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Rocket's Updates

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1 Rocket's Updates on Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:41 pm

Character Updates

Registry Updates






Past Arcs

Current Arcs
These are arranged in chronological order

Flaming Summit (First)

Exotic Salesmen (Fourth)

Tasks/Hunts/Battles Outside of Arcs
Rocket's Boisterous Escapade's Part 1: 'Rocket'ing To The Top!

Shipwright Malfunction

Freeing Rockets and Ships

A Tasty Crash Landing

I'm a Man... Woman... Hoshi Pirates Meeting Vicky Wright?!

End of the Line

Trouble on the High Seas! Shunji's and Jensen's Punishment!



Crew & Members of It / Allies

The Hoshi Pirates-
-Shunji Z Wraith: Rocket has an extremely tight and close friendship with his captain, Shunji. Ever since saving Rocket's life at the Marine Base on Micquoet, Rocket has had undying loyalty and unwavering faith in Shunji. They tend to eat together, and due to their ginormous appetites, results in them eating each others food. Despite not having officially joining the crew, Rocket has stuck by Shunji's side, even going so far as to risk his life and stand against the World Government, knowing full well that he would be targeted by a large quantity of the world, in order to save him not only as his captain, but as his friend.

-Phorcys: Phorcys is the Hoshi Pirate's resident Fishman and semi-Navigator. He had met Shunji and Rocket while accepting a meal at the floating restaurant, Baratie, where he was subsequently berated and ultimately attacked by a group of bandits. Due to Rocket not taking kindly to discrimination, he stuck his foot out and stood up for the Fishman. Phorcys has since then joined the Hoshi Pirates in his quest to defeat the ruler of Fishman Island, Poseidon Stark. Due to backing Rocket not only on one occasion, but two, Rocket considers Phorcys a close friend, and just as he had done for Shunji, is willing to put his life on the line to help Phorcys accomplish his goal.

-Jackelyn Maddox: Jackelyn, better known as Jackie, is Rocket's ex-girlfriend, and childhood sweetheart. They had an extremely loving and caring relationship, and to this day, it is still unknown who broke the relationship and why. Willingly, she is still in love with the young Shipwright, and has since moved to Saobody Archipelago in hopes that one day she will meet him there again. It should be noteworthy that aside from Mermaids, Jackie is the only female known to actually catch Rocket's attention, going to far as to force him to burst out into a fit of nosebleeds.






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