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Aidan P. Mercer

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1 Aidan P. Mercer on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:17 am

Name: Aidan P. Mercer
Epithet: Redtooth Mercer
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Weaponsmith

Appearance: Aidan is a tall, firm looking young man, with long, shaggy blonde hair that just goes down just to the top of his grey blue eyes. He has a pretty attractive face, far from being a nose turner, but doesn't seem to use it to his advantage much. Aidan has an odd set of teeth, his grin showing that he possesses three sets of pronounced canines, the first pair being larger than the others.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey blue
Skin Tone: Light, but not pale
Weight:162 pounds
Tattoo: N/A


A lone child raised by a single father, Aidan has always been a little rough around the edges. His temper has been know to get the better of him from time to time, having issues with not letting something as simple as words get to him. He's brash, and does little in the way of censoring himself when something needs to be said, often coming off pretty cold to most people. Aidan is a straight shooter. He doesn't like beating around a bush. While he might be a little hard to approach at first with his brashness, Aidan is generally a nice guy to be around. His conscious can get the best of him at times, showing that he can be sympathetic at times.

To those who know Aidan personally, they know he's never been one to go back on his word, something he prides himself on. To Aidan, the difference between a man and a beast is his pride.

Growing up, Aidan lived in a pretty poor village, meaning there wasn't much for him to do when it comes to an education. His father did the best he could, and was able to teach Aidan to read, but it's far from being complete. The only thing he knows much about is blacksmithing, being an apprentice at a young age.

While Aidan is forced to spill blood for his curse, he in no way harbors any want to constantly be spilling it. Aidan also seems to have become completely desensitized to blood, most likely a side effect of his curse. He treats it no differently then he would from some water, except he doesn't enjoy drinking it. But wouldn't flinch at the sight of it or even be concerned about getting blood on himself.

Should Aidan ever reach the point where he's running low, and dealing with his curse gnawing away at his sanity, he tends to be a wee bit snappy and easily aggravated.

-Steelwork: As a weaponsmith himself, Aidan has a passion for weapons of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. He had originally picked it up as a child, begging the local blacksmith to take him as an apprentice, and continued his work well beyond, often finding metalworking to be calming.

-Alcohol: A sort of quick fix that Aidan had discovered to help with his lineage. Booze helps numb the pain and thirst during longer stretches without satisfying it. This however does not fix the issue, having to be drunk off his ass for the effect to work, and staying drunk forever would be pretty counter productive to finding a true cure. Needless to say though, Aidan has a tendency to over indulge when given the chance.

-Money: While Aidan isn't naturally greedy, the gold is a means to an end. He needs gold, and he'll go to a great deal of lengths to make it.


- Drinking blood: It's an easy way to help sooth his suffering, but Aidan despises the method, feeling like an animal when he needs to rely on it. The taste doesn't make it any better either.

-Smoking: Another aspect brought on by Aidan's curse. His nose tends to be a little on the sensitive side to foul things, and smoke is one of the first things to make him gag. But sadly for Aidan, smoking a cig seems to also be a short term cure for his issue, another nerve calmer.

-Being talked down to: This stems back from his days of getting into fights with bullies. Aidan has always been the kind of person to treat people like how they treat others. If you can't treat someone decently, you won't be treated decently either.


-A Cure: Everything Aidan has done has been in search of a way to control, if not cure, the vial curse that flows in his veins.


-His curse: Like any other inflicted, Aidan is constantly fighting to keep himself sane. He has experienced its effect first hand. His father, like Aidan, suffered from the same curse. Original, his father thought he had find a work around, becoming a butcher and using animal blood to calm himself. But one day, something went horribly wrong. Aidan witnessed his father become completely deranged, muttering nonsense under his breath before undergoing the transformation, becoming berserk out in public and slaughtering several people before the local marines had subdued him. Knowing his fate might be the same, Aidan left his village, fearing he would one day go insane. To this day, he does not know what went wrong with his father, who had seemingly controlled the curse completely before breaking.

