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Flevance, also known as the White City, is a country in the North Blue where many famous medical experts were born. It is known for its Amber Lead. Amber Lead was a white ore that was found only in the country of Flevance. Amber Lead products all give off a white shiny coat that made the material an instant success and a practical gold mine for the country, proving wealth and riches for the people. The products made from Amber Lead vary from wall paint to pottery as well as make-up and weapons. The ore is also used up by plants, giving them its white color.

One of the islands noteable landmarks is the hospital. The hospital with the appearance of a giant townhouse with iron-wrought gates for the fencing walls. As with many other buildings of the city, the hospital was white due to the Amber Lead. The hospital also served as an academy for promising young students producing some of the world's greatest doctors and surgeons in the country and the world But sadly when the Amber Lead Syndrome broke out, the hospital ran low on equipment and doctors due to the rapidly increasing death tolls and lack of assistance from the outside world. In some point of time something inside the hospital was set ablaze and the building was burned down, killing countless of lives that weren't already lost to the breakout. After the Amber Lead Breakout, there were are no known survivors, but the World Government has been trying to change that as they sent Marines scientist to island to make it habitable again.  The process is working as marines are planning to build a base there.

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