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Save: The Slaves of Master Bill

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1 Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:31 am

Tama Z. Tomilin, a new born rev she was. She was now back in the kingdom of Lveenl. A kingdom she never thought she would go back to. This place was her home town it felt like. Although in all reality it was not her home town. This was the place where she had her new start. Now she was back in this kingdom, although it was not the same without brother. Walking around the country seemed to be a little plainer than it used to be. As she walked around the city looking at the folks. She recognized some in her younger years although she did not say hi to them. The glittering of the silver cross was around her neck loosely as it bounced a little every time as she walked. Her eyes were filled with little lights. Walking more around the city she got more a feel for it, although what she was doing seemed a little weird. She was walking in a circle watching people around her. Unlike most people Tama was scanning the area. She took in little details a normal person would miss. That’s when she saw her, her target. It was a tall girl with blonde almost brown hair that had curly but not curly hair. She had green eyes like that of a forest. Not only that, but her other target was with her. She was a little smaller than her sister. You couldn’t tell they were sisters. The younger sister wore thin rimmed glasses and had a straight face. Her hair was a dark blue color compared to her sister’s blonde brown hair.

Tama sat at a local coffee shop. As she pulled out a folder. It had some secret kind of writing inscribed on it. It was a profile of the two girls and their backgrounds. The younger sister was a very good child. Although she isn’t very smart.  Unlike her looks she was a normal student. She lived in the shadow of her sister. Her sister was an over achiever. She had the best grades and the best of everything. Tama smiled softly as she looked at the clock. She would be meeting their father shortly. There was a job opening from the Bill Manor. They needed a tutor for the little sister. She was failing in mathematics, lucky for Tama that was her best subject since she was navigator.
When 12 o clock started to roll around Tama was drinking a coffee. Her blonde hair was pulled back in some sort of bun. There were two golden strands that hung in curls in the front. Her deep sea blue eyes reflect that of clear water. She waited patiently as a man approached. He was tall and a little rough around the edges. He of course was the girl’s father. Behind him followed a slave. Although it did not look like a slave. The slave was dressed in normal clothes although his eyes were droopy and a little sad looking.

“Hello you must be Mrs. Froggy.”
The man said as he looked at Tama. Tama looked up at him as her cross glittered a little in the sunlight blinding the man. Mrs. Froggy stood up as she shook his hand. He didn’t expect such a small girl to be tutoring his daughter. She was very petite looking. She wore a button down white shirt with a business like jacket. She also wore a business like skirt that had a tiny slit to it. “Wow! You’re very pretty! I didn’t expect such a pretty little thing to be tutoring my daughter.”

The small girl replied in a gentle voice that washed over him making him think of his first wife. “Hello Mr. Bill.” She was kind of slow it seemed to him. Not slow like a stupid kind but kind of slow as in she’s taking in his whole existence. As they sat down, she seemed very lady like in a way. Her movements carried as that she was a swan. Graceful, beautiful, almost dangerous in a certain way.

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2 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:23 pm

The meeting was blissful to the two people. The man nodded to Mrs. Froggy as he got up and left leaving the blonde new tutor to whatever she was doing before, by now it was one. It only took an hour. He liked how she was young looking but was older. Although it was not true, Mrs. Froggy was actually that age. The girl watched the man stride away as she sat there looking at the slave giving him a little wink. The slave felt shivers run down his spine as he looked at the girl. He didn’t like her, he thought. No, he knew that she was up to something.

Tama smiled softly as they left. She got up from her seat and paid for lunch. Walking into her hotel and getting into her room. She looked around and began undressing from her professional attire and getting into her normal usual attire. Her blue eyes were piercings as she began to get under the bed. She then slipped a folder from under the bed and began reading it from under there.

It was the younger girl’s first lesson. Her tutor was very pretty, almost angelic. Her hair was a deep blonde color of that of the radiating sun. Her eyes were so blue that it made to match the sea. Then the cross around her neck. She remembered the necklace once before, but couldn’t place her finger on it. The girl seemed a little slow as she taught the younger sister. Although it was a good slow, it made it easier to understand the math problems in front of her. Although the angel like girl also had a touch of word fumbling. Like she would forget words and try to plug in other words to help her case. Not only that, but she was a bit too honest. She would comment on certain things in the room calling them expensive and bad for the soul.

What was getting mostly on the younger girls nerves was the fact the Mrs. Froggy kept on talking about her older sister. Then Mrs. Froggy would look at her almost like she was judging her. Mrs. Froggy was gifted in a certain way. Poking and prying into her past and helping her math. The younger sister actually kind of liked it. She was being notice for the first time in such a long time. Not only that Mrs. Froggy was kind in such a sensitive way that it made the younger sister want to

“We will be having a ball.. Soon. Mrs. Froggy will you come?”

“A ball? That sounds perfect!”

“So will you come?”

“I have nothing to um… mm. nope. I having nothing.”

“Nothing to wear? I have a whole bunch of stuff!”

“I umm. Don’t like balls. Nor parties.. oh! But I will dress you!”

