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Brawl Breakup

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1 Brawl Breakup on Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:48 pm


It was a relatively windy at the island where Tomoe was turning in her previous mission. She walked inside the base and up to the counter. " Good day." She said to the man behind the counter. "Hello. Turning in?" The man asked. "Yes, one mission to report in on." Tomoe said. "I was successful in finding out the cause of all those robberies. Seems it was just a hungry pack of cats." She said handing in a small stack of papers with her report on it. " Ahh, you don't say." The man said. "Mhm." Tomoe said. She turned around coursing herself to leave the premise. " Let me know if anything comes up that needs dealt with." She said walking away. "Oh and fair warning." She said turning around. "Be sure to hold onto your hat out there." She said with a smile on her face before opening the door letting some of the wind in. She stepped out, her kimono blowing in the wind, before closing the door.

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2 Re: Brawl Breakup on Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:34 pm

Tomoe closed the door to the base before walking out into the light windy mid-day of the island. Tomoe walked down the street. She walked until she reached a tea-shop. She got herself a cup of tea and sat down at an umbrellaed table. She sipped through most of her cup when a sound started up from her hip. Her mini-transponder snail was ringing. She set the snail on the table and picked up. "Tomoe, reporting." She answered. "Ah yes." The voice said as the snail's face mimicked the expression. "We've just received a report of a huge bar fight near the market district. We've dispatched a group of marines to help quell things down. Please assist them." The marine on the other side said. "Aye." Tomoe said. " I'll provide my assistance." She said. "Best of luck to you." The other marine said. " Thank you." Tomoe said before hanging up. She put the snail back in the pouch at her side. Tomoe stood up and finished her cup of tea before leaving the tea shop and heading towards the market district.

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3 Re: Brawl Breakup on Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:50 pm

Tomoe headed towards the market district of the island. The sound of chaos and men grew louder as she approached. Once in the market district Tomoe joined up with a group of ten marines at the end of a street where all the ruckus seemed to be coming from. The marines saluted her as she approached  the group. "What's going on?" She asked. "Ah, Ma'am." One marine said. " It appears two crews have gotten into a fight. It started in one of the bars, but as you can see it's poured out into the streets." Down the street Tomoe could see a mangle of pirates fighting it out in the streets. The closest to the mouth of the street was a group of 10 pirates fighting it out. "Alright." Tomoe said. " Let's keep these people safe and take these pirates out swiftly."  Tomoe said. The marines all nodded. "Marines, move in." She said. They charged into the street. Tomoe ran forward with her hand on her sword ready to draw and attack.

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Tomoe and the marines moved towards the first group of pirate grunts, some wearing yellow, some wearing red. A few of the pirates began to notice the approaching group while others kept fighting and taking advantage of the distraction and attacking the opposing pirates. Tomoe walked ahead of the other marines towards the group of brawling pirates, hand on sword, eyes narrowed. "Cease this fighting before violence becomes necessary to quell this."   One of the pirates finally spoke up. "Dammit it's the marines!" they yelled. Some of the pirates broke off from the brawl moving towards Tomoe and the marines. The pirates charged forward readying their swords. "I see." she said closing her eyes. She gripped the handle of her sword tighter. She opened her eyes. "Whistling Slash" she said as she drew her sword with a swift slash in front of her. The few pirates that had been charging towards her and the marines stop. They pause for a second before clutching their chests and collapsing. The other pirates pause, and then start to turn their attentions towards Tomoe and the Marines. "Some of you stay here and finish up here." Tomoe said. " The rest of you come with me. I figure if we can get to the captains, we can chip away at their morales." Tomoe sheathed her sword. A few of the marines nodded, four of them remained behind while the other six went with Tomoe.

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5 Re: Brawl Breakup on Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:41 am

