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Legendary Tales

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In a world that has spent the last seven years peacefully recovering from the immense and long running war against the Dark Forces, it is now under threat of new evil uprisings. Though these dark tidings still yet linger in the shadows, many tragic events have stirred the peoples fears and anxieties as to what these omens might foreshadow.

There are quiet whispers of a force both ancient and terrible that is soaked in the blood of eons and bathed in the darkness of night. These immortal beasts roam the nations of Laera in search of dominance over the mortals; their attacks to the Great Alliance are more fierce and vicious than ever. Erik, the Vampire King, and his elite council members are building up their numbers, planning their moves and gaining support as they abide their time for the perfect moment to strike.

Besides the rumors of a vampire uprising, there is a notorious Pirate King which threatens Laera with his amassed mighty fleet and leaves nothing but fear and death in his wake. The Shiver Sea is besieged by war, bringing both battle and bloodied waters to every nation's shores.

With a world besieged by shadows and darkness, the hope of many falls on the shoulders of the few. The people wait and watch, hoping to be saved as brave warriors, mages, rogues and royalty alike struggle to combat these tides of evil. But only one question remains...

Where will you stand?

What We Offer:
-A very friendly, helpful and fun loving group of Admins & Members
-A variety of races, ranks and nationalities to choose from when creating your character
-Detailed & useful information provided, explaining our fantasy world
-The ability to use magic with information on how it works
-Good Role Players who've been Role-playing for 3 years+
-We accept any and all romantic preferences
-And last but not least; A place to have fun, write with others & be yourself!

Current Events

Interested?! If so, please click on our link at the top of our page and it will lead you to our main page. Or you can click the link below which will lead to our informative and helpful guided tour!

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