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Las Camp, Also Known as the "Ship Battle Field". For Ages this Area has been used as the perfect battle field because of the interesting creatures and Mini Islands that spot around the area. The Greatest place is in the very center of the Las Camp area which consists of a Large Stone wall that encircles a small patch of raised land, all about 100 meters into the Air. the only way into the enclosed circle is a small slit in the natural defense which ships can easily slip in and out of. This Defense is called "Lost Soul Cave" because once you are in the "Donut" of water you are able to enter the center Cave which can bring you up to the top of the Giant flat formation or down into the Massive caves which are used as a place to do battle.

Over all, this great place is used endlessly for Ship battling and anyone can always expect to be caught in a battle between Marines, Pirates, and Revolutionaries if you enter the area. Even though the many merchants know better they find themselves using the Las Camp Route in order to get shipments in Three times as quick, Either the endless battling makes them work quicker or the route itself is a good one for fast, sturdy business.

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