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Xerxes Finished

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1 Xerxes Finished on Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:27 pm


Name:Admiral's Shadow:  Xerxes
Tier Level: 5
Species: Frog-Thing
Type: Combat Pet

Xerxes is a very emotionless being, only due to the fact that he was trained not to feel or think with emotion. He is very cruel, but does not speak to avoid people finding out such things. Adrian has trained his pet to heed his every command, even if it involves killing someone. He acts as a personal spy, and has an unknown origin.


Name: Shadow Sneak
Tier Level: T1
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Description: Xerxes enters the shadows, becoming a part of them momentarily to sneak around. For 2 posts, he can jump shadow to shadow and it can be done limitless.
Strengths:-Allows stealth via shadows
Weaknesses:-Can be struck with someone who uses haki that is tiered equal to his or higher.

Name: Assassinate
Tier Level: T2
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Xerxes covers a distance of 50 meters, jetting almost instantly the first 20 meters and each meter after that slowing down. This allows him to cover short distances but it only moves straight.
Strengths: -Covers short distances
-High-momentum when attacking.
Weaknesses:-Only moves straight
-Can easily be dodged by a side-step.
-Not optimal for going the full range.

Name: Drown
Tier Level: T3
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Xerxes forms either a dome or a sphere that has a diameter of 20 meters entirely made of water. The only issue is that he can only produce half the water, the other half must be from another water source. Anyone caught within it is fixated in place unless they are equal or higher in tier to the technique, where they may sluggishly escape unless they utilize a DF.
Strengths:-Great against DF users.
-Fixates those caught in place if lower than Tier 3.
-Dome form will trap people due to not being able to fall out.
Weaknesses:-In sphere form, gravity will pull them down. After 2 posts if full-sized, they should fall out. 1 post if half the size.
-Will be half the size if there is no external source.

Name: Jet Beam
Tier Level: T4
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Description: Xerxes summons a aqua jet that extends out to 70 meters, concentrating the water pressure to become 65,000 PSI, a little stronger than an Aqua Jet in real life. It can be shifted to cut through buildings or other things falling victim to it.
Strengths: -Long range
-High powered
Weaknesses: -The beam is only 12 centimeters wide
-Does not count for DF weaknesses.

Name: Rain Dance
Tier Level: T5
Cooldown: 6 Posts
Description: Xerxes covers the area around him within a diameter of 50 meters in fixated water shuriken, circling them around and slicing up anything within the dome formed by this technique.
Strengths:-Large area of effect
-Can make contact with logia users.
Weaknesses: -Weak against sand
-Xerxes must stay in place.

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