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Buster Wolf [Finished]

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1 Buster Wolf [Finished] on Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:44 am

Name: Buster Wolf
Epithet: -
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Brawler/Cook

Appearance: Buster has long, spiky blonde hair which sticks out as a point of its apex. He has light-toned skin to the point of almost pale, and hazel eyes. His body has a stringy build, his chest, stomach and stomach are very chiseled though, as well as his legs and calves being cut muscularly. His stoic nature has led him to have a permanently piercing gaze, and scowl that has become his most natural expression.

He wears a long coat and pants very similar to a gaku-ran. His undershirt is usually a black t-shirt. His fists are always wrapped in white hand-wraps which protect his fists in combat. His entire wardrobe is made for lightness, being able to step where he needs to without being uncomfortable.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: White
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 139 pounds
Tattoo: N/A

Personality: [Chaotic Good] - Buster can have a tough demeanor to those around him. Though a pirate, this doesn't stop him from having a moral compass and fighting for what he feels is right as he considers that their is no "good and evil" in this world. He is calm, decisive and strongly thrusts himself at any problem, even if he can't figure it out. Though he doesn't have a genius intelligent, he does show himself to be capable of deciphering situations around him and is more rational than his "brother" Sev is, stopping him from doing very stupid things that make no sense if capable. He keeps a perpetual calm on his person, even in very difficult situations, and is thought of as a strategist in the context of complicated problems.

Buster respects those who earn his respect through their actions, and the person he respects most is Sev though he doesn't always show it as he takes the actions Buster himself can't take. Due to his perpetual stoicism, it is not easy to read his emotions, though because of his connection to Sev, he can sometimes read him as if a book much to his annoyance. Buster doesn't like getting closer to other people, as it is rare that interesting people actually care for someone as quiet as he is. He has an unyielding loyalty to those who he does consider close comrades, or even friends in a sense and will protect him even if the end of his life comes all the sooner for doing so. However he is very uptight, very rarely with he join in revelry.

Buster is an aficionado of brawling and combat. He is always thinking and calculating in combat, even if losing in battle. A driving wedge in his combat prowess is his lack of physical strength compared to Sev, as he has always been a faster, more agile but overall weaker, and more fragile person. To this end, his greatest wish is to become so fast, that no one, not even light can keep up with him. Knowing this is impossible though, he only wishes to become the fastest person alive. To this point he trains himself to the point of collapse, has a lankier body and his diet is lesser than that which he feeds his crew.

Unlike his brother, he speaks in a proper tone. His words come out fluidly and decisively showing his calm and focused exterior. He is also an amazing chef, due to having to learn how to feed Sev thanks to his high metabolism, with meat as his primary specialty as a cooking dish. He also has a large interest in cooking, and studies different recipes for others despite not eating similar foods due to his dietary habits and keeping with his training. His favorite color is azure sky blue. Due to his demeanor he believes in hardwork versus rewards mentality, thus if a person doesn't work hard, they don't reap rewards that others do.
Likes: Sev (As a bro), wind, interesting people, boxing, speed, reading, challenges.
Dislikes: Sev (Some aspects of his personality), rudeness, partying, lack of strength, injustice.
Motivations: To one day surpass Sev with his speed, to learn more about culinary arts, to one day open up a dojo for boxing as he said to Sev while a kid.  
Fears: Close compatriots dying, reaching a limit to his fighting potential, poisoning someone with his cooking, the loss of Sev himself.

Inner Lineage: Like Lightning - Buster has trained himself to the point of exhaustion. In his rise to skill, a new ability has been unlocked. Buster has exceptional reflexes and quickness, being a natural athlete. He is capable of anticipating at incredible speeds, more so than the average fighter at his level as well as show great agility. This did not come without weakness, as his physical striking power and strength are weaker than the average fighter as well as his weak constitution to taking strong hits. But who needs strength when you have enough speed overwhelm the opponent, eh?

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2 Re: Buster Wolf [Finished] on Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:50 am


First time I see anyone use Joey Wheeler as a FC, but anyways.

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3 Re: Buster Wolf [Finished] on Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:56 pm

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