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A Giant's Calling [Solo]

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1 A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:29 pm

Title: A Giant's Calling

Type: Plot/History

Rank: Tier 2

Details: *Backstory*

Within the confines of the Eastern Seas laid a small town upon a island, this island was known for it's gigantic tree that was gripping on the edge of the island as it looked like it was about to fall right into the see, about 60meters tall. This town was overrun by dozens of human residence, filled with fisherman, merchants and even a small amount of nobles. What they didn't account for was a lone Giant. Somewhere within the forests, lives a beast larger then most humans. The townspeople tell wanderers to stay away from the great tree.

A few days later a Marine crew landed into town, condemning it to become a new Marine checkpoint. With the construction of a new Marines station on way, the Marines begun to make the place "more homely". The marines are lead by two Marine Officers, Marine Brothers Amon and Beck.


Officer Beck:

Name: Beck Wington
Rank: Tier 1
Equipment: Flint Pistols - Likes to fight up close to miss less and smile more
Description: A silly looking man who doesn't mind being judged, with purple hair and a smug face, he always looks at everything and everyone as a joke.

Officer Amon:

Name: Amon Wington
Rank: Tier 1
Equipment: Greatsword - Likes to cause blood baths
Description: A more serious joe, who joined the marines just to get permission to kill others with no real penalty. Quiet and merciless, this marine means business.

Basic Marines x 30:

Name: Basic Marines x 30
Tier: 0
Description: Marines that you see everywhere, their nothing special nor possess any strong abilities. More or less fodder to lower the numbers of their enemies.

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2 Re: A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:17 pm


Approved. Go defeat the marines.

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