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Micqueot one of the favorite dentations for pirates in the North Blue. Why? The answer is easy. Micqueot is the island of wine and grape juice (lesser known fact), originally founded by a group of nomads that roamed around the sea looking for a place to settle down at. They floated onto this island and found delicious grapes here, probably the best out of the world. At first none of the nomads thought about turning the grapes into wine until suddenly, a bartender of the nomadic group was searching for ingredients for a new drink. Since there the grapes on the Island were popular and plentiful through out the Island. The Bartender thought of a new and interesting idea: turn the grapes into a drink! He successfully created wine. The news of this delicious wine spread across the Island and then the entire world, bringing many people in and shockingly, a lot of female pirates flock towards the island of Micqueot. Wine seem to a be a favor choice females and of course where there a lot of females in one place, males will surely follow. The Island Standard of Living is moderate and crime levels are higher than normal since so many pirates tend to visit the place. Despite that, the Island is hotspot of travelers. If you can stay safe, this place is perfect for beings who are in love. Nothing says I love you better than a bottle of wine.

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