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Ready, Aim, Fire! [NK - Closed to Axel Rover/Invite]

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BANG! Dust spread everywhere, fragments thrusting along the ground and chunks of building flying around like boulders. Buildings were destroyed by this, and simultaneously a massive pyre consumed the area. The collateral burned the bodies of several citizens and cobblestone was scorched for at least a quarter mile. A massive pit replaced what had rested before - a revolutionary branch. The marines had clearly plotted this attack, for there were few other causes for the revolutionaries to be attacked so drastically...unless it was a ruse. In fact, it was. The bomb was placed by a suicide squad of revolutionaries, all for the greater cause to frame the marines. Several revolutionaries were planted to make it look legitimate, as well as moles into the marines who were deployed within Loguetown. Fire consumed everything and everyone within its range, scorching away at the area. Constantly it burned brilliantly, having vivid orange flames that consumed the earth beneath. At a far distance, Ray had viewed with binoculars and few revolutionary grunts. Queuing them, they messaged the marines to continue with their part. As they dashed into the public, citizens running in fear had been stricken down and the words "BOW BEFORE THE MARINES" or "ALL HAIL THE MARINES" had been chanted left and right as the blades of the revolutionaries had ran parallel.

"Beautiful...Beautiful-BEAUTIFUL! Fire everywhere, blood across the stone, and the marines morale being scorched just as well by this grandiose pyre! I fucking love a good party! Now let's crash it boys." Entering the fighting area, Ray had jumped off the ledge and used his spring legs to press against the building, launching himself far distances as he slammed into the ground. Pivoting his body, he was able to continue forward, jumping far distances. Wielding his katar, he slammed into one of the marine-dressed revolutionaries, decapitating him almost instantly. Rolling he launched his hands by transforming his arms into springs, extending them and slamming into the heads of the marines. "I WILL NOT ALLOW THE MARINES TO SLAY THE PEOPLE WE MUST LOVE!" Radical. He was completely insane, psychopathic, sadistic...yet also completely radical. Willing to kill his own allies, he contributed to the cause like he was ordered to do. Swiftly, snipers and his physical actions took down the unit of moles. The citizens in fear had looked to the radical for safety, and he had his troops take them to safety. Fire rest everywhere, and all he could do was mentally laugh and fake a horrified face. "How....DARE THEY!"

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Man, don't you people have any good food around here?" Axel asked the marine in charge of cafeteria duty. Between them stood a table full of food that Axel deemed "disgusting". He was very picky, and could not stand the sight of this mess they were serving.

"How about you stop complaining and eat what is given to you, pirate scum," the marine replied, smiling at Axel. Every last one of them at this marine base of Logue town retorted rude comments to the warlord, as they knew that he couldn't strike a single one of them down. That was the only thing he hated about being a government lapdog. Other than Marines and civilians, Axel could hurt and kill anyone he pleased, since he was too good a catch for his employers to release. Axel smiled right back at the marine.

"Ah well, I guess it can't be helped. I will remember this though," replied Axel, and with that he scooped up some of the least appealing food on the table and sat down at a table by himself. After he was half-way done eating, the alarm rang throughout the base, which meant that the Marine captain in charge of the base was ordering them off to battle, which was either a raid on the base, or a raid on another faction's base that they found in the town. Everyone in the cafeteria, even the workers ran out and left the building, so Axel followed. The captain was in front of the marine base, so once everyone was outside, he began to speak.

"Ok men, our scouters have spotted a secret revolutionary base West of the town, so let's go!" he shouted, and with that, every marine began to run with him, heading west. After a few minutes, they arrived at the location, and a fight broke out. Marines and revolutionary soldiers in the location clashed, and a few seconds later, a massive explosion hit the revolutionary base, destroying it and sending chunks of the building outward, doused in fire. Citizens that were around were dying by the fire, and marines were even slicing them down, demanding them to bow down to this. Axel saw this mayhem while slicing down the revos with his katana Scorpio, and was quite shocked that the marines would go so far as to kill others. Never in his 3 years with them had he seen something like this, so clearly something was fishy, so the warlord dashed toward one marine that was just about to slice a civilian and blocked their strike with his blade.

"woah woah, buddy. Aren't we supposed to be protecting innocent people?" Axel asked as he and the soldier continued to clash blades, swinging and blocking left and right.

"Stop interfering with the raid you stupid warlord! " the marine shouted. a few seconds later he successful stabbed the soldier right in the heart. After that, he went around, slicing down marines and revos alike, because by now he knew that something was up, and it was his job to protect the citizens, because if he didn't, then something bad may happen.

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From the very start he was against this plan beginning not because the ethics involved in killing. Mickey didn't see why killing comrades was necessary not only through the explosion it’s self but after the fact with their own hands.. The goal was to frame the marines but surely there were a hundred possibilities but the narrow minded leader wasn't up for listening. Mickey had been asked to join this mission by another commander in order to balance out the radical’s approach and in order manage the flow of events.

