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Mission: 1 Save!

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1 Mission: 1 Save! on Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:14 pm

Title: Save: The Slaves of Master Bill.

Type: Tasks

Rank: Tier 2


Mrs. Froggy is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Bill manor. She her mission is to save as many slaves as possible. Although by doing this she will need to disguise herself and act professional.


Crystal Bill
Tier: 1
Brief Description: A pampered princess that is always guarded by two or three body guards. The older daughter.

Ralph Bill
Tier: 1
Brief Description: The head of a house. A strong pervert that is actually skilled in Kendo.

Sally Bill
Tier: 1
Brief Description: A pamper girl that is kind of a book worm. The youngest daughter.

Guards x 30
Tier: 1
Brief Description: All over the manor are body guards and guards. Always protecting the place.

Tier: 1
Brief Description: All kept at the bottom of the house in a dungeon like room. They work around the house int he day time and in the night time they are sentenced in the dungeon to sleep.

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2 Re: Mission: 1 Save! on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:33 am


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3 Re: Mission: 1 Save! on Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:44 pm

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4 Re: Mission: 1 Save! on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:27 pm


Just for future notice. After you finish a topic, summarize what you did in the topic.

Tier System wrote:Another side note, while we do read the topics we grade; we are looking for if you put an effort in and if something did happen. It makes it easier if you summarize what was accomplished/what you did/etc. I.e:

Actions Committed:
-Burned down Kalli's Home.
-Burned down Kouketsu's Home.
-Burned down Alexa's Home.
-Burned down Rocket's Home.
-Burned down Wulfric's Home.
-Burned down Kalista's Home.
-Took all their cheese before hand.

Anyway. The Thread was read, reviewed and approved. After this posting. I lock the thread.

-Lying to young sister (Why won't you be her friend!?)
-Hacking the security systems
-Breaking and Entering a Restricted Area (Dungeon)
-Poisoned, Stabbed & Shot some Guards.
-Save the Slaves.
-Fire off a loaded firearm and tossing bomb into crowd of people.
-Mind games with Master Bill. Spare his life at least for now. Even when he sent more guards after you. Which you manage to defeat.
-Made the younger sister cry.


-10,000,000 Bounty
-200,000 Beli

Kalliope's Character Sheet: ~Click Me~
Primary Fighting Style: Magu Kata
Secondary Fighting Style: W.I.P
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