“So you will come, but only to hang out with me?”

“umm.. mm. Why else would I… arrive?”

“To.. party? You know. Meet cute guys. Hang out with my sister?”

“mm.. bad for the soul. I rather.. just.. help you.”

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3 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:46 pm

The tiny girl was dressed in a slick black dress. The dress was straight across not showing any chest. Then it came down to her knees. The sleeves were thick, but were rounded not a t-shirt style but a thick ban style. Her golden hair was pinned up in a bun. She wore teacher like glasses to make herself look more professional. Her shoes were high heeled shoes that gave her 3 more inches on herself. She was now 5’6” rather than her small size. The silver cross necklace was wrapped safely around her neck. At this point Mrs. Froggy was doing the younger sisters hair making it all curly and fluffy looking. She even did her make up making it look fine and thin, not adding too much. The dress that Mrs. Froggy picked out was cute, not too revealing and revealing enough. The younger sibling tried to put her glasses on but Mrs. Froggy told her not too as she gave her a pair of eye contacts.

“You’re very nice.”

“I am not nice..”

“My father… he has slaves.”


“Yeah.. He keeps them in the basement.”


“I don’t know.. he doesn’t like me and my sister to go down there. He says that is his work place.”

“Do you.. like? What he is doing?”

“No, I feel ashamed. I don’t have any friends, because of what he does.”

“Mmm. I’ll be your friend?”

“Will you really?”



“After tonight.. You will never see me.”

The younger sister was confused, but kept quiet as she let Mrs. Froggy continuing to work on her.  After a while the younger sister was done and ready for the party. Mrs. Froggy went down to the ball with her. Although after a few hours, Mrs. Froggy was gone.

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4 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:33 pm

Tama was currently making her way down the stairs into the dungeon. She had the blue prints of the house. It was amazing what a library could do and the town hall. She had to break in of course to get her information. Not only that, but she read up on some chemicals that could do little amounts of exploding that wouldn’t blow down the whole place. It was pretty funny how this could be solved. She only needed to do little amounts of things. By doing little amounts it could led to a whole bunch of miss happenings. Walking to the bathroom she opened the door. She looked around the bathroom and looked at the small camera. Later in the day Tama had hacked into the security here and actually made sure that they were looking at feed about 3 hours before anything. There was a plant in the bathroom of course, she removed the plants and the dirt to show inside a back pack. Tama pulled the plastic wrapped backpack out of the pot and then placed took her dress off and placed it inside the pot. Changing back into her normal clothes she headed to the dungeon.

Making her way to the door she looked at the cameras. she just couldn't believe how easier they were to hack into. Putting these weird clay things on the door she then smiled softly as she put the things to the side. She blew the hinges off the door. It was a good explosion. Looking around Tama saw no one try and get her. As she moved towards down the stairs opening the door. Tomilin walked down the stairs and into the dark canvas. She activated her fruit as she walked down the stairs. She then jumped up as she stuck to the roof as she moved over the ceiling. She found saw 4 guards total down in the cellar. Watching them closely Tama made her move as she jumped down and got on top of one. She poisoned him by activating her whole devil fruit. Then she stuck her tongue out getting the other guard with her tongue and made him lose his balance by pulling she then jumped over to him and stabbed him in the heart with a knife. The next guard saw her as she kicked him right in the head slamming him into the wall. The other guard had time to react as he pulled out his gun. Tama wrapped her tongue around the gun and took it from him and shot the man three times in the chest.

Taking down all of the guards Tama then began to unlock each cell as she made a motion with her fingers to be quite. as she made her way up the stairs she nodded to them. "When I tell you to run. You run.. understand?" The tiny girl then walked away from the slaves. As she then made her way towards the hall. She motions for them to come. "I'll make a huge... umm ruckus.. You guys then run away.. With the crowd.."

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5 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:50 pm

Tama entered the place as people looked at her. The younger sister saw Tama as she was kind of confused. Her teacher looked so much younger. Although what happened next left a bad taste in her mouth. Her once teacher, Mrs. Froggy pulled a gun and aimed it at the ceiling. Pulling about 2 bullets in the air. The crowd of people started to run away. Mrs. Froggy yelled loudly, "RUN!" Soon as the crowd ran away so did the slaves. The father was looking around as his slaves were running away and his people. His sharp features were now blushed with anger as he looked at the small girl. "You little bitch. Guards get her!" The small girl smiled softly as she opened her back pack up taking out small bombs. She threw them on the staircase as they exploded sending some people back at Master Bill, by now his face was redden with anger. His guards were completely useless as the tall girl stood in front of him. Maybe about 10 meters away from Master Bill was Mrs. Froggy. His daughters were gone, by now.

