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Axel Rover

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1 Axel Rover on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:32 pm

Name: Axel Rover
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Shichibukai
Occupation: Marksman/Weapons Master

Appearance: Axel has light skin and chestnut-colored hair. He is usally smiling, but also can be seen with other expressions based on how he currently feels about the situations around him. He has an average build, not too fat, not too skinny, and fairly muscular. None of his facial features are unique, and you wouldn't be shocked if you have seen pepple that look familiar to Axel either. He has green eyes as well. He wears a white T-Shirt, a grey collared shirt with a black tie over that, and a white overcoat with green stripes over that, black pants that a school boy would wear, a black belt, black pants, black socks and black sneakers. If he has any kunai equipped, he will always have two strapped right below the back of his neck.

Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180
Tattoo: N/A

Personality: There are multiple ways to describe Axel. For one, he could care less about the feelings of most people and loves to manipulate them when he has the chance. In order to be able to manipulate, you must be intelligent, which Axel is, and always attempts to flaunt it in front of people to make them feel lesser then him. When he is outsmarted, he gets aggressive and begins to attack the one who made a fool out of him, since he has a short-temper as well. All of the things he dislikes can set him off as well, ending in havoc. When he is not manipulative and angry, Axel can be a quite reasonable person in a conversation, staying on topic of what is being discussed andnot trying to cause the other talkers grief in anyway, unless it is during a fight. He does not mind killing people either, but would refrain from attempting to kill his friends or associates. When it comes to friends, Axel doesn't have many, but is always eager to make some, but he prefers friends that are not weak and can protect themself, otherwise he would rid of them, since he believes in survival of the fittest, meaning that only the strong can survive in the world, while the weak are the hunted. Axel will attempt to survive in anyway possible, whether it be bribing those stronger then him to let him be or join up with them, which might be why he is now a shichibukai. During battle, Axel is vicious and will do anything to win the match. If he has to team up with others, he won't always follow the orders that others give him, but will protect his allies.

- Money
- Power
- Woman
- Strong people
- Fighting
- Killing
- Friends
- Reading

- Weak people
- Rats
- Being outsmarted
- Water

- To kill every yonko and supernova to prove his strength to the world.

- Rats
- Death
- Becoming weak

Inner Lineage: Axel is able to communicate with his dead ancestors who appear as ghosts that can float around them. Random ancestors appear whenever they please.


It was a nice and sunny day on Baterilla. More than half of it's population was out and about. Tons of families went biking together, fun events that went down in the park, outside poker games, and much more. All of the markets were open, so money was being handed around everywhere. A few pirates were running around and causing trouble, but nothing the marines couldn't handle. Of course, there were times where one or two exceptional pirates showed talent far above their own crews and effortlessly mowed down a few marines, but that was what Axel was around for. The government sent him a letter ordering him to help out around some of the islands since the marines around have been 'losing their touch.' The former pirate was thrilled that now he had something to do then just wandering around the seas being lonely on his average-sized boat. Sure he had his ancestors to talk to, but they were dead, so it didn't have the same effect.

"Don't come closer or I will slice her throat open, I swear!" shouted a pirate who was behind an innocent middle-aged woman, wrapping his arms around her neck and putting a blade against it. Surrounding him was his crewmates who pointed their swords and flintlock pistols at the marines surrounding them. Besides the marines and pirates, the town square was clear. The nearest building was about 40 meters away from any of the people involved in this squabble, so it was an open field for battle. Axel was now moving marines out of the way to get in the front, and after a few seconds, he was just 15 meters away from the pirate holding the woman.

"Hmmm, so there is just 8 of you then? Not bad I guess," Axel said, about to unsheath the sword on his hip, but the marine captain right next to him stopped it, and put it back in the sheath fully.

"You idiot! Don't you see that he is about to kill an innocent person! You can't just go all out!" shouted the captain.

"Fine, fine. Give me a second to prepare then," replied Axel. The pirates were shouting ransom requests, and while the marines were trying to calm them down, Axel was busy producing sand that came out from his arms, and if someone focused in on him, they would see this sand pouring out from his sleeves, but luckily for him, the pirates were too busy shouting. Axel guided the sand now on the floor to the location of the 8 pirates, and they still did not notice it. Of course, the sand was not all gathered in one spot, but instead scattered, so it would be hard to figure out what was going on anyway. After a few minutes, the warlord finally gathered up enough sand behind each pirate. For the seven that were protecting the one holding the woman, Axel commanded the sand behind them to rise, forming a long spear, then with a swift hand movement, these spears pierced the hearts of the seven pirates, and they fell to the floor simultaneously, dying.

As soon as the pirate captain caught wind of it, he attempted to slice his target's throat open, but some of the sand rose up, stopping his hand from moving, then the sand gathered enough to open up this pirate's hands, allowing the woman to escape, but Axel was not done. The remaining sand on the floor rose, and began to cover the pirate, and it rose to the sky, carrying the target with it. After a few seconds, there was now a cocoon of sand about 5 meters in the air, with the pirate inside of it. He was screaming, but no one could hear him, and he was losing oxygen quickly. "I won't let you die that easy, pirate," Axel said under his breath, smiling. Marines around him kept telling him that he did not have to go this far, but he ignored them. His hand shot outward, wide open.

"Sand Coffin!" Axel shouted, then closed his hands. The sand cocoon immediately began to close tighter, instantly crushing the man inside. Soon afterwards, the sand began to de-form, and dropped to the ground, with the body hiding under the pile. "Welp, I did my job. You guys can clean up the bodies, so bye." said the warlord, and before anyone could grab him and force him to help, he turned into a pile of sand and zoomed off, towards his ship to answer the next marine call on an island nearby.

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2 Re: Axel Rover on Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:57 pm


Your apps looks good. I can't see anything that needs to be edited and your writing sample is fine to me. I just need second staff member opinion on this.

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3 Re: Axel Rover on Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:59 pm

Reading it over I acknowledge that it is set up correctly and everything looks good, including the sample.

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