Standing from above Mickey could see everything as it happened. As the explosion had occurred he winced knowing that just now his comrades had been blown to pieces and many more civilians. Before this day was done more of their blood would be spilled. This was something that was out of his hands they had committed to their part so he would not dishonor them by complaining or letting their sacrifice go in vain. Mickey would pay his part saving as many civilians as he could planting seeds of dissent in the ears of those he saved. Standing on the roofs edge it wasn’t a tall building and not nearly as thrilling but still jumped with his sprawled out to the streets below. But he didn’t hit the ground not quickly at least like a sheet of paper he caught the wind and fluttered down to ground just behind a little girl who was desperately trying to get someone underneath the rubble. Moving aside the girl not unkindly he touched the rock that pinned down whomever was underneath.

“Now try moving again.” This time the rock moved aside effortlessly. Running off not waiting he called out “Your determination and love has saved her. Don’t let the marines spoil that.” Flame flickered masking her view of the man she cried out looking back to see her brother was still alive. Finding new strength she carefully pulled him to safety. From somewhere he heard the yelling of propaganda Del Ray was spouting but the voice trailed off he was much too quick for Mickey to keep up with.

Not too far off he could see marine reinforcements he couldn’t be sure which ones were comrades being all together in the same uniforms they blended in much to closely. Running towards the he started yelling.

“Someone p p pplease help her my my my sister she is trapped.” When they were in range he tapped his foot and the ground him started to ripple forward anyone standing on the ground who didn’t weigh a few hundred pounds would get knocked off their feet.

Devil Fruit Techniques
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Adventure Log

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As a marine mole came at him with a blade, he ducked by compressing his spring legs, tilting forward and slamming into the marine with a swift punch, pushing forward and throwing the mole. He rolled, having his spring legs launch him onto a building. Surveying the battle field, he had heard other voices within the clash. There was his fellow revolutionary that accompanied him, Mickey, and then there was an odd man...Oh dear. Red Rover, Red Rover, you'll be bloody and bent over. He smiled jumped off the ledge but compressing his lower half, "Haru...SUNAIPU!" Firing off the building, all of its windows shattered and a massive hole formed while the spring sniper sheathed his katar, hardening his body with Busoshoku. He aimed for the infamous Axel Rover, whom he assumed was just some distant relative that wouldn't matter. The sand-master was a known figure throughout the seas, and so had been his power over the element of Alabasta. Del Ray was not much of a known revolutionary, but surely some papers would dub him the Ace of Clubs. Zooming through the sky at high velocity, he had the power of reach and momentum behind him as well as Axel being preoccupied by the moles.

"I don't care who you are, you are a dog of the marines and should be put down!" he would shout as soon as he was right next to the shichibukai, regardless if he was successful in his attack or not. But for some reason, this person wasn't who he thought and his gut told him this. Sure, he was a Warlord - he couldn't determine otherwise - but the man just felt like someone closer. He couldn't put his finger on it, but right now the mission mattered more. But in the back of his mind, memories of his departure with the Revolutionaries flared invisibly. A figure the size of a teenager had given the young Ray to wayfarers who happened to be low-ranked Revolutionaries, something he'll never forget and will always appreciate. The revolutionaries gave him purpose, especially after discovering the Rovers had been victim to slaughter. They no longer mattered - it was the marines not caring for their decisions that mattered. They needed to be destroyed, and he pledged to use any means possible to ruin the government reputation.

Tech Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Haru Sunaipu | Spring Snipe
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Ray will transform his lower half into a spring, compressing it very tightly in order to build a high tension. Once he releases, he will attack like a ballistic projectile equal to his tier in power. Also, the spring half will be 1 meter long per tier, and for each meter compressed, it extends his travel range 10 meters (he can only move at 15 meters per tier base plus that).
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: -High Momentum causes high power.
-Can be combined with an attack or weapon to create a lethal effect.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: -Only travels straight
-Cannot recoil off a surface

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"What the hell are you doing! Stop killing your allies, or you will be revoked of your title!" shouted one of the marines who looked at Axel who was a few meters away from him, slashing revos and marines alike. They were now in the middle of the town square, which was a few dozen meters away from the burnt down revolutionary base. Before focusing on pure battle, the shichibukai began protecting civilians from the hands of the marines, if they even were marines, which Axel was sure they weren't.

"Stop chasing me!" shouted a woman as she ran from a marine a dagger in his hand, but all he kept saying was 'Bow down to the marines!' The sand king acted as quickly as possible, and ran towards the woman and marine. She was heading towards a small alleyway between two shops, but it appeared that the soldier was going to get her before that, so Axel dashed right in the middle of the two, facing the marine, and slashed away at his body before he could even react. Three other marines now drew their attention towards the warlord and ran forward, but were killed almost instantly by his blade. Just as he was done fighting the three however. He heard a sound get closer and closer to him at alarming speeds.

