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Triatath Morianu finished

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1 Triatath Morianu finished on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:29 am

Name: Triatath Morianu
Epithet: The Reactor
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Surgeon, Navigator

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Appearance: A fairly tall looking individual with blond hair, blue eyes and a skinny and somewhat sickly build. He wears a black long sleeve shirt and pants which mask the bandanna around his neck. He also wears goggles on his forehead or his neck.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair/Pail
Height: 1.7 meters or 5 foot 10
Weight: 52 KG
Tattoo: N/A

Personality: He is a very happy individual however can sometimes seem quiet due to how people have responded to his powers or the fact that he is a pirate. He is a very funny person even when jokes are not the appropriate thing to say such as during surgery or when someone is seriously injured. He often goes a little power crazy when using his devil fruit and ends up making jokes and smiling when he is fighting. He can very serious if time calls for it however most of the time he is very humorous. He can be very protective of friends that he makes or animals which he stumbles upon to the point at which he can injure himself. He does not care much about money or physical things.
Likes: People, Talking, Comedy, Helping and practicing with his devil fruit.
Dislikes: Cats, disregard of human life, music and killing.
Motivations: Finding people who accept him, using his power for good, curing illnesses, talking revenge on the revolutionaries and world government.
Fears: Having his friends killed, being used as a weapon or a power source, losing control.  

Inner Lineage: Photographic Memory All of the eldest members of the Morianu family have the unique ability of being able to memorize anything they see almost instantly and remember it for seemingly endless amounts of time. This can be used to great effect when memorizing sea charts, maps, medical diagrams or even entire books. This ability also of course means that they can recreate whatever they see to almost perfect detail however lack much creativity when drawing for fun.

Outer Lineage:
Soul Split

Writing Sample

A large hunk of the devil fruit slid down his throat like a stone. It tasted of putrid rotten meat and almost made him throw up. Triatath felt the cancerous illness lift off of him. His parents stood smiling in front of them dawned in full suits, they collapsed onto the floor in a pool of their own blood. The wood in the room turned red. Triatath rushed over to his parents crying. His wails echoed through the mansion like a sea king's roar. He lent upon his parent's corpses and deduced that they had died of radiation poisoning, an illness which he had seen many times in medical books given to him.

Triatath stayed inside of the mansion for three days, eating anything he could find. A troop of world government officials with enormous yellow suits and gas masks stormed inside, several guards fired at him as he flung his hands up to defend himself. The eight bullets which were fired at him disintegrated as soon as they got within a meter of him, he had used the power of his fruit to produce a small field of gamma radiation around his body which destroyed the molecular structure of the bullet. the ground below him was noticeably singed but he could not feel any of the heat caused by the radiation. He attempted to run out the back, sending microwave bursts to destroy the wall in front of him and then super heating the ground below him causing an updraft.

Triatath felt sickly and lent down to rest. Several second later he felt like all of his strength had left him. He felt the clammy touch of sea prism stone one his ankles and wrists. He opened his eyes to sea revolutionaries harvesting his radioactive energy into a power cell aboard a submarine. They unlocked him from his chains and after a few seconds his body surged with energy, obliterating the submarine. He felt something though. A deep pain in his left thigh. As he looked down, he felt blood oozing out of his system. A massive piece of super heated shrapnel had pierced into him. He knew that he had to operate quickly because now, He knew that he was not a logia.

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