It was just Mrs. Froggy and Master Bill. She stood up on top of the stair case. The small girl was now standing on the railing looking down upon him. For some reason it was pissing him off how she thought she was so superior. He found it almost like she was looking down upon him like he was a lesser being. Like he was some slave. Her gaze was almost intimidating if it wasn't for her small body, he would be intimidated. Although that small body just made her look like a pouting child. Although he saw something unnatural. Almost too unnatural. that beautiful small child started turning into a monster. One minute she was almost like an angel the neck it was like she was a toad. Her hair seemed to almost have a greenish tip as her skin seemed to drip with slim. Her eyes were black and red. There was no more white eyes. He was looking at a monster. He was truly viewing something terrifying. Then she let out something like a croak from a frog. The impact from it blew him back for a moment.  His ears began to ring from the loud noise that was produced. Master Bill fell to the ground from the ringing in his ears. He couldn't seem to understand why this was happening to him. Master Bill had always been an honest and nice fellow. He was nicer than most slave holders. Yes he beat his slaves. Yes he had killed his wife. And yes he had affairs with other women. Although why did he have to deserve to die by the hands of a monster.

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6 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:16 pm

"Your a monster!"

The words echoed through the house that was now silent, the only thing that seemed to be in the huge house was Tama and this man. He watched the monster from up top. As it said nothing. The small monster seemed to enjoy his comment though as it let out a laugh. Its tongue rolled out of its mouth as it was bumpy and almost writ filled. He was disgusted by the monster that stood there before him. Although when the monster talked, it talked in a sweet, honey coated voice like it always did.

"What is a monster?"

The words seemed to fall on top of him. Here he was calling this monster a monster. Although what is a monster? He had never asked himself that.

"A person that does bad things!"

It laughed. its honey sweet voice, laughed at him. The monster jumped down and was now in his face. Its breath smelt of mint and some earthy smell. Its red and black eyes stared at him directly in the eye.

"Doesn't that make you a monster as well Master Bill?"

Its voice was a whisper as it talked and then it jumped on his shoulders. Surprising the monster was light, almost like a feather. Its face was upside down now.

"Killing, your wife. Making your youngest suffer because she is only your half daughter. Not only that, but you beat people to get your anger out."

The man started to shake. How did she know this? Did she read my mind? The man stared at her in the eyes feeling fear shake through him.

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7 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:41 pm

The small girl smiled as she then jumped away from the man walking away from him. He was surprised. He was wondering if she was going to kill him. "Your not going to kill me?" The small girl looked at him and shook her head. The wide blue eyes stared at him, "Not today."

The small girl was getting a little testy with him. Her voice carried a little bit of mischievous volume in it.  It was pissing him off. The whole time she played him like a fiddle. She showed him who was dominate and who was not. The old man ran to a picture frame and sliding the picture he hit a button. The house started to light up with a red flashing manner. Soon guards started to swarm in as they began to enclose on Tama. Her bright blue eyes admittedly changed to red and black. It had seemed she was caught off guard by the red flashing lights.

"I'll put you in your place monster."

Although what surprised him was that she was perfectly calm about the whole thing. Her body language told him that she was confident in her skill. The people gathered around in a circle. Their guns were all pointed at the girl. The tiny body seemed to look all around her. The small girl stood in the middle as the Master seemed to have his laugh now. "Die!"

The bullets started to fire and the girl jumped in the air getting behind one of the guards. Her golden eyes sparkled like gold coins. As stray bullets hit the guards. A stray bullet grazed Tama's arm as she felt the hot blood trickle down her right arm. Tama used one of the guards as a shield as she wrapped her arm around his neck choking him letting some of the bullets hit his body.

Feeling his body sprayed blood on her clothes and on the floor, she could hear his blood drip from his mouth and on the ground. Tama sadly was not merciful. She was a full blooded killer that seemed to have a switch. She was cold and heartless. Maybe it was because she used to be a slave that she was such a cold person. The gold eyes imprinted on those around her, there were about 10 guards around her. Letting out an ear piercing whale the people started to get on their knees getting hurt by the screaming. Tama then grabbed one of the guns and shot about 3 execution style. The blood sprayed on her clothes and face as she looked at them with such cold eyes. Master Bill watched her as he fell to knees. Such a small girl was like the grim reaper. She showed no remorse as she shot his men. Some had children and wives at home waiting for them. Others were use to be pirates or bounty hunters. Although in the small girls eyes it looked like they were all bugs of this world that seemed to be in the way of her goal. Whatever her goal was.

After killing about 5 of his men, the merciless tiny girl. Looked at the other 5 and smirked at them as she began to walk away from the group. Then getting outside she saw the slaves. They were all outside looking at the girl. She smiled at them, "Lets go my friends! the ship is around the corner. We shall board it and bring you home."

As she began to lead the group of slaves to the ship. She was stopped by the younger siblings, at this time Tama was stained with blood from head to toe. There was blood covering him. "Did you..." She couldfinish her sentence. Tama shook her head no. The younger sibling started crying as she looked at Tama. "What is your name? Who are you? Who do you work for?"

tama turned around and then did some kind of weird pose, "I am Tama Z. Tomilin, Mrs. Froggy. I'm a Rev!"

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8 Re: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:28 pm


Thread Completed. Locking Thread.

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