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1 Island Description on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:35 pm


Any would be Doctor would be a fool for not taking a trip to this Island and do some training there.
The Torino Kingdom is an island in the South Blue that some call the "Isle of Treasure". It is a relatively small island with a huge tree growing in the middle of it. The human inhabitants of the Torino Kingdom have so far been overweight people dressed only in grass skirts with knotted black hair, seemingly having the stereotypical caveman intelligence. Some bear an eye tattoo symbol on either of their upper arms and all adults seem wear a simple necklace. Despite this, it has been revealed that they have a vast library of books about different herbs and their medicinal purposes as well as weapons that suggest a mechanical nature. This implies that they have an advanced culture despite their seemingly low intelligence. All of them are extremely short expect for one or two of the locals, who seem to of standard human height.

The People of the Island Look No smarter than a Cavemen and stand about 4-5 feet tall, However, Despite their Appearance they are very intelligent. Ruling the Skies above there are Massive birds that believe that they are the kings of the kingdom and the people of the island even treat them like Kings but when it comes to the healing arts the people of he island are not too shy to steal an egg or two, regardless of the consequence.

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