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Tequila Wolf is a country in the East Blue; it is the construction site of a massive bridge, instead of an island. The bridge has been under construction for the past  seven hundred years, upon demand of the World Nobles. The enormous feat is being carried out by various slaves who are either criminals or people from countries that are not allied with the World Government. The purpose of this seemingly impossible task is to connect various islands together, although the exact details as to why are currently unknown. Tequila Wolf was later attacked by revolutionaries who freed the slaves and workers of the Bride.

Born from origins of oppression and strife, the Tequila Wolf Bridge is now a market place for some of the rarest spices, herbs and food items in the East Blue. The natives of Tequila Wolf have further made improvements to the bridge, turning the entire stretch to a unique marketing complex. Protected by Revolutionaries, Tequila Wolf is now an independent market, free from the sieges of their formal oppressors, the World Nobles. The citizens of the country live in mostly in camps like their slave ancestors did many years ago.

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