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Xavaynn the Indigo Raven

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1 Xavaynn the Indigo Raven on Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:00 am

Name: Jack Xavaynn
Epithet: Indigo Raven
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Pirates
Occupation: Culinary Artist/Gun Slinger

Appearance: Jack wears the exact same clothes in the picture above.
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 1.82
Weight: 73 KG
Tattoo: None.


Quiet: Xavaynn is very quiet, and thinks that everyone should speak when they have to, or when they have the right to.

Calm: Xavaynn is very calm and mellow. He would never panic in a scary situation. Basically, he would never lose his cool. Never ever. This trait of him causes him to act like an older brother of a person, even if that person is older and bigger than him.

Loyal: Xavaynn is very loyal and would do anything for his captain. However, he would never betray someone and acts like his life would chained on that person. However, he doesn't like betrayals too much either.

Shy: Xavaynn never shows this trait of him, but he is actually very shy. Even if he's told to do some thing that's a even a bit embarrasing for him, he would decline. If he did that, he probably wouldn't forgive that person for days.

Protective: Xavaynn is very protective. This goes well along with his older brother attitude, his mellow and loyal personality. Gaining his trust is never easy, and even a little thing could destroy his trust completely. However, he suspects everything and tries to protect his close ones.

Dreamy: However, even to his tough personality and exterior, Xavaynn is very dreamy. He dreams a lot and his dreams are generally consists of goofy and weird things.

Likes: Silence, cooking, his friends.
Dislikes: World Government, loud people, fishmen.
- Finding All Blue
- Finding the recipe of the food of the gods, Ambrosia.
Fears: End of the pirate age, leaving his close ones behind, doves.

Inner Lineage:

Raven's Eyes:

Name: Raven's Eyes
Description: This lineage works to summon the user's own raven company that born alongside the user. However, owner of this lineages are the masters of ravens and can communicate with them, and also summon their own special raven company.
Ability: User is able to summon a raven named Lu by using this Lineage. Lu just stays as a company to the user and has no special ability. User also can speak to ravens with this lineage.

Outer Lineage:

Kinetic Flow:

Name: Kinetic Flow
Description: People of this caliber are capable of taking on a physical hit full force and being able to take that force and absorb it to add it into their own physical attack. This means they take no damage from the physical attack because they transformed it into another form of kinetic energy to empower their own.
Ability: Three times a thread with a six post cool down, the user is capable of absorbing a physical attacks kinetic energy, or momentum, to empower their own to add on a tier worth of added power. This is only capable of absorbing same tier and below kinetic energy as any higher would be far too overwhelming to wield. However please note that t4+ techniques cannot be absorbed by equal tier players, and that any t3+ techniques from higher tier players cannot be absorbed.

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2 Re: Xavaynn the Indigo Raven on Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:14 am


Problem with my Decreased Activity, Anyway sorry for the prolong waiting period.

1/2 Approval 2nd Staff member needed for approval and/or to catch something I may have miss.

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3 Re: Xavaynn the Indigo Raven on Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:29 pm


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