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The Kuraigana Island is a dark and gloomy place somewhere in the Grand Line. It was once the home of the now fallen Shikkearu Kingdom). The forest island is relatively deserted except for some ruins. Amongst its landscape, the island possesses unique hills. Many years ago a terrible war was fought on this island. The Humandrills inhabiting the forest, gifted with the capability of learning from humans, watched the conflict, learned how to fight using weapons and haki, and became fearsome fighters. After the war the Humandrills attack the surviving forces and slaughter them all using the forces own techquines to defeat them. Now the creatures rule the Island with an iron fist and are extremely hostile to outsiders, anyone who dares to step on this island better know how to defend themselves. If you have the Beast Master Occupation and if your strong there a possible of you being able to tame one of Humandrills and make them your pet.

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