-Fire: Fire can be quite the sore spot for Aidan. His blood seemingly boils and makes him uncomfortable around most large flames, but can keep himself somewhat under control in most standard encounters; however, when it comes to someone using fire in a fight, it can shake him pretty badly.

-Never finding the cure: It's a pretty daunting task. If someone had find a way to prevent those with the curse from needing to kill, why wouldn't they have shared it by now? There are days when Aidan can't help but think about how there very well may not even be a cure, and he'd just be aimlessly searching until the curse had finally caught up with him.

Inner Lineage:

Name: Bloodrite (Caution, watch out for sharp edges)

Description: "We are born of the blood. Made men by the blood. Undone by the blood."

Considered a rarity, hidden even from those infected, there lies a curse tied to one's own blood. This curse can lie dormant for years, never revealing itself to even those it harbors in, but for those less fortunate, they are left to struggle with their disease, racing against themselves. Those inflected are cursed to spill the blood of another, absorbing their essence in a sense to feed the curse. Many try to fight this, refusing to give in and feed the curse, but if the curse is not feed it takes a toll on the body, sapping the strength of the barer, both mentally and physically until death. Many of those inflected are often written off as madmen, sentence to death for brutal murders, while not wrong, many of those men are sufferers of the curse.

For those that are able to stay hidden and feed their curse; they become stronger, faster, and for many, much more thirsty for the blood of others, to strengthen themselves. These men have already lost, much like the other's that give into the sanity from trying to starve out the curse, their will's broken to that of the curse. They continue slaughtering, one body after the other, until they are fully consumed, sating the hunger of the bloodrite, and transcending their human form, becoming beasts of the blood.

There exists a small window between the two, of those that have found a way to exist in a medium between the extremes. The curse's hunger has a set limit before transcendence; however, the essence from the blood is always leaving, allowing a few lucky cases to slip through the gaps, escaping the hunger with their sanity and will power intact. Many challengers lay ahead of these men, and out of the few that there are, many will falter.

Ability Usage: Aidan is able to absorb life essence from blood to strengthen himself, gaining increased strength when killing a sentient being, and gains nothing from killing a non-sentient being. Aidan’s sanity and health are linked to the amount of blood essence he absorbs, once he goes a long period without it. While Aidan to absorb life essence by killing another person, he is also able to indirectly absorb it if he were to… drink blood. While its effect is low, it can be a good way to draw out long trips without a proper way of feeding the curse. If caught in a long dry period without blood, Aidan can be a good amount weaker, often looking quite sluggish. If Aidan were to draw far too much blood, and trigger a transformation, Aidan turns into a senseless monster, and is no longer in control of himself. It is possible for Aidan to avoid his mind being broken by the transformation when used in tandem with his soul split, sheltering his mind from the experience, but the body does not need his mind in the body to act. The body at this point is controlled purely by the curse. The beast is quite large, having an incredible amount of strength and resilience, able to shrug off most weak attacks and small fire arms. The length of time Aidan’s body remains in this state varies, but normally lasts for entire thread, along with risk of addiction to the power. (Note, this isn’t something that just happens overnight, a lot of blood needs to be spilled.)

Outer Lineage:

Name: Soul Split

Description: There exists, underneath and above our world, a series of spiritual worlds: The Underworld, The Spirit Plane, Heaven. Most all beings cannot see or interact with these worlds overlapping with our own. However, there exists a select few in this world with the ability to be able to interact. The few in possession of the ability to soul split; separating their soul from their body, leaving the empty shell to seemingly rest in a deep sleep.

Ability Usage: The user is able to passively toggle the ability to separate their soul from their body in order to travel to the spiritual dimensions, such as the underworld.

Writing Sample Applying for newbie bonus.

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The only thing I have a problem with this application is the Inner Lineage. For one, it's potentially overpowered as you do not really define this "increase in strength". Furthermore, this lineage has combat capabilities, meaning this inner lineage will also take the place of your outer-lineage as per our rules on the matter. Finally, his transformation into a "beast" will not be approved. Not only does it in context add to the power he might've already gained from consuming blood (which is still undefined), but it starts to become somewhat similar to Zoan DF.

Make these changes and I'll give you your second approval.


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