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Brawl Breakup

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1 Brawl Breakup on Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:55 pm

Title: Brawl breakup


Rank: T1

Details: While Tomoe is in East Blue after finishing up another mission she gets a call while she is out, reporting a fight between two pirate crews having a falling out in one of the bars uptown. Tomoe is to take a few marines with her to Breakup the fight and put down the pirates terrorizing the establishment. When she gets there the pirates have moved their brawl outside to the surrounding area of the bar. Tomoe must work her way through the crowd of clashing pirates taking out as many as she can, along with the first mates and eventually reaching the captains.


Marine soldiers: T0 x 10
- Armed with mostly a sword and pistol each

Red Crew lackeys x20 - T0 armed with basic swords
Red Crew First Mate- Hawthorn- T1- Gauntlets
Red Crew Captain: "Red Axe" Axel- T1- Self Igniting Axe. -2k beli Bounty

Yellow Crew Lackeys x20- T0 armed with basic swords
Yellow Crew First Mate: Tony- T1- Hammer
Yellow Crew Captain: "Big-Short" Neddy- T1- Large sword. 3k Beli Bounty

(((OOC note: I may have been playing OP Pirate Warriors 2 too much lately for my own good. Probably inspiring an influx of missions with lots of enemies. If this sounds like too much let me know. )))

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