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In case your wondering why Sallow Island got its name, read on. The island's distinct feature is its central mountain formation taking the shape of a swallow, which is covered with trees. The island is also shaped like the aforementioned bird which anyone can look at on a map. Third, Sallow Island is home to a several species of Sallow, in fact Sallows are the dominant species on the Island even outnumbering more intelligent species like 'humans'. It is unknown by scientists and research on why so many Sallow live here, it could be due to the lack of predators or many the vast amount of food the island produces for the birds, from berries to insects and everything in between. Any food source for a Sallow can be found on this Island.

Swallows are tolerated by humans living on the island despite their overwhelming numbers because of their beneficial role as insect-eaters, and some species have readily adapted to nesting in and around human habitation and because of this are rarely seen out in the 'wild'. It not uncommon to see multiple artificial nests around farms. Farmers openly welcome swallows into their lands so that they can dispose of the troublesome insects that could ruined their crops. The bond between some swallows and humans are strong enough that humans are able to tame and trained swallows to be pets.

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