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Wulfric Von'Funk

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1 Wulfric Von'Funk on Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:29 pm

Name: Wulfric Von'Funk
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Revolutionary Commander
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Weapon Master.


By all appearances, Wulfric is a casual, laid back, well kept kind of man. Wulfric often wears an inviting smile that tends to pull people toward him. His facial features consist of a slightly pointy nose, thin well trimmed eyebrows, a slight sharp jaw with a straight angled face, full lips, yellow topaz eyes and small but fitting ears.

Wulfric likes to keep his black hair long and well combed. Often laid back or spikey depending on the occasion be it formal casual or business. On both sides of his chin sitting is a unique goatee that has been shaved down the middle and trimmed to look like snake fangs on each side.

At 6 foot 3 inches, Wulfric is a taller than average man with a medium to large body frame. His body is well kept, muscular but toned. His form is not that of a body builder but still strong, focused more on speed and stamina then brute force.

Wulfric is often seen in three sets of attire. His casual wear normally consists of a white, tan, or hawaiin button up sleeveless t-shirt and a small collar and a loose fit tie around his neck. On his right wrist is a set of beads and a bracelet made out of fine black leather with platinum studs. He often wears glasses even though he doesn't really need them, to compliment his look at to better read.

He also normally wears white or black pants depending on what other casual clothing he is wearing. Wulfric's formal attire consists of a white under shirt, button up with a tie and a black vest. Not much different than his casual attire except his pants are also grey and slightly tighter fitting.

The business end of Wulfric finds him wearing a pure black button up shirt with long sleeves, a much larger collar, black tight fit pants, black dress shoes and a green or red tie. His demeanor changes from that of friendly and inviting to that of a cool calculated devilish man.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow Topaz
Skin Tone: Light beige
Height: 6'3
Weight: 182lbs


To his subordinates, Wulfric is known as a kind, loyal, respectful, responsible and powerful commander. He takes care of his own, seeing they are treated fairly, pushed hard, and ultimately shaped into a fine revolutionary agent. But what really makes Wulfric tick? What makes Wulfric, well, Wulfric? On the surface, Wulfric comes across as a very laid back individual in most cases. He's able to relax in most any situation even when it calls for tension, and  can strike up a conversation with anyone. He is very friendly and easy to get along with as long as the person or persons is not attempting to harm him or his family members(His crew/agents). Naturally seeking to keep the peace and have a good time instead of stirring the pot so to speak.

Wulfric loves to gamble and take risks almost all the time. Sometimes a little excitement is whats needed to spice up life. He will make a bet on just about anything but the lives of others. He often throws his own well being out the door when gambling . He is however a naturally lucky man and often finds things going in his favor. He feels karma often plays a part in why he has been highly successful with the risks he takes.

Despite his very inviting mannerisms, Wulfric is highly protective of his family and his friends. He will quickly stand up for them and see that they are kept out of harms way. However he does not go out of his way to shelter or baby any of them. He knows it is best for them to experience and deal with situations on their own, but if things go south he will often step in. Even though he is so caring, Wulfric is very demanding of his peers. He expects them to be in top shape physically and mentally. To be prepared and able to think on their feet. He does not condone slacking, and does not expect any of those under his watch to be any less independent then he is.

Wulfric In his own eyes believes he must succeed at what he does no matter what, even if it means sacrificing something for it. Nothing will stop him, nothing will break his determination to push forward. His body would give before his spirit would waver. He expects no less from his subordinates. Sometimes people lose sight of this around his care free exterior, but he pushes himself hard. The break is definitely well deserved.

As previously stated, he is a very strong willed individual and is not often swayed by others around him unless it is in a deep emotional way. He feels for those around him in pain and actively seeks to help them. He is very passionate about his work and about helping others. He despises those that take advantage of others or push them around like trash. Every person deserves a chance to stand tall and be free. He believes no matter how bad a situation may seem, there is always hope and a way forward and he wants to lead people to the way forward. In the same hand Wulfric believes everyone deserves a chance to prove they are a good and valuable person. To open their eyes and see the truth in front of them for what it is. To either then accept the truth and embrace it, or continue to walk a lie.

Not surprisingly though, Wulfric can be very serious at times. He will without hesitation stand against anything he believes is wrong or messed up. No matter the danger or sensitivity of the situation. He will not back down, and will actively seek out those with dominating personalities and confront them. In the same sense, he is a very competitive man and will often seek competition as a means to settle issues instead of violence. It truly depends on the situation.

