asked Axel in excitement as he and the captain clashed on. They jumped all around the ship like acrobats while attempting to slash the opponent. The warlord may have only had one sword while the captain had two, but that meant nothing as long as he was fast enough to dodge and block all of the incoming strikes.

"Ha, it has been too many years to count. I learned these skills from my father so that I could travel around the seas, killing traitorous scum like you!" he shouted in reply, thrusting both of his swords forward, but Axel side-stepped to the right and attempted to decapitate the enemy, but he raised the sword in his left hand up, just fast enough to block the fatal strike, and then began his barrage of bladed attacks. This clash continued for a few more minutes until Axel decided that it was time to end it. He lunged at his enemy, and the clash was just enough to send him back a few meters, giving the warlord enough time to prepare his next attack. he sheathed his sword and began to concentrate, and soon after sand began to rise from his entire body, spinning around and producing more sand. The enemy wasn't afraid of this however, and charged with his two katanas, but before he was able to hit Axel, the man had already formed a sand dome. The captain began to strike the dome when all of a sudden, spikes began to protrude from it, impaling the captain a few times, then de-forming, leaving the man fall, now dead on the floor. The dome itself then began to de-form as well, leaving a pile of sand present.

Axel peered over to the other ship, and only saw a few pirates standing next to the door that lead to the interior. the shichibukai jumped over to the ship and began to slaughter he pirates with his katana, and assuming that Bra was inside, he opened the door to the interior.

Skills Used:
Tier 2 Technique Name: Desert Spike Dome
Tier 2 Technique Type: Close: 0-20 meters
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 4 posts; 2 post duration
Tier 2 Technique Description: The user concentrates and then sand that is produced from his whole body begins levitate and then spin around him for 2 seconds, until a small dome is formed, with him inside of it. The dome is just big enough to fit about 3 average-sized people inside of it. After it is created, the user can form spikes at will that protrude all around the dome, with only a few inches away from each other. These spikes can stretch up to 5 feet from the dome itself

Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- The dome can especially protect the user against close combat enemies, since they can protrude spikes sticking out of the dome that would tear through anyone close enough.

Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- The dome can be destroyed by attacks equivalent to a T2 technique.

Desert Spike Dome: 4/4

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As Bra was deep into a slumber, a purple fog began seeping out of her left ear, manifesting itself into the form of a person. That person was the pirate that Bra thought she defeated..

"I can't believe that bitch made me resort to using this technique..I had to transfer my conscious into the deepest parts of her mind, because even in her subconscious she's a fearsome I can't do it for another twenty minutes. Hopefully the other pirates took care of that damn bishounen, or at least weakened him enough for me to finish the job..!"

Hookhand Alex was a bit winded from having to do such a tiring task, learning the technique from a temple he eventually wiped out. Perhaps he should have spent more time mastering the technique, but he would do that today.


The loud shout was enough to wake Bra up, and she was faster then Alex, although she was a bit tired from just waking up, and got partially stabbed by his hook. While rolling to the left, she kicked him in the face to get some distance from him, landing on the floor with both feet.

"Huh? Didn't I kick your ass? Uh..oh well, guess I'll do it again."

Alex, with blood dripping down his broken nose, was a bit shocked.

"Don't you want to know how I'm here? What kind of technique I used?"

", not really. I just want to fight!"

"Rude ass bitch!"

Alex charged at Bra, waving his hook hand menacingly. While Bra was tired, Alex was far worse, suffering from nausea, blood loss, and fatigue, allowing his strikes to easily be avoided. Once she saw an opening, she followed it up with an elbow to the head, knocking him out without much trouble.

Just then, Axel came into the room.

"Uh, s'up? I guess you're finished with your fights? I just had to take care of someone..probably going back to sleep."

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Axel was happy to see Bra alive and well, but this happiness was only because of the fact that he did not have to continue the fight against this large pirate crew alone. He wasn't one for sentiment, though he smiled like he always did.

"I am afraid that I can't allow you to go back to sleep Ms. Babanoa, or at least not on this ship. Let's get back to our previous one and continue along the path to the target. These two ships obviously were tasked with stopping us, as the main captain may already be aware of us coming somehow. Maybe he caught on to the marine spies, and his men are torturing them as we speak, and we will also assume that the captain has left to a new island. We still have to be sure, however," Axel stated, and with that he and Bra went back to the marine ship and continued onward to the Centauria.


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