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Aidan's Loot [WIP]

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1 Aidan's Loot [WIP] on Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:42 pm

Equipment Name: Wolf's Fang
Tier: 1
Type: Weapon
Equipment Significance: Aidan's sword, crafted by his own hands and maintained the same way.
Description: A somewhat gritty looking blade with a rusty coloration, Wolf's fang is quite unique from other swords. Like a scimitar, the blade has a pronounced curve to it, but is tapered and swung concave side first. With each swing, the blade makes a distinct swish through the air. The sword has several notches along its blade, using them as leverage for ripping.


-A bleeder: The blade has some jagged edges to it, making its cuts quite deep and messy.
-Fast slashes: The way the blade's aerodynamics works, along with its slightly heavier weight, allows it to come down hard and faster.

-Hard to stab with: The odd curvature of the blade makes it harder for it to thrust properly.
-Hard to keep quite: The iconic swish it makes leaves anyone around turning their head at the noise.

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