Wulfric can however be very vindictive and vengeful, especially towards those that assault, kill, or corrupt those he respects or cares for. When met face to face with these people he is often very straight forward and almost dark. His intentions are pretty clear, and his desire to repay the favor shows in his eyes and on his face. This is a rare occurrence that brings out the darker side of himself.

-Gambling. Wulfric LOVES to spend his free time in the company of others at a casino, or even in a back alley throwing dice. Almost nothing gives him a greater thrill then taking a risk, sometimes even with the unknown.(If the man comes to your table and buys you a drink, he's probably looking for a loan <.<)

-Dancing. Wulfric loves to move. Whether it be a slow romantic dance, a high energetic break dance or even when its just getting down and funky to some electronic or funk.

-Reading. Wulfric loves a good book. Some of his favorites range from far out there fantasies to the occasional science fiction and romance.

-Music. No matter how you look at it, music moves the soul and transcends all boundaries. If someone cannot appreciate good music then they are cold and broken.

-Spicy foods. One of the few things Wulfric will not gamble on. Hot foods do not sit well with Wulfric, and if somehow you've managed to get him to eat something like that, its probably because his life is on the line.

-Self righteous government officials of any kind... Are you rich? Arrogant? Think you're better than everyone else? Well you're in luck! The revolutionist Wulfric Funk will soon be in your area! No... Seriously... You could very well become a target.

-Anyone using the protection of title or affiliation to get away with heinous crimes. Especially the Shichibukai.

-Coffee. Wulfric prefers tea to coffee any day of the week. He likes the smell but does not like the taste.

-Wulfric wants to reveal the tyrannical truth behind the world government and their ploy for total control over the world. Even through means of sacrificing the very innocent lives they swore to protect.

-Wulfric wants to help usher in a new era that is ran by the people for the people of the land by opposing intimidation and oppression.

-The pain, the tears, the love and the fear of others. Wulfric has seen and heard the many cries from the people around him. It speaks to his very soul, his very psyche. He is driven to his goal by the burning desire to see the cries avenged and finally calmed.


-The creation of a weapon/s that could potentially devastate the world as we know it.

-Being deserted on an island by himself. Especially with no one to gamble with, no books to read, or music to dance to.

-Complacency. Wulfric feels everything can be imrpoved upon and done better faster and more efficient. He feels if he stops improving, it may be his down fall.

Inner Lineage

-Rising Conviction: Wulfric remains true to his convictions even in the face of adversity. No matter the circumstances or opposition, Wulfric will never waver and give in to what he feels is not right. His convictions are so strong that they allow him to resist if not ignore most outside emotional influence if it is against his beliefs. His conviction also drives him to seek out and confront those that would tempt him, either directly or indirectly.

Outer Lineage

Name: Shadow Step
Description: Ever since the dawn of the story, mankind has had a certain fascination with the ability to instantaneously travel. For most, this is something that they can achieve a degree of possibility with the use of Soru. But..soru is not truly traveling instantaneously. However, certain individuals across history have kept the hope of reaching this ability alive through their bloodline blessing them with this ability. However, this is not infallible. The user does travel between two points instantaneously, that much is true. But, it is not perfect, as the user is still tangible, and can be harmed by things that move faster than them, such as light. However, the sheer speed that the Shadow Step grants more than makes up for this single drawback.

Ability: Three times per thread the user is able to "blink" from one location to another. However, the maximum range of travel is 30 meters. The user can also choose what direction to travel in, as the skill allows the user to move in all directions and in three dimensions. However, it has two drawbacks: Things that move faster than normal, such as lightning or light would still hit the user, and, if used to lead into another attack, Kenbunshoku haki would be able to detect the user.

Writing Sample

"Don't let them go!! The vice admiral will have our heads if we let them escape!!!" Voices called out in unison as 50 or so marines, at least that's what Wulfric could count, had circled and surrounded him and a 3 large group of his fellow associates.  Wulfric's mates had turned to put their backs to his to watch from all sides, and by the looks of it the 4 of them were pretty trapped. Wulfric frowned, he didn't like this. The mission they were on was a rather simple one, there should have never been any marines on the island. He could only figure with his luck this was a set up. That meant there was a traitor in the ranks and that bode ill. Behind Wulfric, his men grumbled. They were just as pissed off as he was at the moment. They would all need a drink if they made it out of this in one piece.

The marines tightened their circle, guns and swords drawn and pointed at them. One of them, most likely the vice admirals assistant had called out to with that oh so familiar phrase. "You're under arrest. Put down your weapons and surrender or we will be forced into action!" The marines postured up, ready to act. Wulfric sighed, these guys were always so up tight.

