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Not Enough when Underwater

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1 Not Enough when Underwater on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:13 am

Title: Not Enough when Underwater

Type: Hunt

Rank: Tier 4

Details: Reverend Isra, a powerful pillar in the secrete religious society, the one in charge of slave trafic in all the south blue. Informers have told Kujira that Isra was going on a specific trip out of the south blue, perfect to capture him, and one of the easiest points for Kujira was Fishman Island. Kujira will destroy the three submarines protecting Isra from any threats.


Basic Underwater Soldier x50 in each submarine T2
These enemies carry swords and hammers to attack the enemy. They can move swiftly through the water to perform fast attacks.

Robotic tiny subs x3 in each ship T3
They can carry up to 2 people inside. The machine has a pair of arms which he uses to carry a pair of hammers or swords. The tiny sub can launch up to 2 torpedoes each. They have a pair of big motors each so they can swim quite fast as well.

Hydro Armors T4 x1 in each submarine.
These are strong machines carried with spears and with a pair of wings with propulsion to be able to swim fast. They can launch up to 10 explosive mines each and up to 4 torpedoes each. They are as strong and swift as a fishman underwater, a big threat.

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