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Dressrosa Island Description

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Dressrosa Island Description T6pHl

Dressrosa is a kingdom within the New World, and one of the Twenty Kingdoms of the World Government.
Dressrosa is a luxurious island with palm trees and a large Spanish-styled castle with a mixed appearance of a wealthy mansion serving as the palace. The port town of Acaciahas the Corrida Colosseum run by Diamante. Another town, Primula, is located on the western side of the island.
Flower Field is situated in the middle of the island, right next to the royal plateau.

While the SMILE Factory is beneath the colosseum, it is part of an underground world where the trade port is also located. The royal palace stands on top of a tall plateau. A lift at the center of the plateau, starting from the underground trade port, goes through the Toy House area at the base of the plateau, the three floors of the plateau itself, the three base floors of the palace, to end at the first main floor of the palace. The palace has five main floors, where floors two to five are the areas of the central tower.

Dressrosa is connected to Green Bit by an iron bridge. The presence of the Fighting Fish has forced the bridge to be closed for 200 years. Dressrosa is relatively close to Punk Hazard, as travel between the two islands can be done in a short period of time. The crime rate is very high because the women there are extremely beautiful, but also extremely temperamental, and they often stab to death the men that betray them. Yet behind this pleasant veil is a dark underbelly.

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