"I don't care who you are, you are a dog of the marines and should be put down!" this man shouted. He had bounced from the side of a building via springs to get to Axel, and was now just a few inches away from punching his face in. A second later, he was successful, and it was evident that he used busoshoku haki since Axel was now flying across the town square. After a few seconds, his body landed on the ground, but he was still moving forward, making him his body roll roughly and into a building. He made a large hole inside of it, and after stopping, the chestnut-haired male was feeling his left cheek that had just been punched. He even spit out two teeth and some blood. He felt the pain, but surely it wasn't enough to keep him down. With his hand still gripping his sword, Axel stood up, and through the hole he saw his assailant. Making sure it was who he thought it was, he walked forward, out of the janitor's closet he crashed through, and was now about 15 meters away from the man. He sheathed his sword.

"Ha! To think that my own brother could get in a good punch on me! Surely that was a perfect greeting for someone you haven't seen in 13 years! I may not have seen you, but I have kept your name up here," Axel said, touching his forehead with is right hand's index finger, then bringing it back down. He was smiling widely "I have read news articles about you being a revolutionary, the people I left you with, which wasn't a surprise at all, but to think that I would be able to see you again," Axel added, walking closer to his brother. A tear left his right eye as he walked forward another 5 meters, and continued walking towards his brother, but his guard was up, since there was no telling what would occur next. Sure, the marines and revos were meters away from the brothers now, but maybe Del Ray was still hostile.

WC: 584

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Despite his cries for help one of the men who were with the group of marines ran off. He didn’t seem to be a marine. The Marines responding for his need for help came rushing to meet him as he cried out. As some rushed to his aid others would persist forward in an attempt to help others. They had fallen for Mickey’s deception but the man who had been walking with them had ran off before his attack could ensnare him as well. The stone pathway became loose rippling out from Mickey’s feet in all directions the stone surface was now like carpet that they could not possibly stand on. The marines foot hold was compromised as the very ground they stood on pulled out from underneath causing them to fall over. Pulling out the rug of stone that they had fallen on Mickey flung it out like those who try to clear the dust and dirt off a rug. Letting it fly from his hands his power over the stone released as the marines started stand. Almost instantly the stone carpet swelled in thickness and became heavy once more falling with a loud crash the marines were buried under the mass of stone.

With an approving nod he headed back up the street he came down. As he ran he heard the a dull boom as the Ace landed but most of the sound was drowned out by the panic that was still was happening in the streets the street that the man from earlier had run of to. It was then that the glass shattered. As reached the end of the street he would again flutter the ground his time he would leave standing locking it in place the street was now completely blocked unless someone scaled it or found some way to destroy the sound wall Lane closure.

As people continued to poor out of the surrounding buildings Mickey did he best to direct them away from the battle and block the real marines from reaching them.

Tier 2 Technique Name:Lane closure
Tier 2 Technique Type:Mid: 6-40 Meters
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown:3
Tier 2 Technique Description:A variation of flying carpet. This technique is used to pick make ground flutter/ripple but this time user grabs it and tosses it upward to form barrier/blockade. When the ground is locked it will keep its shape but will become thick as the amount of ground used for the technique.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:can be used for defense.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:The strength of this wall depends on the ground used.

Devil Fruit Techniques
Hie Hie no mi:

Adventure Log

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No he couldn't be...No. NO. Ray was standing there, panting heavily as he looked at the man who just spit out two teeth, the Shichibukai that had claimed to be more than a simple was the man who had given him to the Revolutionaries. It was the same chestnut-haired figure he remembered from his faint memories, and it was coming back to him. Panicking, he didn't know what to do, simply compressing his right arm, and fired it forward like a bullet. "NO! I don't care-I don't care-I don't care! Haru KYANON!" the spring cannon was just as powerful as a cannon of his power level, empowered by busoshoku so it should send Axel into a tumble...unless he's more powerful than Ray had realized. He was able to land a good hit before, and that was what he was trying for once more. "How dare you try and be my brother, even though you're here to silence the cause! Your marines think they can just send the square into flames!? You think you guys can just kill innocents!?" Ray had tried using his radical attitude to sound as convincing as possible, he couldn't wain in the sight of his brother.

The boy was remembering crimson, crimson everywhere but couldn't piece together what. He knew what it had to do with, but he couldn't clearly remember or picture what had happened. After being given to the Revolutionaries, the person who cared for him like a father had taken him into his Cell, and he was raised to be the ruthless person he is now. Need an explosion to go off? Ray was the man. Need someone publicly assassinated with a LOUD method? Ray was the man. Needed to take down someone tough in one shot? Ray could be the man in some situations, like how his brother went through a building because of his attacks. The revolutionaries relied on his radical nature for radical situations such as this, but the public only knew him as someone who got the revolutionary jobs done. He was branded a scoundrel to the citizens who fell for it, and a hero to those who believed in the cause. But how he had become would probably surprise the chestnut-haired man , for he was much more brutal and capable than one would expect out of a little brother. "Where were you all those years!?"

