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Kauzu Hatake

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1 Kauzu Hatake on Thu Dec 18, 2014 4:13 pm

Name: Kauzu Hatake
Epithet: Blind Angel
Age: 38 Years old
Gender: Male
Race: Winged
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Marine
Occupation: Weaponsmith

Appearance: Hazme is a tall man that is always using a black suit with some yellow decorations, he also likes to use hats, he has a black hat but if he finds a better one he won't doubt to steal it, even if he is a marine. He has a white bandage in his right eye, only one of his eyes works, the one with the bandage, taking away his ability to see, if he takes off that bandage, its because things are dangerous. His hair is always interfering with his eye, nobody is able to see his left eye because of his hair, and the same happens with his right eye at the moment he takes the bandage off.
Hazme is not a human, he is a winged creature but doesn't like people to see his wings, he has the ability to make them appear and disappear. He has two big black wings that can lift him into the air easily. His wings can disappear when he wants them to, he just takes a heavy breathing, concentrates, and from his back, a pair of wings will appear or disappear.
Pair of Wings:
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: White
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 1.92 meters
Weight: 84 kilograms
Tattoo: N/A

Personality: Hazme is very secure of himself, he doesn't like people correcting him, but he still likes to correct people. Hazme is very good ignoring, when its necessary he completely ignores people.
He likes to teach and battle, but when he teaches he can sometimes be kinda though. Hazme likes to protect people, fill superior and protect who is superior than him.

When he battles, Hazme fight until he is dead, he battles protecting everyone else, and will never use all his power. He is very good with guns and likes to use them, but he doesn't have any eyes to see with, he has a very strong perception of the things around him, he can hear and smell everything around him, he has lived all his life without being able to see.
-Hats. Hazme loves hats, he doesn't even know why, but he loves them and he will try to get the best of them.
-Animals. Hazme loves animals, he will always try to hug them, even if they are Zoan users.
-Guns. Hazme likes to play with guns, its his favorite weapon and will always use one when battling.
-Giants. Hazme hates giants, a lot, but he doesn't like to battle with them he prefers to ignore them.
-People telling him what to do. He doesn't like people that do that, if its necessary he will do what they say, but he doesn't like to.
-Losing. Hazme hates losing, he hates it a lot and is always trying to win his fights, he goes crazy when he loses.
-Eliminate each evil pirate in the world, build a new world of harmony and justice.
-Dragons. Hazme is afraid of dragons, he has always seen them as a extremely powerful creature, and if he sees one he will try to kill it or of away from the place as fast as he can.
-Insects. It might sound stupid but Kauzu doesn't like insects, he hates them, if he sees him he will try to kill them, even if they are big.
-Stronger pirates. He is afraid to find stronger pirates than him, he knows that he will lose easily, and he doesn't like the idea.

Inner Lineage:
Name: Eye of Knowledge.
Description: In the world, some persons have the ability of knowledge, but they pay the price for it. All of them lose an ability, and some of them lose their ability to see, they lose their visibility of one eye. If this happens, this eye gains amazing powers of knowledge, incredible techniques that give him the power of knowledge.
Ability: The user is able to passively copy other inner lineages from other persons, he can only copy one at the time and one each thread, if there is no other character with a lineage in the thread he won't be able to use any inner lineage.

Note: Applying for vice admiral.


Kauzu Hatake, a marine, owner of the Gasu Gasu no Mi, a logia type devil fruit, that gave him the abilities to control and transform into gas. A marine that wanted to become an admiral, but that wasn't going to be an easy task.
Kauzu had one easy task, as Vice Admiral, he was suppose to do something kinda simple, destroy one ship, that was causing many problems. What he didn't know, was that does persons were waiting for him already. The blind angel started his way to East Blue, he flew above the water at a high speed with his big and beautiful black wings. After hours of flying, a bullet passed next to him, at the moment that happened, he started to fly even faster. Some meters ahead, a big ship, surrounded by a powerful fog appeared, a ship with a black flag, where to white skeletons were drawn, both facing each other while holding knifes with their mouth. When Kauzu arrived to the ship, he entered from the outside, landing in front of the group of marines that were waiting for him.

"I thought I was going to find a group of pirates, not marines" the marine laughed and took out a gun slowly, but a marine's voice interrupted him "So, you are the vice admiral, its a pleasure to meet you, Blind Angel" the red haired man hided his wings, he didn't like to let people see them. The man moved slowly his gun against the marine that was talking, but he moved quickly the gun and shot against Kauzu. The bullet passed through Kauzu, making laugh.
The blind man kept pointing at the man "Do you really think that was going to do something against me?" he shot the bullet that went directly against the marine's hand, a war of 20 marines against 1 vice admiral. When the group of marines started to attack him with weapons, neither of them hit Kauzu, but he transformed into gas, surrounding all the ship with gas, everyone was scared, the marines were moving trying to scape from him, but it was to late. The man was flying above the gas, he took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth, he then smiled and the a big explosion appeared upon the ship, the gas exploded destroying a big part of the ship, and knocking a big part of the people inside.

Kauzu started to fly back, but he heard something and returned to the ship, a man was at the middle of the ship, smiling, and pointing with his gun against the flying marine "Bullets won't touch me" the man laughed and shot "This one will..." a bullet made of sea stone hit his wing, making him fall to the water "It can't be..." the winged man kept falling until he hit and iceberg, the piece of ice broke and the man fell into the water, drowning, losing his powers and dying under the water...

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Remember only works with Inner Lineages and some lineages can't be copied like any lineage that messes with an outer lineage, or any lineage that changes the body. Finally you going to have ask permission from other character to copy their Inner Lineage.

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