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Redwater Pirates WIP

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1 Redwater Pirates WIP on Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:41 pm

 Redwater Pirates

Crew Type: Pirate (In practice) / Revolutionary (In goals).
Crew Goal
- Slavery is an abomination.  It needs to be torn down with a ruthless rending such as it'd be felt for generations to come.
- The Celestial Dragons are tyrannical apes,  fat in their success at the expense of all others who cower in fear as they pass.  The expectation of obedience and the notion that they can do anything they wish with the lives of others is a concept that needs to be carved out of this world.  Let them experience the same fear they've imposed on others.
- Nobles, Marines, and Pirates alike are all capable of despicable acts.  Wherever atrocities are committed against the commonfolk human or otherwise,  we will not let it stand.   

Ours is firm hand against evil,  against corruption.  Not the petty evils of the common sinner,  the liar or the gambler,  not the midnight maidens or the unfaithful.   But the larger evils who's lives only bring other's down low,  those who take innocent lives or hold them ransom.   

To reclaim history and freedoms the source of the oppression needs to be cut away.   

~*But it's not all seriousness*~.  

- Wealth! The Redwater Pirates are still out to make coin,  but not just coin,  treasures beyond dreams.  Priceless artifacts,  hidden gems,  forgotten knowledge.  The Redwater Pirates seek gain in all forms and revel in indulgence and ownership. 
We are not,  however,  mercenaries.  If a town is held down at the hands of oppressive bandits or marine activity, our assistance comes at no charge.   The connections and favors gained are enough,  while spoils can be taken from the defeated party rather than the  victims. 
- Growth! The Redwater Pirates are out to grow and develop.  The path to strength isn't in wealth alone,  but in growth and fortunes... they are intimately connected.  By growing in strength and experience we reach for the stars.   This comes in the form of general experiences,  but also the personal experiences of the crew.  Similar to a one-for-all and all-for-one set up,  the Redwater will stand beside it's own in the face of their own challenges and needs despite the odds. 
- Kinship! The Redwater Pirates,  despite the captain's repute,  are to be held together not by fear or intimidation,  but by mutual respect and familial bonds.  Blood is thicker than water,  but we are Redwater.  Close enough!  Crewmembers are expected to make an effort to reach out to one another in support and friendship.   It's not all happy go lucky sunshine and rainbows,  friendship can come in many forms.   Loyalty is expected, but not freely,  loyalty is repaid in loyalty and the support of all. 

Crew Members:
Unofficial.  The crew has yet to come together IC. 
Red Queen Siren.
Red-Eye Coyote.
Redtooth Mercer.

Crew Timeline:

Crew Extras:


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