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Anna Seres

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1 Anna Seres on Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:51 pm

Name: Anna Seres
Epithet: Elusive Reflection
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Gay

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Forger/Navigator (2 because of human race bonus)

Appearance: Usually, Anna is dressed in the clothing in the picture above, with a black cloak draped over it for protection from the elements.
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 5’7
Weight: 100 lbs
Tattoo: None

Personality:Most of the time, Anna is a very neutral individual. Her emotions are very much kept in check, allowing logic to dictate her actions rather than personal feelings in most cases. The fact that she lived in isolation by her own choice for most of her life has only exacerbated this, making it very hard for her to connect with and befriend others. She is silent for the most part, only speaking when she needs to; due to her lack of social experience, however, she tends to be extremely blunt with no tact. This can drive various people away, only helping to solidify her solitary existence.

Her isolation, coupled with her lack of tact and neutral behavior, often leads people to believe that she has no emotions. In reality, however, the exact opposite is true. Anna is an extreme empath, whose demeanor and emotions are extremely impacted by the emotions of the people around her. Anna went into isolation in order to minimize the effects that other people had on her, and to learn to control the outbursts that other people cause in her. She has come far in her training, to the point that most outbursts will not break her emotionless facade, but the breaking point is certainly still reachable, and has been reached since her reintroduction into the world.

One thing to note about Anna is that, despite her instability, she is extremely loyal to any friends she would happen to make. She loves having human company over in her isolated island, as long as it comes in single members; she has been known to take care of isolated individuals who wash up on the shores until somebody comes to get them. When a full crew of men arrives, however, she often loses her cool and has an outburst, driving the intruders away from the island. She has forced away countless pirates who sought to ransack the island, earning her the title of ‘The Elusive Reflection’ from the astounded invaders.

Despite her issues with controlling her emotions, Anna is a very capable individual when it comes to strategy. Her abilities and her own physical frailness lend themselves very well towards a cunning, trickster-style way of fighting; her opinions of fighting reflect this as well, seeing a battlefield as more of a puzzle than a fight. Her emotionless persona has only strengthened those ideas; since she has trained herself to be mostly logical, she approaches almost everything with a problem-solving mentality. At the same time, however, this leaves her open to sudden shifts in the battlefield; the arrival of reinforcements or a sudden change in the battlefield’s terrain/weather can often throw her off. Due to this, she is extremely effective in smaller skirmishes, but she should not be trusted to lead larger groups.

-Isolation, to control her emotions
-Helping others

-Crowds, since they set off her empathy and destabilize her
-Sudden change
-Sour foods

-To get her emotions fully under control and re-enter society

-Losing control of her emotions and injuring/killing somebody
-Being alone forever
-Never being able to pay back the people who have helped her

Inner Lineage:
Name: Empath Extreme
Description: For unknown reasons, Anna has always had extremely potent empathic tendencies. She has an extreme sensitivity to the emotions of the other living things around her, to the point where it can completely influence her own mood (resulting in the Outer Lineage). This gives her several other bonuses, as well.
Ability: Passively, Anna is able to tell what other people are feeling when they are within 10 meters of her; this gives her a limited form of a barrier bubble since she can tell when a living being enters it, as well as allowing her to tell the emotions of others.

Outer Lineage:
Name: Heart of Affliction
Description: Emotions fuel you, emotions are what make you powerful and yet, you become just as dangerous as your empowerment. You may be more unstable, you may experience anger and sadness and all that jazz, but you can truly be a weapon of passion. You care for others normally, or you hate others just as equally. You have the heart of afflictions, for your emotions have turned the tides of your fate and the fate of other's. This gives you the power to bring out the emotions of others, to allow them to express themselves more easily. You influence others to care or hate, it all depends on what you feel on the inside. At the same time, of those too heavily afflicted by emotion, you may drain their emotion into your own a risk of sanity.
Ability: Twice per topic with a 5-post cooldown, you may resist attacks lower than your own power, but only one attack of equal power. This sends you into a blind fit of emotion for the next two posts, calming down afterwards. You may as well, once per topic, bring out the emotional side in all NPC's of equal tier or lower. Higher-tier NPC's may be affected up to one tier higher if used with Haoshoku (not knocking them out). PC's may feel this effect if they wish, for they can be strong-willed at times. The NPC's and PC's affected may possibly side with the user in understanding, entering an emotional fit for one post before all calming down, which could result in betrayal, for the emotion is expressed in truth not lie. The emotions felt are up to the affected, but they may just as well express violence upon the user. For those with this lineage, if they use the effect twice for themselves, their fit will extend to 10 posts where they are just completely irrational. While completely irrational, it may be ended prematurely by someone with this lineage, nulling the emotion, but it tears away the power of the person once had in their emotions for the rest of the topic.