Tomoe and the six marines following her charge through the pirates amidst their combat. Marines begin to break off as pirates try to attack the group. Eventually with only four following behind her. They find two more distinguished looking pirates. One of them clad in red, fighting with gauntlets, and the other in yellow garb swinging a hammer. They were both fighting it out amidst patches of their fighting underlings. The two make lewd comments back and forth as they trade blows. "Cease your disruptive actions!" Tomoe yelled at the two. They seemed to ignore her and continue punching, blocking, and swinging at each other. Tomoe's eyes narrowed on the two. She drew her sword and lunged forward and intercepted both of the pirates' attacks. The two pirates look to Tomoe after their fists and weapons clash with Tomoe's sword. " I said Cease." She said calmly, staring them down with a fierce look in her eyes. The two pirates scowled at her then scowled at each other before grinning and attacking towards Tomoe. But when they looked back towards where she had been, she was gone. The two pirates look around baffled. "Quell your fighting and call off your crews and come quietly." Her voice said, coming from behind the two pirates. They turned around to see Tomoe standing behind them, kimono blowing in the wind and her sword at the ready.  "Call them off before we marines are required to use force to remove your poor behavior from this city." She said in a fierce commanding voice. " I will not stand by and let the actions you take here today harm the lives of the innocent people who live here." She said. " What is your course of action?"  The two pirates stood and looked at Tomoe. They each got a wolfish looking grin " You marines aren't even worthy to take on the captain." The one in red said. " He's gonna beat that yellow bastard and carry us to victory in the grand line."The pirate in red exclaimed. "But iffen I take you out, I'd think i'll get a mighty promotion." The one in Yellow turned to the pirate in red. " Oy, Stupid. Your captain doesn't have a chance. Ours is gonna crush you and move us on the the grand line. Besides, I'll take this runt out well before you even have a chance."  Tomoe dropped in her stance " Both of you will never reach the grand line." She said. " Your journeys end here on this island. This is your last chance. Come quietly before we have to use force." She said. The two pirates turned towards Tomoe and yelled simultaneously, " That ain't up to me!" Before they charge towards Tomoe.

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6 Re: Brawl Breakup on Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:09 pm

As the two pirates began charging towards Tomoe, she readied an attack. She soon noticed that many of the other pirates had begun to surround her, rallying with the two that were charging towards her. "Marines!" She yelled. " Get away!" she yelled. The marines from outside of the circle looked around hesitantly and began to run from the crowd of pirates. The large pirate in red grinned. " See, what cowards the marines are? They run in fear of our numbers." He said as the surrounding red pirates cheered. " Marine dog!" He yelled punching the yellow pirate with the hammer away. " Your head is mine!" He said cackling and cocking a fist back. Tomoes face darkened, " You all can't listen, can you?" She said. "I said, CEASE!!!" She yelled as a pulse spread out from her. The twenty or so pirates around her including the two charging at her all froze up. They remained frozen for a brief moment and then the fifteen or so pirates within range along with the two first mates collapsed. The pirates left standing outside of the range stood frozen in fear. Tomoe gave them a fierce look, pointing her sword at the group. " Drop your weapons and come quietly." She said. They all dropped the swords they were wielding. " Where are your captains?" She asked. They all pointed towards one of the bars. " Thank you." She said smiling. "Don't cause any more trouble. Or I'll be after you."  she said before sheathing her sword and walking off towards the bar the pirates had pointed to.

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7 Re: Brawl Breakup on Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:46 pm

Tomoe pushed open the door to the noisy tavern. The sounds of shouting, clashing fists, and weapons fills the air within the tavern along with the distinct stench of alcohol. Tomoe scans around the large space of the bar. Spread out amidst the bar are about 10 pirates duking it out with each other. Towards the back of the bar against a wall, a large pirate with a red bandana and a large fiery axe stands poised to strike a large muscular pirate in yellow wielding a large sword. The rest of the room continues to fight, oblivious to Tomoe until she speaks up. " You pirates need to stop your fighting." Tomoe said in a strong voice. Most people seemed to stop what they were doing. The Red captain took advantage of the distraction to strike at the Yellow captain, the yellow captain was able to block the axe with the flat portion of his large oar like sword. The Red captain's attack knocked the Yellow captain through the wall. The Red captain turned back towards the room. "Boys you know what we do to marines." He said with a sickening grin on his face. The then went through the hole in the wall he'd just made.

Some of the red pirates break off from their battles and charge towards Tomoe swords drawn. "Why do you pirates always insist on fighting instead of talking things out?" Tomoe said. She drew her sword and proceeded to block the oncoming attacks by the undertrained pirates. "It would be much less painful for you all." She said as she used Whistling Strike to cut under their area of guard. The three pirates drop their weapons and clutch their chests in pain. Tomoe shoots a glare at a second group of pirates that had been approaching, they freeze and hold up their hands. Tomoe flicks her sword, cleaning it of any blood. She walks towards the hole made by the two captains. One pirate gets brave and charges towards Tomoe. " Treble Thrust." She said before thrusting he sword into the pirate's shoulder. "Looks like I've got to cut the heads from this beast." she says walking through the hole in the wall.

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