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Regalo's Rokushiki

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1 Regalo's Rokushiki on Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:24 pm

Skill Name: Rokushiki
Skill Type: Martial Arts, Secondary Skill Set
Skill Information: From Regalo's previous career in the marines, he has retained the Rokushiki training he received in three of the six styles, Soru, Geppo, and Tekkai. The majority of these techniques are simply there to provide mobility and defense as a companion to his other skill set. He was taught the basic of these techniques and put through intense marine training, giving him a notable mastery of the skills which is further accentuated by his own creativity with the techniques.
Skill Strengths:
-Two of the skills give him a ludicrous amount of mobility
-One gives him an impressive defense
-Each ability and their variations are further increased through physical training
Skill Weaknesses:
-On their own provide little physical offensive power
-Skills have no range, and only affect Regalo
-Each skill brings their own drawback to the table when used

Tier One Techniques:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Soru
Tier 1 Technique Type: Supportive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3
Tier 1 Technique Description: Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. The principle of this move is to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. A high amount of speed allows the user to seemingly vanish.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Allows User to Travel at vanishing speed to other players
-Grants the User a moderate dexterity Boost during movement
-User is able to add the momentum of speed into their strikes, for more powerful abilities.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User receives a minor endurance debuff during this fast movement
-Skill is heavily Dependent upon user's leg, meaning if they are disrupted, so will the technique be.
-In order for Player to travel at a vanishing speed over opponents they require a Large dexterity advantage over opponents dexterity. IF opponent is a higher tier, for every tier user will require an additional moderate Dexterity from user.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Tekkai
Tier 1 Technique Type: Defensive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: This skill hardens the users' muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. Tekkai can also be used to enhance the users' attacks by the increased density one gets from using Tekkai.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-User hardens their body and nullifies all blunt damage to 0.
-User Gains a Moderate Endurance buff for technique.
-User is capable of hardening their strikes for half the endurance bonus into strength.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User is still made of flesh and bone, and will be sliced by swords, pierced by bullets, burned by fire,etc.
-User receives a Minor Dexterity Debuff for duration of Skill.
-In order for the user to absorb any blunt skill they block, they require a large Endurance advantage over the opponent's strength. IF opponent is a higher tier, for every tier user will require an additional moderate amount of endurance from user.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Geppo
Tier 1 Technique Type: Supportive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description: Geppo allows the users to actually jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. Technique can be used to cross great distances without ever touching the ground, or set user up for swift, aerial attacks.
Skill Strengths:
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-User is able to walk on air and stay a float for extended periods of time. User is allowed to stay in the air for 2 posts per tier, meaning, at Tier 6, a user can stay in the air for 12 posts.
-User is granted a Moderate dexterity bonus for duration of ability.
-User is granted a Minor strength bonus to all aerial attacks.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User is granted a Moderate endurance debuff during duration.
-Skill is heavily dependent on user's legs, immobilizing one--or both, will render skill useless.
-If the user is knocked to the ground, or forced down, Their Geppo is disrupted and they cannot use again until CD is up.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Soru: Clothesline
Tier 1 Technique Type: Physical, Mid Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 1 + Soru CD
Tier 1 Technique Description: Utilizing the speed of Soru, the user sprints towards an opponent, but before touching them, they bring their elbow upwards to strike the opponent at high speed and coming out of the attack.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-High speed means high damage
-The nature of Soru allows the attack to be used from some distance away
-Attack's speed is difficult to dodge
-Especially potent if the target is moving in the opposite direction
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Incredibly reliant on one's leg and leg strength
-If the attack is blocked, the speed creates incredible pressure and possible damage to the arm used
-Actual strike is very close ranged, and requires the ability to get close to an opponent

Tier 1 Technique Name: Crossover: Jet Bounce
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5, but puts both Geppo and Soru on cooldown for 5 posts as well
Tier 1 Technique Description: Using a single leg, Regalo bursts forward with a jump into the air, putting him much further forward than a normal Geppo jump, he then does the same thing again, towards the ground to make it safer to land. This effectively crosses a massive distance swiftly, without having to touch the ground.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Provides benefits of both Geppo and Soru, though both are amplified
-Requires only one working leg to function
-Allows him to cross otherwise impassable terrain or gaps quickly
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Puts both core techniques on cooldown additionally
-Requires both skills to be off of cooldown
-If the jump is badly planned, he can end up falling through the sky with no recovery
Tier Two Techniques:

Tier 2 Technique Name: Tekkai: Comet
Tier 2 Technique Type: Physical, Mid-Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 3 Posts
Tier 2 Technique Description: From a moderately high distance, Regalo falls with a fist stretched outwards, and he then activates Tekkai, negating any damage he might sustain from the fall.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
-Doesn't put Tekkai on cooldown
-Gives extreme strength to the punch from the velocity of falling
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
-Requires Tekkai to be off of cooldown
-If Regalo is seen from his airborne position, it's a fairly simple attack to dodge

Tier 2 Technique Name: Crossover: Target Rush
Tier 2 Technique Type: Melee, Close Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 3 Posts
Tier 2 Technique Description: Uses Soru to charge forward a short distance, and at the end of the strike activates a partial Tekkai on his head and neck, slamming into his opponent with an iron headed charge.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
-Speed and close range are difficult to dodge
-Intense velocity makes for a potent attack
-Blocks useless if using any sort of blunt armor, weapon, or bare flesh
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
-Rest of his body is still vulnerable to foes
-Puts both Soru and Tekkai onto cooldown as well as this technique
-Requires both skills to be off cooldown

Tier 2 Technique Name: Geppo Reversal
Tier 2 Technique Type: Close Range, Melee
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 3
Tier 2 Technique Description: A close range kick that brings his leg straight up towards an opponent. Just before the point of contact, Regalo activates a single Geppo, launching the target straight upwards and keeping Regalo on the ground.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
-Moves the foe into the sky
-The Geppo technique gives off a powerful shockwave from his kick
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
-Requires Geppo to be off of cooldown
-Disallows Regalo from following up against an opponent, he can't use further Geppo steps after the kick

Tier 2 Technique Name: Torpedo Geppo
Tier 2 Technique Type: Supportive
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 2 Technique Description: A version of Geppo meant to be used underwater, in which it provides him underwater speeds that surpass even many Fishmen.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
-Allows user to move precisely and quickly through water
-User is granted moderate dexterity bonus while in the water during this technique
-Gives user greater dodging ability and carrying speed through water
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
-Breaching the water ends the technique, though it can be used to do so
-Requires legs to be at high strength, or the technique will fail
-Puts Geppo on its cooldown

Tier 2 Technique Name: Tekkai Paws
Tier 2 Technique Type: Melee Close range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 4
Tier 2 Technique Description: Uses a partial Tekkai on user's hands, transforming them into solid paws for attack, has a duration of one post after it's activated.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
-Grants strength boost to all attacks involving hands
-Shields and armor that would otherwise hurt bare skin have no effect
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
-User is incapable of wielding weapons during the post's duration
-Requires Tekkai to be off of cooldown.

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