Writing Sample (For the Pein-Pein no Mi)

The man washed up at around 8:00 AM.

Anna had been wandering the shores of her little island for just a few minutes before she came across him. His hair was disheveled and black, with only a few remaining shreds of clothing sticking to him; if she had to guess, Anna would say that he’d been floating around for quite some time before arriving here. He was pretty lucky; this was the only island around for a few miles, so if he hadn’t arrived here, he likely would have drowned. She wasn’t getting any emotions from the man, meaning that he was certainly unconscious; a quick check, however, showed that he was still breathing. Anna sighed. This was the third one in the past two days (albeit he was the only one still alive); had there been a battle again? She hadn’t seen any ships, but that certainly didn’t mean they weren’t there; the island had a nasty tendency for fog that prevented the girl from seeing very far past the shores.
Snapping out of her reverie, Anna turned her attention back the the man. He was still alive, which meant he’d wake up soon; perhaps she could have some company for a time. First, though, she’d have to take him back.

Reaching down, Anna hoisted the man over her shoulder, beginning the long trek back to her shelter.


Anna was cooking lunch on a fire outside of her cave shelter when she felt a stirring of fear and confusion from within. She smiled slightly; her companion was awake. “Finally awake, huh?” She called, which resulted in another burst of confusion.
“Who are you? Where are we?” The man muttered, the fear he was feeling palpable both through his voice and through Anna’s empathy.
“You’re on my island,” she said plainly, “and I’m just a girl. Call me Anna.” She never took her eyes off of the meal she was cooking as she spoke, moving only to turn the spoke and to brush out a lock of purple hair from her face. “There’s clothing next to you, if you don’t mind wearing a dead man’s things.”
There was a second of hesitation before Anna heard some rustling from within the cave. A moment later, the man emerged, clothed in what she had set out. “What are you making?” He asked, eyeing the hunk of meat with obvious hunger.
“Roast pork,” Anna replied plainly. “There are plenty of juvenile pigs on the island; they make great food, if you can catch them and avoid the adults.” She motioned to the ground beside her. “Feel free to sit; it’ll be ready in just a moment.”
The man slowly moved to take a seat beside Anna, eyeing her warily. She could feel the suspicion radiating from him; she didn’t blame him. After all, she had seen him essentially naked. “So, why are you all alo-” he began before a crashing sound through the nearby forest caught them off guard. Anna stood up, facing the direction the sound was coming from with a sigh. Again? She must be losing her touch.
A giant boar burst into their small clearing, snarling at Anna. If she had to guess, the girl would say that it was the mother of the pig she was currently cooking; it was certainly an adult, and certainly angry. She had probably not done as good of a job of clearing her tracks as she had assumed, but it was no matter. “Keep turning the meat,” she instructed her new companion, moving between the boar and the fire. “I’ll deal with this.”
The man scrambled to do as she said as the boar charged. Anna raised her arm to block, but it was a lost cause; the boar tore into her, biting off the arm and shattering her torso. The shipwrecked man could only watch as the shard of her body fell to the ground-

Wait. Shards?

Anna’s head, still intact, landed itself on a tree branch, face still neutral. “As expected,” she muttered, watching the boar with disinterest. The boar itself suddenly grew wide-eyed and squealed in pain before exploding, chunks of the razor-sharp glass bursting through its gullet. Anna’s body, meanwhile, was reforming, the shards coming back together to form her body. Her head followed suit, flying over to re-attach itself before flexing. She turned back to the man, the dead boar serving as a backdrop. “See? No problem.”
The man, however, was trembling in fear. “I-it’s you!” He stammered, raising a trembling finger to point at Anna. “T-the Reflection! The one that all the pirates tell horror stories about!”
“So what if I am?” Anna responded evenly, the fear she was feeling from her disturbing her.
The man didn’t respond, being too busy running off into the forest. Anna sighed, resuming her position on the stool. Why did this happen every time?

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