With a calm cool demeanor Wulfric responded to the threats. "Come now guys, we didn't do anything. We were simply delivering some food to a friend, that isn't against the law is it?" In truth, the small group had delivered a shipment of explosive materials and other chaotic goods to a few of their friends to help with an on-going fight elsewhere. Chances were the marines knew they had delivered something dangerous but did not know to where or whom.

The marines snappily replied, not wanting to hear his excuses. "Shut up and do as we say! We know what you were doing! There is no mercy for those who wish to incite destruction." Wulfric had to choke down a laugh which left him making a weird pfft like noise. He looked up at them and shook his head. "This coming from the guys who raided a town just last week in search of one individual, costing at least 50 innocent civilians their lives and injuring much more! Don't tell me about mercy you hypocrites!" Wulfric hunkered down, there was going to be a big fight, there was no escaping it. He would not surrender to these ignorant fools.  

The rear admirals flunky pointed his gun at Wulfric and began to pull the trigger. There was no going back, the small group was not giving up easy. The gun went off but it missed Wulfric by an inch and just barely grazed one of his associates shoulders behind him. The blood spray had hit Wulfric on the back of the neck and the man winced and groaned. BUT! He had no time to react to his shot friend, a loud blast boomed out around them. In front of Wulfric a blast had gone off blowing away a small portion of the marines in the circle. A bazooka had fired down upon the men from behind them. Fire shot up, dust and smoke filled the air. With a look of surprise Wulfric turned to see if his friend was okay. The man would nod and Wulfric would give the order to run. This was there one and only chance and they weren't going to sit around and let it just pass them by. Meanwhile from the shadows, a pair of eyes was looking down watching this whole event unfold.

The group ran through the smoke and debris at full speed, breaking through the once tight marine circle into an alleyway. Wulfric stopped to turn and look once in the direction the explosive came from and up on a tall tree stood a young looking girl waving her hands with a big grin. Wulfric smirked and turned to continue running. The girl would jump down from the tree to make her escape. I guess I owe Lillith a solid... Damn, there goes my paycheck!

The three men with Wulf sighed in relief but Wulf knew better. The vice Admiral had to be here somewhere. The group turned left down another alley way, then a right then another left. They put more and more distance between them and the marines who had likely by now pulled their shit together and went on the search. Halfway down the alley way, Wulfric's suspicions came true. Above them came the Vice Admiral from a rooftop slamming down in front of them. The landing created an explosion that threatened to engulf the group, the only thing that had stopped it from throwing them into any of the buildings around them was a barrier of multi-directional wind in a wall in front of them that had been summoned by Wulf.

With a commanding look the men knew what to do. They hated it but it was time to split. The three men took off, finding winding paths to disappear down. Wulfric stayed focused on the Vice Admiral however, to stop him from chasing his subordinates. From his back, Wulf pulled two large one handed battle axes. He twirled them in his hands then spun one releasing a small tornado which zoomed down the alley way. Half way to hitting its mark the Vice Admiral released a ball of energy which collided with the tornado and exploding, canceling it out and causing an uproar of debris and dust to rise. Both of them men charged like that was their que, deciding to meet head on. The marine struck first, swinging his sword horizontally to slice Wulf in two right around armpit height. Wulf firmly blocked the attack by crossing and raising his axes in the way of the attack.  

Wulfric countered with a hard right knee that was enhanced with his kaze kaze no mi abilities causing a pillar of wind to shoot upwards to slam into the VA. The marine flipped backwards barely dodging the attack. The assault wasn't over though. Pillar after pillar of wind shot up at the man. The man continued back flipping over and over to escape. Finally the assault ended and the Vice Admiral decided to reply with a move of his own. Releasing what seemed to be a torrent of explosive energy balls at Wulfric. In response Wulf channeled his power for a short period and released a large faster more destruction tornado which threatened to pull the buildings around them down. It flew straight into the oncoming wave of destruction and the resulting blast blew massive holes into the buildings around it. For a moment as the debris fell everything went silent, neither of them seemed to move. Then out of the smoke Wulfric could be seen rising into the air, literally running as he went along. The air beneath his feet focused and powerful as it propelled him up and forward much like geppo or sanji's wind walk.

Below, Wulf could see the Vice Admiral sheathing his sword. The look on the mans face was one of disgust as wulfric just grinned and gave him a salute and quickly pushed out of there. As he literally ran in mid air he could eventually see his associates. They were safely at the extraction point and he would soon meet them there. Mission successful, it was time to head home. There was still a lot of work to be done, and a traitor to be weeded out. It was going to be a long week.

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