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Like the warlord thought, Del Ray was less than welcoming back, and after a few words, he attempted to attack Axel with his right arm that stretched forward via springs at really fast speeds. Instinctively, Axel tilted his head to the right far enough for the arm to go past him, then he had an idea. Quickly, he grabbed the springs that went were on the left of him, and tugged them with all of his might, which would cause his brother to be pulled until he was just a few inches away from the shichibukai, who would then take his right hand off of the springs and then half-way unsheathe his katana and hit Del Ray right on the nose with the end of his hilt. If this was all successful, the enemy's nose would most likely be broken and he would be laying on the floor next to Axel.

"Where was I? You see, Del Ray, I was just a 12-year old boy when we left our island, and you were 5. I assume that you know what happened, so I won't touch up on that, but anyway, I was too young to care for my brother like a son. I felt that if I were to keep you with me, you surely would have died. Hell, there are even times when I was on the brink of death, so it was best not to care for two. With that being so, on the second island we traveled to, there were a group of people acting as doctors to some ill people that the marines wouldn't dare to even get near in fear of catching it as well, and these people were the revolutionaries you are now grouped with, so I left you with them and took off. Everyday for years I regretted leaving you behind, but I agreed with myself that is was for the best," Axel explained, looking directly at Del Ray, who would be on the ground. He still had a smile on his face.

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Everyone in the surrounding area had nearly been evacuated by now but fire still raged on.  The blockade that Mickey had set up made it hard for marines fire unit to get through in order put out the fire. They had quickly decided to go around.  But this wouldn’t last.  The real marines not the saboteurs that had been planted by the revolutionaries were gathering becoming more organized.  It wouldn’t have taken them much time to blow down the wall had they used their explosive.  As luck would have it the same bombs needed were the one that blew or the building.  Usage of what was left was strictly forbade so instead they were setting up motars to blow it down.

Now one for patients the marine base commander arrives on site rush past the line of motars knocking down the wall with pure strength.  There was a loud crash as the wall came tumbling down that echoed throughout the streets now empty except one man standing casually with fire providing a slight illumination behind him.

Appearing the hole first was marine dressed slighty different than the rest. Immediately locking eyes with Mickey his target was now in sight.

“Your with revolution aren’t you? Neat trick you did with wall.  Mind telling me how you did it?”

“I don’t know what you talking, was that me? I swear it was like that when I got here.”

“Come on tell me, tell me, tell, me… I know if I beat-“The marine wouldn’t get to finish his statement before Mickey came rushing with what seem to be just two crescent guards. Spinning his own staff he lept forward as his comrades flanked his sides giving him space fight but looking for an opening to help out.  “You can’t reach with those things.” Spark flew as the collided with guards that Mickey had used to block with.

“You talk too much.” Pushing back against his opponent, he was taller than his opponent but his weapon was longer than the guards he held.  They were nearly even in terms of strength.  But unlike Mickey he wasn’t fighting alone.  Several guns pointed at the opposing revolutionary and fired.

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Ray's attack was proven to be useless, but he was at least protected by busoshoku when his nose was struck by the hilt of his brother's weapon. Slamming to the ground, he looked at his brother with intensity as he explained why he wasn't around. It wasn't enough, he would have rather seen his brother than his brother avoid him. "Why didn't you join with me? Why didn't you stay to make sure they didn't do anything bad? They would have protected you! Now you're just someone they'll turn away, they care not for your blood. Maybe things could have been different! Maybe if you would have joined the revolutionaries we could have brought the tyrants down together! No! You..." he shook away his tears, now filled with rage. "You went and became the dog of tyrants! Look at this chaos! They attacked us and innocents! And you are stopping me from stopping them!" Del Ray tried slowly getting up, super-compressing his hands after laying on his stomach and launching himself away from Axel. Spinning mid-air, he would land with a spring-leg launching him back at Axel, going in for a strong hook to the face. If successful, he would boost it with a super-compression to try and launch Axel into the ground, though he would probably do the same thing he did before to prevent the attack. "They trained me. They saved me. I am much stronger than I could've been, you could've been stronger with me. We could melt the icy grip those damned admirals have on the world. You must know of the things marines do to protect their own hides! You think they are all about preservation!? In a lowly town like this, in their eyes, they see no harm in the innocents dying as long as the situation is smothered quickly enough. Is that your job!? To smother the whole operation? To smother the flames and block out the eyes of the public so that they may never speak of this day again?"

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