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Tama Z. Tomilin

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1 Tama Z. Tomilin on Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:53 pm

Name: Tama Z. Tomilin
Epithet: Froggy
Age: 17
Gender: female
Race: Animal/Human
Sexuality: heterosexual

Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Navigator / Theif  

Always seen with a brown hat on with eyes. The small girl looks like a child at times. She is flat as board but doesn't seem to care. She has some scars on her from her past slave activity. Tama also wears a skirt and long white sleeve shirt with a tang top. She also wears white stockings. And the front of her hair is tied with red ribbons. Not only that but she is none for exposing her underwear on accident or getting mud or dirt on her.

Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Skin Tone: ivory
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115
Tattoo: slave mark on her left side

At first Tama is a ball of hyperness and rowdyness and that's first impression nevery changes. Tama never seems to be out of energy. She's never tired and when she is she has a horrible habit of sleeping in someone's lap or in someone's bed. She craves warmth. If human beings are suck or are producing lots of heat Tama will automatically get stuck to them like glue. Not only is she a bundle of happiness and energy but sometimes she can be a machoist. She enjoys pain that sometimes it doesn't effect her. She gets right back up and keeps on going.  Although at times she is gentle and very helpful. She gives the best advice even though she never follows it.

Always keeping a smile on her face even when she is fighting. Since she is a machoist she can't seem to keep a clam facial expression when fighting. She becomes a maniac when seeing her blood. Not only that, but Tama is filled with pride at times that she can be very stubborn. Tama although doesn't like this side to show,but she can be a blood thirsty killer due to her past. Killing someone does not make her sad nor feel anything.

Tama can be caring and very gentle to those that she like or around. She is very thoughtful and lovable. She can be klutzy at times. Falling all over the places and getting embrassed. One emotion that tama seems to never express is anger nor saddness. Those two emotions never seem to quite show.

-singing even though people say she is tone deaf
-swamps or hot humid places
-creepy animals
-frogs and snakes
-cannot cook whatsoever
-sour foods
-slave holders
-to become a commcommander
-to marry her older brother
-free all slaves

-to lose her brother
-becoming a sadist
-to become a slave once more

Inner Lineage:
Name: Aura Sense
Description: Sometimes Tama has the ability to sense people or feel them. She can felt heir presence very clearly. Tama could conceal herself into the darkest or smallest of spaces without people noticing. Its like she turns invisible somehow although she isn't she conceals her presence that people don't notice her at all. She is able to hide from others that works with her thief occupation. Not only that, but she is able to feel when people are about .5 radius around her. She is able to feel their presence. Tama is able to turn use this Lineage to sneak around easily when people are around. She is able to use it to her advantage when robbing people.

Outer Lineage:Legendary Speaker

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